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Here are some of the best rated fan based skin concepts that we would love to see in Fortnite!

Outside of its addicting, madcap action, Fortnite: Battle Royale's future-slapstick style is one of the most constant aspects of the game. Epic Games has demonstrated that there is nothing it will not include in the game in terms of cosmetics—dinosaurs, teddy bears, and hamburger humans, to name a few.

Epic's determination to allow the game to be as ridiculous as it wishes has encouraged a great deal of inventiveness from the game's community. Potential skin concepts are one of the most popular types of fan creations, and we've gathered some of the more stunning ones here.


10. Fortnite Esports Skin

Fortnite Esports Skin, Fortnite

This initial skin design was produced by Twitter user @T0XlN. Rise thought it would be fascinating to see what it would look like if the game gave some of the world's most popular esports organizations new skins. 

If you're familiar with Overwatch's esports skins, you can imagine how well they'd sell in Fortnite as well. The only challenge is establishing a Fortnite esports scene in the first place. There has been no discussion or effort in introducing a competitive mode to Fortnite thus far. I almost wish there was an esports scene for Fortnite so that we could obtain these skins.

What makes Fortnite Esports Skin awesome?

  • Badass Outfit Contrast
  • Cool Masked Faces
  • Amazing Cloaks
  • Pistols attached to the torso

Skin Rating: 9/10


9. The Warden

The Warden, Fortnite

The long night is coming. Man, we miss Game of Thrones so much. This Skin, replete with a llama-headed sword pickaxe hilt, would quench our appetite for dragons, blood, and political deception/decapitation.

What makes The Warden Skin awesome?

  • A Game of Throne Based Skin
  • The Warden of the Wall
  • Skin featuring the Main Star of GOT "Jon Snow."
  • Cool Black Feathery Outfit
  • A sword with a Llama head

Skin Rating: 8/10


8. Dakotas Wolf Skin Concept

Dakotas Wolf Skin Concept, Fortnite

If you've ever watched Dakotaz play Fortnite, there are two things you'll notice. One, he is an exceptional Fortnite player, and two, he adores wolves. Kraze136 contributed this next-to-skin suggestion, and we're sure Dakotaz would rep it in every game if it made it into the game. 

I'd undoubtedly utilize it as well. What's lovely about this Skin is that it's straightforward yet does enough to differentiate itself from the other Fortnite skins. Hopefully, this will be a frequent skin, making it less expensive in V-Bucks.

What makes Dakota's Wolf Skin Concept awesome?

  • Badass Wolf Looking Outfit
  • Great Clay Gloves
  • A-Cap designed as a Wolf Head

Skin Rating: 9/10


7. Graffiti Head Skin Fortnite

Graffiti Head Skin Fortnite, Fortnite

Have you ever noticed how Fortnite appears to be sprayed with different types of graffiti? Numerous cargo containers have been labeled, with some displaying this mysterious blonde bearded figure.

Nobody knows where this graffiti originated, but it prompted someone to design a Fortnite skin concept based on it. Above, you can see the concept for graffiti head skin.

The Skin was developed by XboxOneBlows and is just fantastic in every way. I adore the character's paint-splattered pants and skateboard on the back of his rucksack. The pickaxe is also rather excellent. It's straightforward, but it'd undoubtedly become a popular item.

What makes Graffiti Head Skin Fortnite awesome?

  • Cool Big Eyes Character
  • Yellowish Hair and Beard
  • Muscular Body
  • A cool Back bling of Skateboard

Skin Rating: 7/10


6. Fortnite Pop Culture Skin

Fortnite Pop Culture Skin, Fortnite

Following that, we have additional Sneaky Paragon Fortnite skin designs. This time around, we're featuring designs inspired by famous cultural personalities. 

Here, we have the Black Leather Brawler, as Sneaky Paragon has dubbed it. Also, we have the Criminal Chemist, an apparent reference to Breaking Bad. Additionally, the designs on both pickaxes complement the overall skin theme.

What makes Fortnite Pop Culture Skin awesome?

  • Cool looking Tough Skins
  • Cool Sunglasses
  • Amazing Chemist Suit

Skin Rating: 7/10


5. Homer Simpson Crossover

Homer Simpson Crossover, Fortnite

While getting Epic to accept this would be not easy, I'd still want to see a Homer Simpson-inspired skin in Fortnite. Or perhaps we'll be fortunate enough to see the Simpsons make some reference to Fortnite in a future episode. 

The salvage created this Skin, which combines the Fortnite Raptor skin with Homer Simpson to create a crossover concept.

What makes Homer Simpson Crossover Skin awesome?

  • A badass Simpson Homer Skin
  • Amazing Outfit
  • Pair of Cool Headset
  • Bear Cans attached to a belt on his belly

Skin Rating: 10/10


4. Bogo 

Bogo, Fortnite

Because Aliens are the primary emphasis of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7, many Alien concept skins have been released. Bogo, the underpaid alien telemarketer, is one of the most popular and amusing. It includes a printer back bling and makes you chuckle every time you see it.

What makes Bogo Skin awesome?

  • A Green Alien Telemarketer
  • Amazing Teenage Looking Alien
  • It has a Printer as its back bling

Skin Rating: 8/10


3. Alpha Borealis

Alpha Borealis, Fortnite

Alpha Borealis has received a great deal of support on Twitter. This concept depicts a snowmobile-riding outlaw with some lovely fashion sense. He has neat hair and attire that features some vibrant colors. The back bling is fantastic, and he will eventually acquire a wolf-like mask/helmet.

What makes Alpha Borealis Skin awesome?

  • Cool Styled Snowboarder
  • Amazing Blonde Hair
  • Muscular Body

Skin Rating: 9/10


2. Pyne

Pyne, Fortnite

Pyne seems to easily fit in a Fortnite starting pack or be introduced to the item shop at random during the autumn season. As a harvesting tool, the lumberjack is equipped with a flannel shirt and a tree-chopping ax. Additionally, the designer discusses many styles known as Human, Frosty, Black Ice, and Minty in the tweet thread.

What makes Pyne Skin awesome?

  • A lumberjack inspired Skin
  • An ax carrying person that loves to chop down anything
  • A random guy chopping woods in the forest

Skin Rating: 7/10


1. Punchy

Punchy, Fortnite

Punchy is an excellent concept for Fortnite Skin. The avatar fits in perfectly with some of the otherworldly non-human species that have been transformed into Fortnite skins. This punching bag comes in various forms and comes with a long championship trophy as a harvesting tool.

What makes Punchy Skin awesome?

  • A Punching Bag Skin
  • Great for the Boxers that look to Train
  • Amazing Angry Looking Outfit

Skin Rating: 9/10

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