[Top 5] Best Fortnite Zombie Maps

Best Fortnite Zombie Maps
Survive the night with our without your friends. Don't worry noobs, you won't have to build.

Fan-made zombie survival maps on Fortnite are one of the most enjoyable experiences in creative mode. These maps not only give you another way to enjoy Fortnite, but they also bring a sense of nostalgia if you’ve played Call of Duty: Zombies. Here are 5 great zombie maps if you want to take on hordes of Zombies by yourself or with friends.

5. Oberon - Nuketown Zombie (0975-7667-0071) by Oberon

This map is made for solo players, looking to hold out against zombie hordes for as long as possible on a call of duty themed zombies map.

  • Nuketown inspired map (Black Ops Fan-Favorite Map)
  • Extremely challenging, you can only take a few hits before dying.
  • Mystery weapons are spread throughout the map to help you survive

4. BO2 Town - With Zombies (6975-6523-1196) by BuscoOpelCorsa

This map is a replica of Town, which is a portion of the beloved “Tranzit” map from Black Ops 2. 

  • Includes an objective (find all 20 meteors) in order to win
  • Almost a carbon copy of the original “Town” map
  • Multiplayer map, your friends can help you take on the challenge

3. Z-Nite: The Factories (3303-8983-5104) by Echo

The undead just keep on coming in this map, take it on with your friends to see how long you can survive.

  • Features a currency system to buy guns, ammo, health, etc.
  • Areas are restricted until you accumulate enough cash to remove the barriers
  • As you progress, zombies begin to mutate and become faster than before.

2. Arc of Retribution (0798-7985-2485) by Snownymous

In this 1-16 player map, you must survive 10 waves of zombies.

  • Currency system to purchase new equipment after surviving a round
  • Challenging Map, Just 1 life per person, use it well
  • Includes a leaderboard, track your high score to see if you can get number #1.

1. Kino Der Toten Remastered V2.3 (0782-2189-7490) by Mist_Jawafett

Black Ops has inspired yet another creator to mimic a classic Call of Duty: Zombies Map - Kino Der Toten.

  • Unlimited waves of zombies, the way it’s meant to be.
  • Like Call of Duty: Zombies, the map tells you what wave, or level, you’re on.
  • Includes perks, Gobblegum, and the option to upgrade, or Pack-A-Punch

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