Fortnite: How to Get Free Skins

How to get free skins in fortnite

5. PlayStation 4

  • First, buy PlayStation Plus or a PlayStation if you don't have one.
  • Next, go look at the free section in the PlayStation store, it offers the PlayStation Fortnite celebration pack & the ps plus pack, scroll until you see the Fortnite section.
  • Then, go to the app store and get the skin that is offered. The skins you could get for free is the Blue Striker female, Blue Team Leader and Prodigy (is now available.)
  • You would be rewarded in a couple of seconds after purchasing the free skins.

4.Twitch Prime Account

  • First, link your Amazon Prime account to your twitch and epic account (if you have an Amazon Prime subscription,  Twitch prime comes with it.)
  • You’ll get 3 free skins which are Havoc, Sub Commander, TrailBlazer
  • Or you’ll get any available free characters, you’ll be rewarded in a few seconds.

3. Doing any Special Challenges / Events for the Season

( During each season there are newer updates within the season and every so often they will put extra challenges for everybody to do and they tend to reward you with items or XP. )

  • Do the 13 out of the 20th overtime challenges for the season 8 battle pass.
  • Do any special event/challenge for any season, epic offers items here and there every so often,  make sure to check the item shop daily and your challenges (to stay updated).
  • You’ll be rewarded right away sometimes and other times it might take a couple of minutes.

2. Buy the Season Pass

  • Doing challenges to unlock more skins.  
  • Unlocks almost every skin for that season.
  • Doing challenges to give you more v-bucks in which you can buy skins with.
  • All the items you have bought will pop up on the screen.
  • The best skin is unlocked when you reach tier 100.

1. Having a Friend to Gift you a Skin

  • First, just ask one of your friends nicely, who has enough v-bucks to buy you a skin.
  • You would be able to support your favorite creator when buying a skin or any item from the shop.
  • Whatever the skin is in the item shop is available to gift to someone of your liking, but this only happens every so often.
  • You will receive in a few after the purchase if it went through.

Other Ways to get Fortnite skins:

  • Buying the cheapest battle pass and unlocking the rest of the items you can get.
  • Having an awesome friend or friends who can gift you skins.
  • Doing the special challenges that offer skins and other rewards
  • There are always gaming systems that offer a Fortnite bundle pack such as Nintendo switch, Samsung Galaxy S9 (the galaxy skin)  and PlayStation 4 (the skins I listed above).
  • Buying the skin yourself or going to Wal-Mart to buy the Fortnite bundle pack and if you have a Walmart discount card it could save you some money, but not much when going to the gaming section in Wal-Mart.

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