[Top 10] Fortnite Best Aim Training Maps

Fortnite Best Aim Training Maps
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Aiming maps are very important as they can help you improve your aim and reflexes so that you can be at peak performance in-game. Keep practicing with these 10 maps and you’ll never miss a shot again.

10. Skaavok Aim Training (8022-6842-4965)


 Map gameplay


This map is great for training because:

  • It covers many scenarios
  • There is a lot of variety in what training you want
  • Your aim will improve if you constantly keep practicing

9. 1v1 Aim Duel V2! (6120-6647-4515)

Map gameplay 

 This map is fantastic for training because:

  • You can practice taking on multiple enemies at once
  • You can get better at 1v1s
  • You can practice aiming from close range to long-range


8. Mongraal Classic (7269-0152-0094)

 Map gameplay


This map is great for practice because:

  • It helps you work on your aiming reflexes
  • You can up your shotgun game

7. Aim Agency (Routine 1) (6056-6077-9955)

 Map gameplay


This map will help you by:

  • Getting you used to shoot moving targets at different distances
  • Making your reflexes faster
  • Getting you better at adjusting your aim and helping you find that perfect sensitivity

6. Aim Agency (Routine 2) (7244-2038-6095)

Map gameplay

This is considered a partner map to the previous one on this list. It again focuses on shooting while moving but this map dials it up to 11 introducing bouncing, parkour, and a fountain mode that simulates enemies dropping down on you from above. This map and the previous one go hand in hand as they both help with shooting on the go but in different situations. A difference between this map and the other is that this one focuses a little more on the player moving as opposed to the enemies moving.

This map is great for practice because:

  • It helps you be more accurate at shooting while you’re moving
  • It sharpens your ability to follow and lead targets

5. Flea’s Shotgun Aim Course (2537-2393-3308)

Map gameplay

While this is another shotgun aim course, this map is unique from the others. So while it does use shotguns only, this map can help your aiming improve overall. This course has many different sections such as sliding, bouncing, and falling. This is a fantastic course to run and increase your aiming. Try to go for 100% accuracy!

What this course does to improve aim:

  • It will test your reaction time
  • It will test your reflexes
  • It will help build muscle memory

4. Sniper Noscope Map (4561-0891-3730)

Map gameplay

This is a map that will help you work on your sniper aiming. You can pick from a variety of different sniper type weapons and this map puts you against other players so you’ll really have to be trying hard for this one! This is also a great way to learn how to shoot players while being blown away by a shockwave grenade and to shoot players while falling.

This course improves sniper aim by:

  • Putting you against real players
  • Other players create a sense of unpredictableness
  • Forces you to adapt to different types of situations

3. Teadoh’s Training Hub (9403-6746-6607)

Map gameplay

Now, this map is a combination of multiple maps. This hub combines all of Teadoh’s practice maps into a single location to simplify things and to let you choose what kind of practice you want. This map has a plethora of different training scenarios such as aiming while moving and even building edits to simulate those real in-game moments. This map can improve all of your playing aspects in Fortnite.

This is a great hub because:

  • It has a multitude of different types of aim training
  • It goes beyond just aim training 
  • It improves all of your skills to make you a better player overall

2. Mzer Aim Practice Map (8100-6101-3202)

Map gameplay

This is a simple yet effective map for practice. With a variety of weapons to choose from and multiple moving enemies, you have the perfect combo for aim practice.

This map helps with aiming by:

  • Giving you many weapons to practice with
  • Giving you multiple targets to take down
  • Keeping it simple and straightforward

1. Raider’s Box Fight Practice Map V2 (7562-1589-0199)

Map gameplay

This map is a cornucopia of all aspects of practice. Improve your aim, improve your edits, and even more. This map has many situations to practice for such as peeing, movement, and more. This is an all-around great map to improve all of your skills in-game.

This map will help you by:

  • Improving your editing skills so you can get quick shots off
  • Improve your jump shots and strafing
  • Increase your skills in all kinds of different situations

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