[Top 5] Fortnite Best Shotguns To Use (Ranked)

We're in a frenzy over these shotguns.

Shotguns are arguably the most important weapon class in Fortnite. This type of gun is excellent at close range and exclusively uses shells for ammunition. And trust me, you’ll want one on you at all times. However, not all shotguns in Fortnite are created equal–you’ll have different shotgun needs based on which play mode you’re in.

In this article, we’ll be discussing shotguns from Fortnite with special attention to the ones available so far in Chapter 5. Regardless though, keep an eye out for these as you try different modes and creative maps.. And hey, you never know when a previous shotgun will be released from the vault!


5. Combat Shotgun (Best for Creative Maps, vaulted)

Combat Shotgun

A classic shotgun that goes the distance.

What we love about the Combat Shotgun:

Sometimes you don’t want to immediately push, and that’s where the Combat Shotgun can offer you more than other shotguns. It’s one of few shotguns that doesn’t solely rely on close-range to be effective. If an AR or SMG aren’t available, the combat shotgun has your back at medium-close range, too. 

What the Combat Shotgun Excels in:

  • Range: will still deal damage from 60 meters away
  • Rarity: no common option, anytime you find one the lowest rarity will be uncommon
  • Reload: shells reload 2 at a time, while most shotguns reload 1 shell at a time

Combat Shotgun Stats (most recent, based on Fortnite OG): 

  • DPS: 91.8 (uncommon) - 107.1 (legendary)
  • Damage: 54 (uncommon) - 63 (legendary)
  • Fire Rate: 1.7
  • Magazine Size: 8 
  • Reload Time: 5.5s (uncommon) - 4.7s (legendary)
  • Structure Damage: 41 (uncommon) - 47 (legendary)


4. Havoc Pump Shotgun (Best for Creative Maps, vaulted)

Widespread destruction is its speciality. 

What we love about the Havoc Pump Shotgun:

Pump shotguns are a tried and true type of shotgun, and the Havoc Pump was no exception. We love its insane damage and its ability to essentially take out an opponent’s shields in one perfect shot. 

What the Havoc Pump Shotgun Excels in:

  • Damage: capable of dealing high damage
  • Range: fantastic at short ranges
  • Rarity: offers higher damage with common rarity when compared to other common shotguns 

Havoc Pump Shotgun Stats:

  • DPS: 81 (common) - 99 (legendary) 
  • Damage: 108 (common) - 132 (legendary)
  • Fire Rate: 0.75 
  • Magazine Size: 6
  • Reload Time: 5.5s (common) - 4.5s (legendary)


3. Drum Shotgun (Best for Creative Maps, vaulted)

A shotgun that is music to our ears.

What we love about the Drum Shotgun:

Listen, I’m a sucker for bullets. The more the better! Magazine sizes for shotguns trend on the lower side, but we love that the Drum Shotgun allows us room for 12 shells. Throughout the history of Fortnite, this shotgun has come and gone. It was last vaulted in update v28.00, but I certainly hope it won’t be for long. 

What the Drum Shotgun Excels in:

  • Availability: regularly appears as the game changes and updates
  • Magazine size: largest magazine size available for a shotgun at 12 shells 
  • Reload: most shotguns reload 1 shell at a time, but  the Drum Shotgun reloads shells all at once, allowing for quick reload times

Drum Shotgun Stats:

  • DPS: 151.2 (common) - 187.2 (legendary)
  • Damage: 50.4 (common) - 62.4 (legendary)
  • Fire Rate: 3
  • Magazine Size: 12 
  • Reload Time  3.85s (common) - 3.15s (legendary)
  • Structure Damage: 38 (common) - 47 (legendary)


2. Frenzy Auto Shotgun (Best for Zero Build mode)

An automatic favorite among shotguns.

What we love about the Frenzy Auto Shotgun:

With nowhere to hide in close range, this is your best, frantic attempt at securing shots. It’s one of the two main shotguns available in Chapter 5, Season 1, and we love that it’s automatic and quickly fires. In many ways, the Frenzy Auto Shotgun is number one, at least when it comes to Zero Build. 

What the Frenzy Auto Shotgun Excels in:

  • Availability: this gun is currently in Chapter 5
  • Reload time: reloads quickly compared to other shotguns 
  • Fire rate: has a high fire rate, meaning you can get more shots on your opponent in less time 
  • Rarity: has a mythic option (aka Oscar’s Frenzy Auto Shotgun)

Frenzy Auto Shotgun Stats:

  • DPS: 152.5 (common) - 187.5 (legendary)
  • Damage: 61 (common) - 75 (legendary) 
  • Fire Rate: 2.5
  • Magazine Size: 8
  • Reload Time  5.71s (common) - 4.23s (legendary) 
  • Structure Damage: 36 (common) - 44 (legendary)


1. Hammer Pump Shotgun (Best for Build mode)

We love a pump shotgun that gets the job done. 

What we love about the Hammer Pump Shotgun:

Sometimes it’s not about hitting your opponent, so much as it’s about taking down their base. Fortnite wouldn’t be Fortnite without its original game mode where you drop down, gather guns and materials, and build forts to protect yourself and beat your enemies. Pump shotguns are fantastic at dealing high damage, especially to structures, and that’s why we love the Hammer Pump Shotgun for build mode. 

What the Hammer Pump Shotgun Excels in:

  • Availability: this gun is currently in Chapter 5
  • Structure damage: causes more damage to builds than other shotguns
  • Hit damage: high damage points can be dealt 
  • Range: incredible choice for close-range attacks
  • Rarity: has a mythic option (aka Peter Griffin’s Hammer Pump Shotgun)

Hammer Pump Shotgun Stats:

  • DPS: 67.5 (common) - 82.5 (legendary)
  • Damage: 90 (common) - 110 (legendary)
  • Fire Rate: 0.75 
  • Magazine Size:  6
  • Reload Time : 5.5s (common) - 4.3s (legendary) 
  • Structure Damage: 45 (common) - 55 (legendary) 

Now what are you waiting for? Grab one of these shotguns and go get some headshots!


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