Top 15 New Best Fortnite Adventure Maps (Best Fortnite Creative Codes)

Best Fortnite Adventure Maps
Fortnite's All New Creative Mode

Fortnite developers have added to the fun of playing Fortnite with the all new Creative mode.  For those that are not creative, you can use the codes of other created maps to play something different from the normal Save the World and Battle Royale game modes.

Adventure Maps (Creative Codes) in Fortnite are a way for players to show off their creative side and build different types of maps when they get bored of killing zombies and playing battle royale.  The Creative Code allows a player to share their creations with the world and their friends to try out a new adventure or challenge. 

Creative Codes work in the sense that you need a code for the map that you want to visit.  Once you have found your creative code, head to Creative mode in Fortnite. Once there go over to the Creative Hub and find a standard rift portal.  Stop just before going into the rift and you should see an option to “Set Island Code”. Once you have input the code, click “Select Island” and get ready to play your adventure.  

Below I have come up with a list of some of the top adventure maps to try out.

15. 0237-0751-2086

Fortnite-Quad Deathrun

This map is called Quad Deathrun and was created by Beario14.  This is a typical deathrun where you must make it from start to finish, all while avoiding the multitude of traps and obstacles.  What makes this map even better is that you have to do while driving a Quadcrasher and make your way through 11 stages. 

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • Brings a new meaning to deathrun.
  • Great way to kill some time and challenge yourself.
  • See who can do it faster between you and your friends.

Playing the Quad Deathrun Map

14. 1731-2660-6859

Fortnite-Fury Racing Snow Summit

This map is called Fury Racing Snow Summit and was created by axel-capek.  This map is an amazing Quadcrasher race course for up to six players. It is set on a short snowy track that has many tricky turns and lots of different terrains.  If you don’t have any friends available, there are lots of coins that you can challenge yourself to collect them all.

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • It is great for a fun adventure with friends.
  • Great way to challenge yourself if you are playing solo.
  • Everyone loves a good race.

Playing the Fury Racing Snow Summit Map

13. 5382-7631-3234

Fortnite-Bikini Bottom

This map is called Bikini Bottom and was created by burtonisthename.  For all of those SpongeBob fans out there, you can now adventure through Bikini bottom and see all of your favorite character’s houses.  A great and hilarious map.  

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • You can explore the amazing Bikini Bottom.
  • See what treasures you can find in Sandy’s Treehouse or the Krusty Krab.
  • Make it an adventure or hide and seek fun with friends.

Playing the Bikini Bottom Map

12. 7100-9599-8973

Fortnite-Slides & Doors Escape Maze

This map is called Slides & Doors Escape Maze created by mackjacktwitch.  This map consists of lots of corridors, traps, and doors. It’s a lot of fun to play, a great challenge and has a simple objective.  You must get to the end without dying.  

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • This map is a great maze of a challenge.
  • A great way to see who can get to the end the fastest among your friends.
  • This map allows the solo player to have some fun and kill time.

Playing the Slides & Doors Escape Maze

11. 5001-0003-6492

Fortnite-Temple Run

This map is called Temple Run and was created by dolphindom.  This is a temple run inspired map that has you lob dynamite at the beginning of the map.  This causes a chain reaction collapse that you must outrun and outmaneuver the gaps and traps.  It is tough and challenging but absolutely fun.

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • Brings Temple Run to life in Fortnite.
  • A great challenge for the solo player or a group of friends.
  • A great way to let off some steam from battle royale.

Playing the Temple Run Map

10. 9763-1138-2333

Fortnite-Escape Sequence One

This map is called Escape Sequence One and was created by puzzler.  You wake up in a room with a bed and toilet. You have to figure out how to escape the room you wake up in along with the rest of the building.  This map is cleverly created and has equal amounts of parkour and puzzles.  

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • Great for those who love puzzles.
  • You can do an escape room without leaving the living room.
  • Has the same mysterious atmosphere as Portal.

Playing the Escape Sequence One Map

9. 7352-4203-8482

Fortnite-Snipers vs. Runners

This map is called Snipers vs. Runners and was created by IdiotsPlayGames.  This map is created for at least 2 players and can help you hone in your sniping skills.  The objective of this map is that one player runs a serpentine course and tries to make it to the end while the other player tries to snipe the runner.  

