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Are you looking for the best Fortnite settings of Nintendo Switch? Well, find the top settings here in this article.

Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch has given many gamers their first opportunity to play the battle royale, while others have taken advantage of this platform to play while on the go. The gameplay is identical to any other platform, although the controller settings change noticeably. 

As soon as you turn on your Switch and start playing, it can be difficult to keep up with the other players who have tweaked their control settings. To get the most out of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, there are several adjustments players may make. Here are the settings that we've discovered to work best for us, but keep in mind that your preferences may differ significantly from ours.


3. Input Settings

Look, Even though changing the standard and ADS sensitivity to six may seem insignificant to some players, it eliminates the uncomfortable sensation created by default settings. Once you've gotten the hang of it (which may take some time), you'll be able to compete with players on other platforms equitably.

When it comes to Fortnite's sensitivity options, beginning at six is a good place to begin determining whether or not you need to go higher or lower. The sensitivity sliders in the Switch version of Fortnite are tough to adjust, so even a minor change can greatly impact gameplay. It's up to the players to figure out what works best for them because this is the situation.

Building sensitivity should be slightly higher than general targeting, which is a nice idea. When under attack, the players will quickly fortify themselves inside a structure by building in numerous directions at once. To find out what works best for you, you'll have to experiment with this sensitivity setting on your own.

  • Look Sensitivity: 6
  • ADS Sensitivity: 6
  • Build Mode Sensitivity: 1.5


2. Advanced ADS Sensitivity

Your excellent ADS sensitivity is required to pull off quick scopes, 180 scopes, and all the other cool stuff that looks and feels wonderful. You can use its sensors to determine how quickly you can scope someone or how stable your scope is while you're trying to pull off an elaborate trick shot.

You'll need to move around more to get the best results, but your shots will be much more accurate, and the variation between them will be greatly minimized. That's all there is to it. That's all there is to learn how to be a Fortnite ace in terms of the game's settings.

  • ADS Look Horizontal Speed - 17%
  • ADS Look Vertical Speed - 17%
  • ADS Turning Horizontal Boost - 0%
  • ADS Turning Vertical Boost - 0%
  • ADS Turning Boost Ramp Time - 0%


1. Advanced Look Sensitivity

To construct effectively and accurately, you should set up your settings with a low look sensitivity and a higher build sensitivity. Professional players have used this strategy for years, and it's become the basis for a new subgenre of Fortnite gameplay.

  • Look Horizontal Speed - 45%
  • Look Vertical Speed - 45%
  • Turning Horizontal Boost    - 0%
  • Turning Vertical Boost - 0%
  • Boost Ramp Time - 0%
  • Instant Boost When Building – On

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