[Top 5] Best Fortnite Hide and Seek Maps

Best Fortnite Hide and Seek Maps
Hide from your friends after your sweaty adventures.

Let’s face it - Fortnite is a sweaty game.

After a long session of arenas or try-harding in public matches, playing unique creative maps can be a great way to cool down.

In-game hide and seek is an exciting way to play with lots of friends, and enjoy Fortnite without the perspiration.

Here are 5 of the best Fortnite hide and seek maps in creative mode.

5. Hide & Seek - Pirate Bay (1024-5257-9462) by Nooel-Gaming

Pirate Bay is a pirate-themed hide and seek map with amazing textures and scenery. 

  • Up to 16 players, seeker is invulnerable
  • Built-in timer before seeker is released to find the hiders
  • Seeker gets an item shop to buy equipment to aid their search

4. Mansion Mayhem l Hide & Seek (7198-6013-1924) by Fatal_Creations

Playing hide and seek in a huge luxurious mansion has never been easier. Find everyone in 7 minutes or you lose!

  • Massive Map - includes a helicopter landing bay, tennis court, basketball court, etc
  • Seeker must eliminate the hiders with just a rusty can
  • Once found, the hiders will switch to the team of the seeker

3. Bikini Bottom (5382-7631-3234) by Burtonisthename

Bikini Bottom is a Spongebob-themed Fortnite map with awesome hiding places.

  • Who doesn’t want to play hide in seek in Bikini Bottom? C’mon
  • Seeker is granted mobility with balloons and a grappler
  • Timer is set to 15 minutes - players can make their own custom rules for the amount of time to hide.

2. Train Station HNS (3501-0333-8535) by Jiimmy75

This massive hide and seek map features an outdoor train station with a multitude of different hiding sports.

  • Very large map, great for lots of players
  • Seekers get a chest with items to assist them in their search
  • Seekers can roll around on the beloved quad crasher found in the parking garage.

1. Mall Santa Hide and Seek (6502-2054-2717) by MTL_Rellik

In this Christmas themed mall, you can play hide and seek while feeling the Christmas Spirit.

  • Awesome props and decoration throughout the map
  • Lots of hidden rifts for hard to access hiding spots
  • Includes elements of parkour 

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