[Top 10] Fortnite Jailbreak Maps That Are Fun!

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The Red Riding Hood

Are you looking for the best Jailbreak maps of Fortnite to play? Well, discover the best Fortnite Jailbreak Maps here in this article.

Escape Rooms might be a little more laid-back or quite tense depending on the map. Our Fortnite escape room codes will let you relax and have a good time with your pals in a fun and exciting setting. Despite the difficulty of some of these, you'll discover a lot that can be accomplished with somewhat ease.


10. High Tower Escape 3 

High Tower Escape 3, Fortnite

Code: 9922-6888-3041

Two years after the first High Tower Escape film, we finally witnessed the sequel. A prominent escape room mapmaker named Wishbone 45 created this one. Wishbone 45 has been creating popular escape room maps for years. There are 12 tower levels to complete, and you must try your best to get through them all by completing riddles, parkour, and other obstacles.

Why Is High Tower Escape 3 Map Great? 

  • Created by Wishbone 45
  • 12 tower levels
  • Includes riddles, parkour, obstacles


9. The New Year Commotion 

The New Year Commotion, Fortnite

Code: 5098-3562-4045

Beginners will enjoy The New Year Commotion, a straightforward escape room experience. While there are a few more challenging puzzles to solve, most of the map's challenge comes from locating the items you'll need to move on. This is a great escape room map to play in the new year of 2022 if you're searching for something festive.

Why Is the New Year Commotion Map Great? 

  • More difficult puzzles
  • A challenging map
  • Great map for 2022 


8. Dungeon Prison 3: Cursed Temple 

Dungeon Prison 3: Cursed Temple, Fortnite

Code: 2523-7785-1762

Featured below is Dungeon Prison's third installment. Fun escape room series in which an unknown figure continually imprisons you, and you must pull off difficult leaps, uncover hidden secrets, and solve challenging riddles to get out of each chamber alive. If you want to play the entire series, we've included the Dungeon Prison 2 code.

Why Is Dungeon Prison 3 Map Great? 

  • Challenging riddles
  • Difficult leaps
  • Challenges to get out of the chamber


7. Winterfest Escape

Winterfest Escape, Fortnite

Code: 2512-0233-1209 

We need a winter-themed escape room as we head into the coldest months of the year. Our first cold-themed escape room of the year, Winterfest Escape, transports its players to a scene that resembles Santa's Workshop. Find the secret entrances and see if you can get out of the cold as you progress through the levels!

Why Is the Winterfest Escape Map Great? 

  • Best for the cold months
  • Provide transportation to Santa 
  • Cold themed 


6. The Trust Survey 

The Trust Survey, Fortnite

Code: 3500-0019-7096

This is a novel twist on the Escape Room game mode, which requires two players to complete. In what appears to be a simple survey, you and a friend are asked to participate. Things aren't quite as rosy as you had hoped when you arrived. Only one of you will make it out of the movie alive!

Why Is the Trust Survey Map Great? 

  • Multiplayer game
  • Play with the friend
  • A simple survey 


5. Dungeon Prison Escape

Dungeon Prison Escape, Fortnite

Code: 6134-1187-5161

As the name suggests, it's a traditional combination of Dungeon Prison and an Escape Room. If you don't want to play with a large group, this game can accommodate up to 16 players, but a single individual may also play it. You begin the game in a cell, and your mission is to escape the prison by avoiding the guards and finding a way out the other side. To get you started, there's a torch in your cage that you may jump on.

Why Is the Dungeon Prison Escape Map Great? 

  • Play with 16 players max
  • A single individual can also play 
  • You get a torch 


4. Ravens Dungeon Crawl

Ravens Dungeon Crawl, Fortnite

Code: 5097-7971-0190

Instead of solving puzzles, this is an action-packed escape room where you must fight off hordes of monsters to survive. Many diverse rooms await you, each containing unique traps, mechanisms, and difficulties that will put your mettle to the test. You must defeat Raven once you've completed the dungeon crawl. This map is perfect for those of you who prefer action to puzzles.

Why Is Ravens Dungeon Crawl Map Great?

  • Lots of monsters
  • Unique traps
  • Action-based map 


3. Spherios 

Spherios, Fortnite

Code: 9234-1689-1491

You're one of Fortnite's Shadow Agents, a prisoner of team Ghost, in this hilarious escape map. This is a typical Escape Map, but it's still worth your time! Known mapmaker lemoon created this map published on Epic Games' website. You can utilize the video as a guide, but don't use it until you're completely lost!

Why Is Spherios Map Great? 

  • A typical escape map
  • Created by Lemoon 
  • Hilarious map


2. 110 IQ Escape Map

110 IQ Escape Map, Fortnite

Code: 4173-6767-9660

Once again, Ray-a-raj has provided us with an excellent escape map to enjoy. In his 10th escape map, he honed his skill—all Ray-a-escape Raj's maps up to the 107 IQ Escape Maps. Every single one of them is worth a shot.

Why Is 110 IQ Escape Map Great? 

  • Worth a shot
  • Honed the skill
  • Created by Ray-a-Raj 


1. Lost Palace Escape Map 

Lost Palace Escape Map, Fortnite

Code: 8524-0737-1977

Parkour is incorporated into the riddles and mazes in this Fortnite-themed escape room. This map has 17 levels in all, including secret areas!

Why Is Lost Palace Escape Map Great? 

  • Riddles and mazes 
  • 17 levels
  • Secret rooms

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