Top 10 Fortnite Best Uncommon Skins

Fortnite Best Uncommon Skins

Uncommon Skins comes only a certain time throughout the year, even if that only means Xmas theme skins around Xmas time or spooky skins in the month of October. This list is going to consist of the best uncommon skin.

10. Red Nose Ranger

A Xmas skin that can be bought for 800 v-bucks, he is “known for his antler antics”.This outfit is similar to the Red-Nosed Raider rare outfit. This outfit can be purchased during the holiday season. Other cool aspects of this skin are:

  • Themed tattoo in his arm
  • Reindeer vest

9.Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a female theme skin and it's only 800 v-bucks. Not many people use this skin, but her motto is “Blaze a trail to victory”. Jungle Scout is not that commonly used. This skin has some good features such as:

  • Brown detailed gloves
  • Brown paint on the face


Scorpion is the female version of the Armadillo and only cost 800 v-bucks. Her motto is “ Beware the stinger”. This skin is not apart any set. This skin is not commonly used. This skin has;

  • Blonde hair
  • The suit is a desert camo pattern

7.Grill Sergeant

This cook skin is only 800 v-bucks, he can “Make it sizzle”. This skin is part of the Durr burger set. This skin was used a lot when it first came out, but slowly died down. This skin also comes with:

  • Patty Whacker Pickaxe
  • Flying Saucer Glider

6. Dominator

The Dominator skin is only 800 v-bucks and her motto is “ One step ahead of the pack”. The Dominator is the female version of Devastator. Dominator is not that commonly used anymore, due to the more updated skins. This outfit is apart of the Storm fusion set. This skin also includes:

  • Dirty white pants
  • Can be purchased in the item shop


Bullseye cost 800 v-bucks. Her statement is “I never miss”. Bullseye could be seen once in a while in the game. Bullseye has some cool military gear that comes with it. This skin also has ;

  • Archery  target decal
  • She has pink hair

4.Nog Ops

The Xmas theme skin only cost 800 v-bucks bucks. She says “ Have yourself a merry. Little skirmish”. The only downfall is that it's not part of any set, but this skin is a female version of Yuletide ranger. This skin is more used during the Xmas season. Other reasons why this skin is awesome are;

  • Has a festive outfit
  • It comes with a red Santa hat


Commando skin cost 800 v-bucks. This skin is similar to the pathfinder skin, but the outfit is darker. Commando is more used now, especially in Team Rumble The small detail that this skin includes are:

  • Military tag
  • Dark gloves


The  Whiplash is uncommon it’s only 800 v-bucks. She will “Brake for no one.”  She has a very detailed checkered design on her outfit. This skin is more seen in Team Rumble. This skin also comes with:

  • Victory Lap pickaxe
  • Checker glider


The NiteLite skin takes the number 1 spot. It cost 800 v-bucks. She is “never afraid of the dark”.This skin is somewhat used often. The cool skin can light up the night. Other cool detail factors are;

  • The entire costume is filled with lights
  • Comes with pink sunglasses
  • Neon Parachute

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