[Top 10] Fortnite Best Escape Maps That Are Fun (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

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Do you have what it takes to escape?

[Top 10] Fortnite Best Escape Maps That Are Fun (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

When you get tired of the continuous fighting in the battle royale, you want to play something else. This is where the creative maps come in. Now if you want a challenge and want to stay on the edge, and still have fun; the escape room is where it’s at.

Escape rooms sound like hell but are a really fun way to test your brain power while playing Fortnite. The escape maps are now coming in very thoughtful variants, as the map makers continue to hone their skills and continue creating better maps. Here is the best list of escape rooms in Fortnite.


10. CARNIVAL ESCAPE (2385-3342-5568)

Map gameplay

This is a horror escape map based on a carnival-based theme. You go to the carnival to enjoy the 4th of July but are locked inside. From here starts your attempt to escape this spooky map. You can play this with up to 15 more players.

Why Carnival Escape is fun:

  • Horror gameplay.
  • Can be played with more players.
  • Cool map design.
  • Fun riddles.


9. ESCAPE ROOM (5336-0087-0140)

Map gameplay

Escape room is your usual escape map paired up with mind-boggling riddles and parkour. In this map, escaping requires more than just brain power or Fortnite game sense; it requires a combo of both. So wear your thinking socks on and jump in.

Why Escape Room is fun:

  • Fun gameplay.
  • Fun movement levels.
  • Fun riddles.


8. SUBWAY ESCAPE (0168-4640-6811)

Map gameplay

This map has one of the most interesting designs and a great storyline. You are traveling in a train and it crashes into a subway, going down in flames. Now you’re stuck in the subway and need to look for ways out. The fun part is that the subway is haunted, so you better be ready to get spooked.

Why Subway Escape is fun:

  • Really good storyline.
  • Beautiful map design.
  • Horror gameplay.
  • Fun spooky riddles.


7. THE LAB ESCAPE (7653-6246-4698)

Map gameplay

This map has a spooky storyline and is based on a concise map. It goes in the following way. You, the player, wake up in an abandoned lab with no one to be seen anywhere around. This lab gives a scary vibe since it is dark and has a dangerous vibe. Do you have what it takes to escape?

Why The Lab Escape is fun:

  • Good storyline.
  • Good map design.
  • Horror gameplay.
  • Fun riddle.


6. GHOULNITE REPOCITY (7862-3573-5755)

Map gameplay

This map is based in an open area with free movement. The city is infected with ghouls and you’re stuck inside this godforsaken land. You are approached by zombies and need to survive and escape in one piece.

Why Ghoulnite Repocity is fun:

  • Free movement.
  • Good open map design.
  • Horror zombie-filled gameplay.


5. 50 WAYS OUT (5562-0386-0559)

Map gameplay

This map needs you to be on your A-game with riddles. This map requires insane brain power with 50 little mini riddles and levels you need to complete to get out of this little establishment.  The fun part of these hard, brain-requiring levels is the rewarding feeling it brings with them upon completion.

Why 50 Ways Out is fun:

  • Difficult fun riddles.
  • 50 different levels.
  • Fun gameplay.


4. CIZZORZ DEATH MAZE/ ESCAPE (4041-8511-7061)

Map gameplay

Cizzorz is one of the most profound and loved map creators in the Fortnite creative community. This map is another one of his creative genius as he made this escape map after putting in hours on end. It features his usual trap placements and mundane yet extremely attractive map design. You need to find secret paths and work your way through riddles and movement-based levels. This is the only way to reach the end.

Why Cizzorz Death Maze/ Escape is fun:

  • Good gameplay.
  • Fun map riddles.
  • Secret paths to reach the end.


3. THE HOSPITAL ESCAPE ROOM (6595-8752-4901)

Map gameplay

This map is based in a hospital, as the name suggests. It is an escape map with loads of jump scares and a very chilly, scary vibe. The darkness of the hospital on this map is very spooky and will give you Goosebumps as your progress. The timing and placement of riddles paired up with well-executed jump scares is a very good combo. This is something the map creator did very well which is why it’s rated this high on the list.

Why The Hospital Escape Room is fun:

  • Well executed jump scares.
  • Horror gameplay.
  • Fun riddles.
  • Good map design.
  • Lives up to its spooky vibe.



Map gameplay

What better way to spend time in an escape room than with a mate? This map allows you to team up with a friend and escape the map together by working together. The riddles are designed in a very specific way that you cannot do it alone without the other person using just as much brain as you are. Even then, you both need to time and execute it with good accuracy. And even if you fail, you both can laugh it off and retry again. This is what’s so good about playing with a friend, instead of raging alone, you tend to laugh off little mistakes. So jump in and see if you and your friend have the synergy and chemistry it takes to get through.

Why Co-Op Duo Puzzle Escape Challenge is fun:

  • Fun time with a friend.
  • It has good riddles requiring two brains.
  • It has good puzzle challenges.


1. FIRST PERSON VISUAL ESCAPE (1211-9143-2539)

Map gameplay

This is one of the most unique maps in Fortnite, not even only in this genre but among all genres altogether. The mechanic that makes this map stand out alone is the availability of first-person point of view. This is a very rare, one of its kind, first-person escape map. The map is very eye-catching with great visuals and looks even better in the first person. The map also has fun little riddles and puzzles, which challenge you but are still fun to solve and get through.

Why First-Person Visual Escape is fun:

  • First-person perspective.
  • Great visuals.
  • Fun puzzles and riddles.


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