[Top 5] Fortnite Best Bows For Players

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Is your archery as good as your shooting?

These are the most powerful bows in the game.

Fortnite really shook the player base when they initially released bows in chapter 2. The Fortnite community was confused in the beginning about these new weapons. The question that arose was how a bow would compete with a weapon like an AR.

Later on, players started using the primal bows and crafted different types of them. This made them realize that bows are viable too. As the players got comfortable with the bows, we got to see many creative ways to use them. Especially the shockwave bow brought with it loads of creativity.

Currently, there are many bows in the game and I researched their stats and usage possibilities to rank them from worst to best. The legendary variant of each bow will be compared for a good, fair comparison.


5. Mechanical Explosive Bow

Bow display

See Mechanical Explosive Bow in action: https://youtu.be/91cY8b5KFWA

This bow is pure destruction and its color theme looks fiery too. It wields an arrow strapped with 3 small bombs that cause damage of all sorts upon your enemies. This bow causes initial damage upon impact and then the 3 small bombs go off, damaging the player further with each blast.

I really hope I don’t come across someone who knows how to use this bow properly. I can’t imagine keeping my sanity after getting stuck by an arrow with three bombs waiting to go “BOOM”.

Mechanical Explosive Bow Review:

  • Damage heavy: This gun continuously drains your enemies of health by damaging them with the shot and bombs.
  • Base destruction: If you shoot this at someone based up in their builds, the bombs can cause damage by breaking the builds.
  • Squad destroyer: This weapon is really good against multiple players standing nearby as it has an explosive effect.

Mechanical Explosive Bow stats:

  • DPS - 83
  • DAMAGE 83
  • FIRE RATE  - 1
  • RELOAD TIME - 1s


4. Primal Stink Bow

Bow display

See Primal Stink Bow in action: https://youtu.be/B3UKYk92C4o

Whoever smelt it dealt it, right? Well, not in this case. This bow stinks, not in the sense that it’s bad but that it is a bow that shoots fart bottles. The yellow-colored primal stink bow does have a dirty outlook; something you’d expect from a weapon that causes damage to players with its rancid smell.

The bow causes damage on the initial shot to the player and then forms a mustard-colored cloud of gas that damages players in it every second.

Primal Stink Bow Review:

  • Continuous damage: The gas cloud made by the arrow deals five damage to every player in it per second.
  • Gives clarity: If you find a bush or build suspicious and feel as if a player is hiding in it, this bow clears it in an instant.
  • Squad destroyer: The ideal situation to use this bow is against a squad healing or hiding in a base or house, each gets a whiff of death (Pun intended).

Primal Stink Bow stats:

  • DPS - 83
  • DAMAGE - 83
  • FIRE RATE - 1
  • RELOAD TIME - 0.7s


3. Mechanical Shockwave Bow

Bow display

See Mechanical Shockwave Bow in action: https://youtu.be/vjAzCBHiUps

This is the bow with the potential of being one of the most versatile weapons in the game. The purple-themed Mechanical Shockwave bow is a damage dealer, a movement item, and something you can use to mess with the enemies.

I love this bow since I am always on the move with it. Be it chasing an enemy or running away from the big guys, it always comes in handy.

Mechanical Shockwave Bow Review:

  • Movement: The amount of distance you can cover in a short time with this bow is amazing.
  • Fight or flight: You can easily chase enemies or disengage from fights.
  • Damage: This bow also causes damage on direct hits making it versatile.
  • Fun: You can impulse your enemies into the zone or even mess around with your teammates.

Mechanical Shockwave Bow stats:

  • DPS - 83
  • DAMAGE - 83
  • FIRE RATE  - 1
  • RELOAD TIME - 1s


2. Unstable Bow

Bow display

See Unstable Bow in action: https://youtu.be/Sc7-XUxxlNQ

This weapon takes the cake for being unpredictable. This bow can become any other bow present in the game. The catch is, you don’t know what it’ll transform into next. It’s either you’re sending your opponent flying to the other side, or their smelling the most heinous scent known to mankind.

Since this bow can become any bow, it can be said to be versatile as well. The only drawback is that you’ve no control over what type of bow it transforms into next.

Unstable Bow Review:

  • Versatile: It can become any bow in the game, which speaks for itself in the terms of being versatile.
  • Fun: In chill, casual game modes, it can be fun to play with this bow and see what type it becomes next.
  • Exotic: Since this weapon is exotic, it means they’re lesser in numbers and you don’t have to worry about a transformer bow chasing you.

Unstable Bow stats:

  • DPS - 68 / 89
  • Damage - 68 / 89
  • Fire Rate - 1
  • Magazine Size - 1
  • Reload Time - 1.0s


1. Grappler Bow

Bow display

See Grappler Bow in action: https://youtu.be/6e0iTr95yhQ

This bow is a game-changer and has an amazing way of working. The grappler bow has a sick design and it is just as dangerous as it looks.

It serves as a movement item and deals damage as well. The grappler can be used to latch onto anything to get a boost into the air. This allows you to move rapidly in any direction you want. Grappling onto something with this bow also negates any type of fall damage.

Shooting a player with it has multiple effects. The player is damaged on contact, then the player is grappled towards you and the deal is sealed off with you flying in the air in the player’s direction. I mean, how sick is this thing?

Grappler Bow Review:

  • Speedy movement: The grappling gives you a boost into the air which rapidly moves you from one place to another.
  • Damage: The grapple causes damage upon initial contact with the players.
  • Reeling in: The grapple hooks the player and reels them towards you for a quicker kill.
  • Fall damage: You don’t receive any fall damage if you grapple onto something and fall down directly afterward.

Grappler Bow stats:

  • DPS - 89
  • DAMAGE - 89
  • FIRE RATE - 1
  • RELOAD TIME - 1.0s

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