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Are you looking for some of the best edit courses of Fortnite in 2022? Well, find some of the best courses in this article.

Our Fortnite Warm-Up & Edit Courses List guide walks you through the finest Creative Mode choices for preparing to play the game during Season 11. These courses are excellent for practicing and preparing for combat. We've received codes for each class, and we'll be updating this list regularly to add new ones and remove older ones.

The relatively new Creative mode has resulted in an abundance of playable maps that anybody with the appropriate code can access. Maps are pretty versatile in terms of what they may be used for. You'll find maps for warm-ups, target practice, hide & seek, and racing, among others! This mode has given the game a new level of innovation, and players are discovering new ways to enjoy Fortnite.


10. Tryhard Edit Course

Tryhard Edit Course, Fortnite

Code: 3692-0671-2791

This is a three-part edit course with difficulty levels ranging from simple to difficult for players to practice. Players may choose the method that best matches their requirements, whether to warm up or to test and improve their editing performance genuinely. Conquer each course in record time, then go on to the next one when you're ready!

Why Tryhard Edit Course is great

  • Practice at Different Difficulty Levels
  • Test your Edit
  • Improve Edits and Aim by practicing
  • Conquer a round and move to other


9. Pan's Edit Course Season 8

Pan's Edit Course Season 8, Fortnite

Code: 3859-9858-2109

Pan Go has been creating courses for an extended period, and many of them have been featured on various websites. They stay current with the newest season, and this is the most recent edit course they've created, with fresh content for Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 8. This straightforward edit course requires participants to demonstrate their skill by completing it in less than five minutes. Pan invites players to tweet him their record so he can add it to the scoreboards for other players to see!

Why Pan's Edit Course Season 8 is great

  • Best for Improving Build Edits
  • Demonstrate Skills in Limited Time
  • Highest Scores get added to the Scoreboard


8. Warm up Course Solo

Warm-up Course Solo, Fortnite

Code: 7954-8748-4943

Solo courses provide some of the most OK Edit Maps because they allow you to focus entirely on your ability without regard for competition or trolling. In this course, you will establish your time target and beat it! Are you uninterested in flash and want a daily warm-up route? This is the map you're looking for!

Why Warm up Course Solo is great

  • Edit and Aim Sharply
  • Make Record and Clear Rounds in Limited Time
  • Best for Warm ups


7. 1v1 Edit Race

1v1 Edit Race, Fortnite

Code: 9124-5509-6253

Alternatively, rather than taking things easy, as seen in the map above, perhaps you thrive on the competition! This map is ideal for playing with a buddy and seeing the master of Fortnite modifications. The first to finish earns the title of party leader!

Why 1v1 Edit Race is great

  • Race with time and perform extraordinary edits
  • Improve edits
  • Learn to Edit and Aim Properly


6. Star's Edit Course

Star's Edit Course, Fortnite

Code: 9860-5179-4527

Do not overlook primary edit runs! This is a quick (if you're a fast editor) and easy way to warm up your fingers for a day of Fortnite battles. It includes only necessary elements and does not clutter the map. The edit run, a reset button, a timer, and a free-build mode are all available. Take control of your edits!

Why Star's Edit Course is great

  • Help train finger muscles
  • Best if you want to learn quick editing
  • Race against time and perform amazing edits


5. Edit Course Legacy

Edit Course Legacy, Fortnite

Code: 1356-0099-8570

This month, simplicity is the watchword. This is a far more refined, elegant, and condensed version of the edit course discussed above. Rather than establishing a route that lasts around 20 minutes, you're racing against the clock to complete this course in five minutes. Do you require a brief warm-up before diving into the action? Consider this map!

Why Edit Course Legacy is great

  • Simple and straightforward course
  • Race against time to perform record breaking edits
  • Improve building
  • Learn new tricks


4. Percy's Edit World

Percy's Edit World, Fortnite


Percy's Edit World is one of Fortnite's most popular editing courses. It is almost a year old, yet it has remained at the top of the list of courses for individuals to warm up and perfect their construction talents. Put an end to your requests for modifications and begin implementing them with our fantastic edit map!

Why Percy's Edit World is great

  • Best for warm ups
  • Amazing for people looking to improve building
  • Learn to Build, Edit, Shoot, and Kill


3. Cooks Official FNCS Edit Course

Cooks Official FNCS Edit Course, Fortnite

Code: 1743-6684-9261

This course is ideal for the short run and serves as excellent preparation for situations you may experience in the FNCS. It enables you to practice on a map that has been optimized for Solos, Duos, or Trios. It requires you to develop efficiently and gain the experience necessary to reach the top of the ladder. Cook did a fantastic job on this map!

Why Cooks Official FNCS Edit Course is great

  • Best to practice for tournaments
  • Helps to train for tight situations
  • Improves gaming sense in tough tournaments


2. Ultimate Aim Training Course

Ultimate Aim Training Course, Fortnite

Code: 2483-7229-2827

This course you should take for all of your aiming requirements. This course is designed to assist students of all levels of competence, from beginners to professionals!

Why Ultimate Aim Training Course is great

  • Improve Aim 
  • Helps to hit moving targets
  • Helps to improve shooting skills without missing shots


1. Raider464's Warm-Up Course

Raider464's Warm-Up Course, Fortnite

Code: 5739-0895-9513

This one has a lot of useful new material for modifying and improving your shotgun aim! It is one of the best courses to warm up. It helps in aiming perfectly and never miss a target. If you’re looking for the best warm up course. This is the best one for you!

Why Raider464's Warm-Up Course is great

  • Assists in Becoming a Shotgun Pro
  • Train to Build, Edit, and Kill using a Shotgun
  • Train to hit Headshots all the time with Shotgun
  • Sharpens your Aim

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