[Top 10] Fortnite Best Maps To Earn XP

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Want to level up quick?

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Fortnite is very smart with its battle pass and leveling-up system. The players are offered different rewards for climbing levels and the only way to do that is by getting XP. Usually, players have to grind out the main game to level up and that takes a lot of effort and time; not everyone is in for that struggle.

To tackle this problem, creative map makers found some glitches in the matrix. To make it sound less cool, the map makers found a way to make leveling up easy by playing on their maps and completing the given tasks on that map or just playing it for some time. 

Hence, I’ve listed the top 10 best maps that you can play to gain quick XP while ensuring you have fun. So that you could level up quickly to earn those juicy battle pass rewards and have a good time doing it too.


10. SLIDE ZONE ROLEPLAY 3116-2651-4257

Map gameplay

This is a very fun, easy-going map that you can play with a bunch of friends or random players. In this map, boosters are placed on the floor and they cause the players to slide. The players need to make it through a series of obstacles and little openings to stay on track and win the race. This map gives loads of XP and is very fun as well.

Why SLIDE ZONE ROLEPLAY is Good for Earning XP:

  • Fun gameplay: Sliding mechanic is very fun when implemented in races.


9. APOLLO'S GARDEN 9378-6313-7828

Map gameplay

This map can also be played with friends as you and your mates navigate through hell. The area you’re trapped in is filled with zombies and you need to survive and kill whatever tries to hurt you. The map is visually very good and the gameplay will leave you satisfied too.

Why APOLLO'S GARDEN is Good for Earning XP:

  • Multiplayer: Can be played with friends.
  • Visually stunning: The map looks beautiful with low lighting and matching colors.
  • Fun gameplay: Killing zombies is enjoyable no matter what game you play.



Map gameplay


This map is a hide-and-seek-based game where you and your friends need to hide from the mate who seeks. This map is based around a big mansion with loads of hidden spots and XP-gaining points.


  • Fun gameplay: Hide and seek games are always enjoyable with a bunch of friends or even randoms.
  • Map design: The mansion is well made in terms of hiding spots.


7. PRESENT DEATHRUN EARN XP 8596-0301-2045

Map gameplay

This map is a bit different as you play as a present. Yes! A literal gift package and you need to escape the death traps and complete the death run.

Why PRESENT DEATHRUN EARN is Good for Earning XP:

  • Gameplay: Deathruns are always fun, especially when you’re playing as a gift box.
  • Map design: The map design is beautiful and winter themed.


6. TEAMNAIZOX668 1V1 + SPEC JOUEURS 5654-6228-8032

Map gameplay

This is your usual 1V1 map where you and your duo partner can practice your fighting skills and get great XP in reward as well. This sounds like a win-win to me.

Why TEAMNAIZOX668 1V1 + SPEC JOUEURS is Good for Earning XP:

  • Improvement: You and your duo can improve in fighting.


 5. 28 DAYS TO SURVIVE 2743-3226-0811

Map gameplay

This is a beautifully made open-world game mode in Fortnite creative. The game includes things like mining, building, and exploring. This is a very chill and relaxing map if you just want to have fun in an open world and find little XP gainers placed on the map.

Why 28 DAYS TO SURVIVE is Good for Earning XP:

  • Gameplay: Easy-going and chill gameplay.
  • Open world: The map is one of a kind and gives you the freedom to go around exploring.


4. 500+ LEVEL EASY DEATHRUN 2096-7924-6419

Map gameplay

This is an easier variant of death runs on the list with a huge number of levels that you can try to pass. The death run is equipped with loads of XP-gaining boosters and you can also go for the thrill of completing this map if you have the time and motivation to do it.

Why 500+ LEVEL EASY DEATHRUN is Good for Earning XP:

  • Gameplay: The death run levels are easy to get through.



Map gameplay

This is the best death run on this list that offers a great amount of fun alongside XP. The map design is very beautiful as it's based on the galaxy as the name suggests and the map creator did a great job in making the visual themes look appealing.


  • Map design: The map looks very well made and is great to rest your eyes upon.
  • Gameplay: The death run is well designed, comprising traps and electric shockers.


2. OFFICE TOWER PROP HUNT 0159-7397-8386

Map gameplay

This prop hunt is based on a big office place with very good attention to detail in the office rooms and hallways. The game mode is multiplayer that you and your friends can go around playing in to have a fun time as well as get XP. The map is much bigger than other role play maps hence you can fit many of your friends in this mode and still have enough space to hide.

Why OFFICE TOWER PROP HUNT is Good for Earning XP:

  • Map design: The map is very spacey and ensures everyone can hide easily regardless of how many players play.


1. MARIUS' MANSION ROLE PLAY 1118-7438-1879

Map gameplay

This is the most fun map on this list based on a mansion in the middle of summer. The mansion has huge rooms, pools, and everything to make you feel immersed in the role play. The map allows you to even drive golf carts around the house to add to the immersion and the gameplay is just very fun.

Why MARIUS' MANSION ROLE PLAY is Good for Earning XP:

  • Gameplay: The role play is very immersive for the players.
  • Solo or multiplayer: You can play regardless of if you have friends online or not.


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