[Top 10] Fortnite Best Role Play Maps That Are Fun!

Skins, Fierce
Fierce Skin, Fortnite

Discover some of the best maps for role play in Fortnite, here in this article. We've discussed the best maps that you should play in 2022.

Many creative maps are available in Fortnite Creative, so you'll never be bored! We've compiled a list of our favorite games that you can play right now and have a great time with. Aside from that, Fortnite Creative offers players the chance to earn over 125,000 XP every day. 

For this reason, playing in the Creative mode of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 might aid in acquiring unique Battle Pass cosmetics. Make sure to check out our Fortnite Chapter 3 guide series as well. Only a few days remain before the next part of the game arrives.


10. Cybernite

Cybernite, Fortnite

Code: 1080-0231-9075

"CybSec" is a cybersecurity unit in Cybernite, a one-player adventure. A great way to get a taste of Cyberpunk 2077 without paying for a subscription or purchasing any in-game currency.

Why Cybernate is great 

  • It is a One-Player Adventure
  • Get the experience of Cyberpunk 2077 without any subscription
  • Get an experience of classic treasure hunting. 
  • Get goodies in a Dystopian City


9. Role Play: Home Alone

Role Play: Home Alone, Fortnite

Code: 3555-2496-7707

Here's your opportunity to play Kevin McCallister in Home Alone! Try both Hide and Seek and Rogue like modes out on this level!

Why Home Alone is great:

  • Based on Home Alone movie
  • Play Hide and Seek with the Thieves
  • Different Modes Experience


8. Rob the Vault: Role Play

Rob the Vault: Role Play, Fortnite

Code: 7300-7348-4644

As a robber in Rob the Vault, you'll have to rob a bank. NPCs and platforming are there to thwart your progress, but it’s fun! The traditional roleplaying game may be a lot of fun.

Why Rob the Vault is great:

  • Play as a Robber
  • Rob the Bank 
  • Get out of sight and win successfully


7. Overtime: Firefighter

Overtime: Firefighter, Fortnite

Code: 9586-7818-6104

On the number seven, we have Overtime Firefighter, another classic! Put out flames worldwide and become the hero you always wanted to be.

Why Firefighter is great:

  • Play as a Firefighter
  • Extinguish the fire
  • Get an amazing experience playing as a Firefighter


6. Escape The Prison!

Escape The Prison!, Fortnite

Code: 7257-2806-2209

As a fun Escape Parkour map with a Prison Break-themed concept, we'll classify this one as an RPG. If you've got a few buddies, this is a terrific game to play with them!

Why Escape the Prison is great:

  • Experience a Prison Break
  • Play with your Squad
  • Parkour your way out of the Prison


5. Land of the Undead 

Land of the Undead , Fortnite

Code: 3126-5158-8786

Many innovative mechanisms have been added to the open environment of Land of the Undead to make it enjoyable for all players. It is often updated, and it is one of the best maps to play for an enjoyable experience.

Why Land of the Undead is great:

  • Dynamic day & night cycle mechanic (wolf raids at night)
  • Custom Unlockable Bonus Dimension System
  • Progress is automatically saved
  • 15 + Custom Achievements
  • Battle pass XP enabled


4. Prison Break

Prison Break, Fortnite

Code: 3237-6955-3284

Alternatively, you can spend your days stealing banks, conducting heists, and even attempting to avenge the guards who previously tormented and humiliated you! Alternatively, you can take up arms as a corrections officer to keep inmates in and the city safe from the fury of the fugitives.

Why Prison Break is great 

  • Break out of Prison
  • Perform Heist and Rob banks to become the Richest Robber
  • Seek revenge on guards


3. Gift Delivery

Gift Delivery, Fortnite

Code: 6762-0693-1759

A time traveler, you've come to a stop the evildoers from murdering Santa Claus! Get to the bottom of the mystery and rescue the holiday season!

Why Gift Delivery is great 

  • Play as a Time Traveler
  • Prevent the Killing of Santa Claus
  • Solve the Mystery and Save Santa!


2. PWR Tiny Town

PWR Tiny Town, Fortnite

Code: 9683-4582-8184

A place to socialize and play games with your pals. Become a successful business owner, live in a beautiful home, and enjoy a variety of entertaining mini-games. Tiny Town welcomes you!

Why PWR Tiny Town is great:

  • Work Cool Jobs
  • Own Amazing Houses
  • Play Fun Mini-Games
  • Explore The City


1. Resident Evil: Spencer Mansion (Jill)

Resident Evil: Spencer Mansion (Jill), Fortnite

Code: 4816-5610-4225

In the Spencer Mansion, follow Jill Valentine's story as she seeks her friends, clues, and a way out of Spencer Mansion alive!' Is Jill going to survive the Spencer Mansion? What are you waiting for?

Why Resident Evil is great:

  • Authentic Narrative
  • Nostalgic Location
  • Memorable Characters
  • Themed Puzzles

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