[Top 10] Fortnite Best Box Fight Codes (Fortnite Best Box Fight Maps)

Fortnite Best Box Fight Codes, Fortnite Best Box Fight Maps
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The draw in with box fighting maps is they are fast-paced, high action fun. They’re very fun to just go right back into after just having completed a previous game, and it never gets old going back in for more. Here is a list of the 10 best box fighting maps.


10. Nogiee Box fighting (4040-0246-9469) 



Map gameplay


This is a great map for training your box fighting skills and it will also help you get better at building defenses in the middle of a fight


What makes this map fun:


  • Fast-paced fighting
  • Quick matches
  • Helps improve all combat skills


9. 2v2/3v3/4v4 Boxfight map by Advyth (0237-5278-6897)



Map gameplay


This is another great map for practicing building while getting shot and getting up close to your enemies


Why this map is fun:


  • Close quarters action
  • Simple rules
  • Fun to play over and over


8. Arthuro Box Fights (7267-3863-2082)



Map gameplay


This map was made by Arthuro whos an insane player so you know his map has to be good!


Why this is a fun map:


  • Build confusing structures to confuse opponents
  • Learn how to outplay enemies


7. Moving Boxfights 2.0 (8808-6742-6016)



Map gameplay (2:56 timestamp)


Normally box fights are fast-paced enough as is, but this one takes the usual formula and spices it up a little


What makes this map great:


  • The storm constantly shifts and shrinks to keep you moving
  • You’re forced to move closer and closer to your opponent
  • Being constantly on the move makes you have to think about your decisions more


6. USA Box Fight Brackets (1v1 Tournament) (9744-6345-2980)



Map gameplay

Here’s another map that tries to keep the box fight style fresh by creating a tournament for up to 16 people to participate in at once!


Why this is such a fun map:


  • You can compete with other players to try and get to first place
  • Go against your friends to prove who’s the better player


5. Box Fight PVP (4321-7303-7888)



Map gameplay


This one is just your simple, straight forward box fight map. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?


What makes this map fun:


  • Simple and straight forward design
  • Hone your building skills in battle
  • Get up close and personal to take out enemies


4. Sunset Boxfights (4260-1984-7998)



Map gameplay

Here is a themed box fight map. Nothing beats dropping your enemies to a clean, warm sunset


Why this map is great:


  • Unique sunset look
  • Change of visuals keeps things fresh


3. Clean FFA Box Fights! (2203-6541-2473) 



Map gameplay(7:36 timestamp)


This map has a great aesthetic to change it up from the normal grey wall arena


What makes this map fun:


  • Waterfall like walls surround the box
  • Has almost a royal feel with the gold trim
  • Fresh map to fight in and play often


2. Box Fight FFA - Ancient (9767-3676-0800)



Map gameplay

This map takes fox fighting and puts an ancient Rome, coliseum look to it


Why this is a great map:


  • Ancient Rome theme
  • Battle like a gladiator in the arena
  • Prove your worth against other players


1. Hellfire Boxfight (9213-7238-4777)



Map gameplay

This is an epic box fight map that takes place in the mouth of a hellish monster surrounded by lava. This is an epic map to fight in!


What makes this map the best:


  • Hellish landscape surrounds the map
  • The unique battle setting inside of a giant monster skeleton 
  • Get a team of 3 other players to have a chaotic 4v4





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