[Top 10] Fortnite Best 2vs2 Maps That Are Excellent

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Still don't know the best way to practice with your duo?

Can't find good maps to play with your duo? Fret not!


Playing Fortnite with your duo is one of the sweatiest as well as the most fun part of the Fortnite experience. Playing alongside a mate and improving together is indeed quality time spent on this game and Fortnite provides tournaments to show the results of your hard work.

Back in the day, there were two ways of improving with your duo, the first being grinding out duos and getting destroyed for the first few months. Then, clapping kids back once you got the hang of it.

The second way was by landing at tilted towers in the playground mode and 1v1ing each other with a finite amount of mats in front of the clock tower. The players didn’t have many resources in those days, but boy were they fun.

Nowadays though, practicing is so easy with your duo mate since you have fully dedicated creative maps that are made for you and your duo to improve. You can verse each other to get better individually or better, you can verse another duo to improve as a team.

Hence I compiled some of the most fun 2v2 maps that you and your duo can play to enjoy the game as you improve altogether. 


10. 2V2 REBOOT GUN FIGHT 9345-0104-5797

Map gameplay

This map is your usual duo fight but with a twist. If your duo can survive once you go down and get away from the fight, they can reboot you with just one click. This can be done three times by each time to get their partner back in the fight.

Why 2V2 REBOOT GUN FIGHT is Great for 2vs2:

  • More action: The gameplay lasts longer in this map since your duo can be rebooted. Hence, more time for fighting.



9. EGGCELLENT 2V2 GUN FIGHT 9103-4423-4547

Map gameplay

This is a Festival themed map with Easter-themed weapons for all the Easter lovers out there. It's refreshing to sweat in a casual design map.

Why EGGCELLENT 2V2 GUN FIGHT is Great for 2vs2:

  • Map design: The map looks very casual and fun thus making it more fun to play competitively in.



8. 2V2 GUNFIGHT (CUSTOM TEAMS) 9179-5559-3370

Map gameplay

This map is designed with the veterans in mind. The map has a very “Call of Duty” vibe with the players starting out with competitive loadouts. Every player has the same loadout and needs to fight it out till the last one stands from either team.

Why 2V2 GUNFIGHT (CUSTOM TEAMS) is Great for 2vs2:

  • Competitive: This map is better for players more serious about Fortnite.
  • No RNG: The loadouts among all players are the same hence reducing randomness.



7. Pandvil 2v2 Zone Wars 3825-0766-9324

Map gameplay

Pandvil is known by the community for making very good maps and this one is very famous. It’s a normal zone wars map where lots of pros have wagered, and fought and is their go-to map.

Why Pandvil 2v2 Zone Wars is Great for 2vs2:

  • Constant Pressure: The moving zone and having to manage two players at once makes you get used to pressure.



6. NEON PURPLE 2V2 MAP 2644-7446-8379

Map gameplay

This map is a very beautiful and eye-catching map made by the map creator with aesthetic visuals in mind. It’s a normal 2v2 map with an amazing design.

Why NEON PURPLE 2V2 MAP is Great for 2vs2:

  • Build focused: The fight is 1v1 styled but for duos so it’s good to improve building as a duo.



5. Ultimate 2v2/3v3/4v4! 0592-1670-0537

Map gameplay

This is one of the best maps out there to get better with your duo. It features nine rounds (three zone wars, three box fights, and three realistic matches). Thus it covers all aspects of fighting and can help you improve in all three.

Why Ultimate 2v2/3v3/4v4! is Great for 2vs2:

  • Variety: This map poses you and your duo to 3 different game modes thus giving practice variety.



4. Pandvil Box Fight (2V2) 6562-8953-6567

Map gameplay

This is one of the most popular box fight maps, made by Pandvil of course. This box fight map was the most used during wagers and just competitive games before the pro player “Clix” made his version. It has a basic design of a 2x2 and is just known for its simplicity.

Why Pandvil Box Fight (2V2) is Great for 2vs2:

  • Simple: The startup of the game is very simple on this map.
  • No RNG: The loadouts are the same on both teams with the same amount of mats.




Map gameplay

This map is based on a house with three different locations for fights to break out in. The house gives a real-game aspect and makes practice very similar to what you will come across in a real game.


  • Real-game practice: The awkward angles and no-build areas in a house allow you to practice fighting as you would in a real game.



2. CLIX BOX FIGHT (2V2) 9771-5275-6646

Map gameplay

This is the map that overtook Pandvil’s box fight map and still stands as the most popular map for box fights. This map is the go-to map for nearly every pro. This map is very similar to Pandvil with a better map design and the same simplicity instilled.

Why CLIX BOX FIGHT (2V2) is Great for 2vs2:

  • Simple: This map is very simple to start playing on too with a simplistic design.
  • No RNG: More catered towards top pros who don’t like the element of randomness.



1. FINEST'S REALISTIC (2V2) 6570-5231-1418

Map gameplay

This is the best map you can play for real game practice with your duo. Finest’s realistic maps took the creative world by storm due to how the real game-like practice they provided. This map does the same as you can choose the type of loadouts to play with and the spawns are randomly generated on a real map-like recreation.

Why FINEST'S REALISTIC (2V2) is Great for 2vs2:

  • Game-like: The spawns and fight location replicate the game very well.
  • Loadouts: The loadouts can be chosen and can be a bit random thus giving more of a real game outlook.



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