Top 10 Best Fortnite Emotes That Are Freakin Cool!

Best Fortnite Emotes
Celebrate on your fallen foes

What are the must-have emotes in Fortnite? 

Celebrate on your fallen foes

There are a few ways to set yourself apart in Fortnite, and choosing the right emotes is a great way to do so. Available for purchase with V-bucks, or earned by completing your battle pass, dance emotes allow you to add your own flavor to your gameplay. Whether it’s dancing on your fallen foes, celebrating a challenging Victory Royale, trolling your opponents or simply want to get your groove on, you can find the best of the best emotes from this carefully selected ranking.

10) Best Mates 

Best Mates

This emote is meant to spice up and add a little fun during active gameplay. It is specifically created to help initiate a kind of responsive communication that cuts across language barriers and cultural differences.

  • Best Mates is a quite popular emote, thus almost all can Fortnite players can unite with this wacky dance.
  • Outside of the physical game, this dance has caught much steam in the youthful community. It can frequently be found in videos of kids imitating the dance, many of which have gone viral. To say the least, this dance has brought much attention to the beloved game of Fortnite.

See Best Mates in action:

Best Mates - Fortnite Battle Royale (Emote)

9) Jubilation


An amusing movement to convey your happiness, amusements, and celebrations, the developers of the Fortnite Battle Royal game created the Jubilation dancing emote to be very user-friendly with requirements for little or no expertise at all.

  • Extremely amusing emote with a variety of uses.
  • Can be used in a funny manner to troll your fallen enemies or even to celebrate a victory royale
  • The quiet sound of tiny footsteps can even be used in gameplay, when hiding from an enemy it can be used to throw off your enemy with the unusual sound.

See Jubilation in action: 

Jubilation - Fortnite Battle Royale (Emote) 

8) Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

A unique emote that has been put in place to help make key decisions among teammates rather than the opponents.

  • This emote is extremely useful for making decisions amongst teammates; decisions like, who gets the gold scar? Or gets to open the chest? All which can give arise to argument, but this emote easily decides and ends the debate.
  • Simple, but extremely useful. However, is only useful when playing duos or squads.

See Rock Paper Scissors in action: 

Rock Paper Scissors - Fortntie Battle Royale (Emote)

7) Confused


An emote showing how confused the player is.

  • This emote is one of the best troll emotes. Once you’ve killed your enemy, immediately use this emote and you are guaranteed to bring extreme anger to your opponent.
  • Can also be used in the lobby screen when a teammate is taking too long to “ready up” to express your confusion and question their doings.

See Confused in action: 

Confused - Fortnite Battle Royale (Emote) 

6) Waterworks


A funny animation that makes the player cry a lot and shed tears of sadness. The animation is quite long, and the crying gesture is greatly exaggerated with tears flowing and sprinkling in the air like waterworks.

  • Another emote for the trollers. This clever emote is perfect to use once you’ve eliminated an enemy and will surely bring rage upon their defeat.
  • It is a very quiet emote, with only producing a soft sound of crying it won’t bring too much attention while in use.

See Waterworks in action:

Waterworks - Fortnite Battle Royale (Emote)

5) Orange Justice

Orange Justice

 A stylish and funky dance emote with a heavy bass trap beat. Taken from the original dance made by “Orange Shirt Kid”.

  • This emote is the most used dance outside of the physical game. Kids all around the world have replicated this dance and it has gone completely viral.
  • One of the first emotes to have such a profound beat, debuting in Season 4, it was extremely desired by all players and quickly caught steam in the Fortnite community.
  • One of the most popular and recognizable emote dances in the Fortnite community.

See Orange Justice in action: 

Orange Justice - Fortnite Battle Royale (Emote)

4) Drop the Bass

Drop the Bass

This emote will turn the player’s avatar into an impromptu DJ by bringing out a floating digital turntable. The avatar will then play cool party music with strong bass while the raising his/her hand to join the beat.

  • One of the coolest and unique animations in any emotes.
  • It’s a very rare emote for it has only been available in the Item Shop once.
  • Great emote to use to celebrate a Victory Royale (although timing can sometimes be difficult).

See Drop the Bass in action: 

Drop the Bass - Fortntie Battle Royale (Emote)

3) True Heart

True Heart 

The True Heart emote showcases a long feminine dance that creates a magical sparkling heart in the air that vanishes after a few seconds.

A very popular emote, as it embraces one’s feminine side with a catchy tune.
Has a very smooth animation with appealing dance moves.
The tune used is very pleasant and simply perfect for the dance moves used.
One of the best dances to use to troll a fallen enemy. The happy vibes of the emote completely clashes with the anger and sadness of being eliminated, making it a perfect troll emote.

See True Heart in action: 

True Heart - Fortnite Battle Royale (Emote)

2) Living Large

Living Large

A wacky dance animation where the character stretches out both their arms and hands as if they’ve won everything. Using this animation also plays a funky music in the background.

One of the most pleasant tunes in the game.
The dance is simple yet perfect for the ambiance of the tune.
It has only been available in the Item Shop three times, making it quite rare when compared to all other emotes.
Can be used as a great troll emote for dancing on your defeated foes.

See Living Large in action: 

Living Large - Fortnite Battle Royale (Emote)

1) Take the L

Take the L

 A goofy dance where the player stamps their feet back and forth while forming an “L” with their hand of their forehead. Matched with a perfectly fitted tune of defeat.

The ultimate troll emote. There’s nothing worse than being defeated and witnessing the victor whip out the “Take the L” emote.
This emote will never feature in the Item Shop, making it quite rare. It can only be obtained from the Season 3 battle pass.
Another emote that has caught steam outside the physical game. Many celebrities and athletes have been seen using this dance while some have even coined it as their go to celebrations, making it one of the most famous emotes that Fortnite has created.

See Take the L in action: 

Take The L - Fortnite Battle Royale (Emote)

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