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • A great way to hone in your sniping skills.
  • A great way to hone in your running and maneuvering skills.
  • A good way to let off some steam and have fun with friends.

Playing the Snipers vs. Runners Map

8. 5618-2963-5299

Fortnite-Warp Up Course

This map is called Warp Up Course and was created by OfficialCanDook.  This map was created for the player that wants to hone in their building and editing skills.  There are various corridors and vertical inclines that you have to edit your way through all while being timed to finish it within 10 minutes.

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • You can really work on your building and editing skills to improve your talents in battle royale.
  • A great way to let off some steam.
  • A great challenge for a group of friends to see who can complete the map the fastest.

Playing the Warp Up Course Map

7. 6297-1471-3952


This map is called Mini-Golf and was created by Bludrive.  This map allows one to play mini-golf in the comfort of their own living room.  The map has 15 holes that span across five different worlds. There are also secret shortcuts and obstacles implemented within. 

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • A great way to have fun with friends when you don’t live close together but would like to mini-golf together. 
  • Even though it is mini-golf, this map is a great puzzle.
  • A great way to pass time when you are bored of battle royale. 

Playing the Mini-Golf Map

6. 8200-5409-2624

Fortnite-Alom's Temple

This adventure map, created by gabrielpoliti, is called Alom’s Temple.  You start out on a wooden raft held up by tentacles and get to explore the forgotten island with a mysterious temple.  This map offers plenty of parkour, traps, and hidden coins to find.

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • Plenty of parkour with some jumps that are incredibly tough.
  • A great adventure to find all of the hidden coins while avoiding the equally hidden traps.
  • Great for the single player when there is no one around to play with. 

Playing the Alom's Temple Map

5. 8099-5981-3796

Fortnite-Dead by Fortlight

This map is called Dead by Fortlight.  It is a creative replica of Dead by Daylight where a monstrous serial killer chases down teens while they try to escape.  Dead by Fortlight gives the killer the infinity blade from Fortnite. The killer goes after the survivors and kills them while the survivors try to hide within the corn and working together to escape. 

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • Brings an all new meaning to hide and seek.
  • Great for a large group of friends to play.
  • Gives the feel of a creepy horror game.

Playing the Dead by Fortlight Map

4. 5170-0305-7409

Fortnite-Choose Your Own Adventure

This map is called Choose Your Own Adventure and was created by mixer-onsidedaff.  This map is great for players of all ages as you get to customize your story which allows you to experience lots of different endings.  This is a great puzzle to solve and gives you the chance to be good or a rebel.

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • This map reminds me of those old goosebump books where you choose the ending based on your choices. 
  • A great way to pass time by trying to achieve all of the possible endings.
  • Play with a friend or solo.

Playing the Choose Your Own Adventure Map

3. 2126-6511-3388

Fortnite-Bowser's Castle

This map is called Bowser’s Castle and was created by Nathan43615.  This map brings Mario-Kart to life in Fortnite. Grab your friends and jump in for a race through Bowser’s Castle.  This map is cleverly created with dragons, tight corners, and lots of speed boosts.  

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • Created with the Mario lover in mind.
  • A great way to let off some steam from battle royale.
  • A fun way to spend time with friends.

Playing the Bowser's Castle Map

2. 0196-4943-5490

Fortnite-Rainbow Dropper

This map is called Rainbow Dropper and was created by Henwy.  This map was created for those that loved the dropper maps in Minecraft.  There are 10 levels of multicolored drops that get harder with each level.  

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • Brings Minecraft dropper maps to life within Fortnite.
  • A new challenge to make it to the bottom in one smooth motion.
  • Can be frustrating but very satisfying once completed.

Playing the Rainbow Dropper Map

1. 6574-1487-6705

Fortnite-Fortnite x Rocket League

This map is called Fortnite x Rocket League and was created by fr_adrian.  What do you get when you bring the two most popular games together? This adventure map.  This map is a fully functional Rocket League stadium within Fortnite. You can pick your team, slide down a tunnel, and hop in the ATK.  With up to 4v4 you can take off and score some goals. 

What is awesome about this Adventure Map:

  • You can play Fortnite and Rocket League at the same time.  Who wouldn’t love that?
  • Great way to let off some steam from battle royale.
  • A fun way to play with friends.

Playing the Fortnite x Rocket League Map

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