Ninja's Fortnite Tournament has Been Postponed

In a time where the Fortnite updates were sparse and Season 3 Chapter two was endlessly pushed back, Ninja Battles came in clutch with the competition content. In the down season of competitive Fortnite, this Tournament was the light in the darkness. Unfortunately, Ninja stated on twitter that Week 3 of the Ninja Battles tournament would be postponed another week due to the Fortnite community connection issues. To ensure fair play, the anticipated third week will be pushed back to next Thursday.

Here is a recap of the previous two weeks of Ninja Battles:


Ninja Battles Week 2 60 Player Tournament & Ban

As the face of Fortnite, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ every move is under scrutiny. Recently he has busted a big move. To cure the community of this curse of content idleness, he created a competition. “Ninja Battles” it was named, and it set off a storm. 


  • Ninja Battles Week 1 Highlights

After winning the Ninja Battles tournament, TSM Zexrow fires off a flurry of flame for competitors below the top 9 in Week 1 after winning. Profanities flew and people were infuriated. Ninja had to ban the trash-talking Zexrow from the tournament for the kid censor culture. After being docked a month's pay from TSM and realizing his mistake, Zexrow then apologizes for his “lapse in judgment” and they move on.


  • Ninja Battles Week 2 Highlights

This week featured 20 teams of three for a total of 60 players that brought an interesting twist to competitive Fortnite. It makes a good argument for keeping that format in future competitive play. In the end Bizzle, EmadGG, and Commandment take home gold as everyone else folds. Many risky plays were made in a desperate attempt to salvage the game. Plays worthy of admiration also made an appearance, but there can only be one real winner. 


Maybe this delay was for the better; it is possible a better roster might be picked. This week’s cash prize is $10,000 of the total $80,000 prize pool. Hopefully, week 3 will be worth waiting for and many more memorable moments will be made. 


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