The Top 10 Funniest Fortnite Memes of All-Time

Fortnite Funny Memes Top 10 Best
Many good memes were gained on makeshift forts in the skies overlooking our Fortnite

The 10 Best Fortnite Memes

You’re probably staring at your main PC monitor forging ahead in yet another game of Fortnite. Everybody else in your neighborhood can’t fight the addiction, either. Well, I implore you to keep your eyes squarely fixed to your second monitor as you scan this “Top 10” list. It captures all the funniest memes of that very game everybody in your orbit spends entirely too much time playing.

10. Get to Work

When a marathon gaming session turns your body lifeless

Whenever you launch a game of Fortnite, you must come to terms with the next four-to-24 hours of your day disappearing. Just like Lay’s famous “Betcha can’t eat just one!” slogan, nobody can play just one game. Lost a close encounter against a pump shot-wielding spastic? You’re now officially tilted. Failed to connect with your sniper rifle? That feeling of disappointment will disrupt your routine until you can earn payback. Let’s land shifty.

9. Don’t Be a Toxic Partner

We all have that one friend...

Friends and Fortnite, what could possibly go wrong? You’re only as good as your weakest link. When your duo is barking orders at you like some half-assed, low budget rent-a-cop who thinks he’s storming the beaches of Normandy, there’s a problem. Being obnoxious and wrong damages your game, which is why this clip is so funny.

8. Battle of the Ego

Don't challenge my gaming pride 

Let’s face some cold hard facts. You may think you’re the next Ninja or Tfue. But reality is a cruel reminder that these claims are largely unfounded. When you reverse-engineer your gameplay, some things will become clear. That final shot registered just fine. Your timing, positioning and aiming; however, left a lot to be desired. Next time you get genuinely outplayed just accept it and soldier on.  

7. Friendly Fire

A real friendship can survive anything 

Just being a good teammate can lead you astray. Certain death may be unavoidable. As long as you’re communicating with your team and working in tandem, you’re doing your job. Maybe you need better friends. It may be time to empty your piggy bank. Send a message to TSM_Myth and ask to game. Perhaps your generosity will motivate his and you’ll find yourself running games with somebody who won’t lead you to death. Good luck!

6. When Losing Can Be a Life Saver

When losing at Fortnite is winning at life

The peak of your professional life may be a #1 Victory Royale. Surely most students obsessing over Fortnite would agree. But when it comes to your personal health, grinding endless hours to reach #1 may be deadly. Manage your goals wisely. Rewarding a rare victory with a guilty pleasure may be worthwhile. But don’t punish yourself to reach the Promised Land.

5. We Can All Relate

The crushing loneliness of defeat 

Everybody who plays Fortnite will fall victim to an early death. The true anguish follows in the afterlife. You have no choice but to spectate. All your teammates can wax poetic about their strategy to survive and advance. What you’re left with is the remains. All you can do is romanticize about what could have been.

4. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Pissed-Off Shopping Cart

Fortnite meets Final Destination 

Courtesy of r/FortNiteBR is a hilarious sequence involving a shopping cart, which appears to have gained sentience? Maybe Skynet programmed it and it’s the next iteration of Terminator. Who knows? What I can say is don’t ever leave a shopping cart unattended. Especially true if said cart is overlooking a massive hill.

3. Who Reads the Terms and Conditions?

Clicks "Agree" without reading a single line

Another gem courtesy of the highly esteemed brain trust at r/FortNiteBR emerges a clever little nod to legalese. Let’s face it. Nobody reads the terms and conditions. We all implicitly trust the overlords responsible for producing our greatest pleasures. The minute chance we signed away our future children and life savings is secondary to the joys we’ll experience playing a game we love.

2. Cooking Up Some Skin

"Inspect and "beat people's meat" is all that's required  

Imagine a scenario where Jeffrey Dahmer is the lead map designer of your favorite game. The imagery circling in your head will lead you to a charming fella who goes by the name Meat Inspector. You see, our final plunder taken from the massively popular Fortnite subreddit is an ingenious work from a skilled user who frequents there, u/whicketywack. This user pieced together a variety of everyday items that actually resonate with the free-flowing, cartoonish themes Fortnite offers. Bravo!

1. Popular YouTubers Ice Poseidon and Sam Pepper Sneak Into VidCon by Hiding Inside a Llama

They said a Llama is the perfect disguise

The world’s most famous game and one man-made Trojan horse spent an afternoon at a convention. Two YouTube live streamers chose to document their daring escapade, which involved the most famous llama on planet Earth and Greek mythology. Should we punish these brazen streamers for breaking the law? Or do we commend them for giving every gamer a valiant history lesson?  Well, I can tell you staffers at Vidcon chose the former. These tricksters shared a jail cell all night.

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