[Top 5] Fortnite Best JOJO Maps That Are Fun!

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Are you looking for the best JOJO maps of Fortnite? Well, find the top five JOJO maps of Fortnite here in this article.

It's possible to design and publish your Fortnite games and experiences that can be shared with your friends online using creativity. Use your own rules to create Fortnite on your island. Play countless community-made games with your friends by entering the island code or via the featured hub in-game. Here are the best Jojo creative maps that should be checked out.


5. Prophunt: Residency 

Prophunt: Residency, Fortnite

Code: 6054-4123-8271

Fortnite's creative mode, Prop Hunts, is one of the most popular. Playing a "hide and seek" game in the prop hunt has sparked a worldwide trend. The game has been an enormous success, but some levels haven't caught on with the players.

Why Prophunt Residency Map Is Great? 

  • Most popular map
  • Hide and seek trend
  • Difficult Map to Play 


4. Summer Games

The Summer Games, Fortnite

Code: 2851-2298-1529

The results have been released! The Welcome Hub will feature only Islands submitted through the Callout during Cosmic summer. Play games influenced by the season in Creative mode to make the most of your summer vacation. A brand-new line-up of beach-ready looks for legendary Island stars will be available during Cosmic Summer. Beach Brutus lets you show off your beach bodyguard skills, Midsummer Midas enables you to enjoy the great outdoors, Scuba Crystal allows you to explore the depths of the ocean, and Beach Jules lets you mix R&R with R&D. One of the best maps for a summer theme.

Why Is The Summer Games Map Great?

  • Best summer theme
  • Costumes for the players
  • Includes oceans and beaches


3. Jojo’s Deathrun 3.0

Jojo’s Deathrun 3.0, Fortnite

Code: 1235-5323-2342

DeathRun 3.0, a challenging and fun course with 13 levels and fantastic themes, is back with 14 players and an average difficulty level.

Why Is The Jojo’s Deathrun 3.0 Map Great? 

  • 13 Amazing Levels
  • Includes Amazing Themes
  • Play with Friends 


2. JOJO X Kiwi Deathrun 2.0

JOJO X Kiwi Deathrun 2.0, Fortnite

Code: 4250-7193-5946

In this great map, 1-8 players can play. It has different levels, including bouncing, flashbacks impulses, and throwbacks. It is a Hard levelled map.

Why is the JOJO X Kiwi Deathrun 2.0 Map Great? 

  • Play with Friends 
  • Show skills to win
  • Has many different Hard Levels 


1. October 31st: Hide and Seek 

October 31st: Hide and Seek, Fortnite

Code: 6401-9941-7726 

A hide-and-seek map as big as you can imagine is here. Fortnite hide and seek/prop hunt set in a creepy haunted mansion for 2 to 18 players! This Fortnite hide and seek map is themed like a spooky haunted mansion. This was made in Fortnite's creative mode.

Why October 31st: Hide and Seek Map Is Great? 

  • Biggest map 
  • 2-8 players max
  • Spooky themed

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