[Top 10] Best Roblox Sports Games (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

Official Boxing League render art by/from developer kenami

Love a good sports themed game? Believe it or not, Roblox have an array of amazing sports games with really nice gameplay mechanics. With millions of amazing games in every niche in the platform, we give you our 10 most fun sports games to play on Roblox!


10. Deep Sea Gymnastics Center (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

Deep Sea Gymnastics Center gameplay video by CookieSwirlC YT

Deep Sea Gymnastics Center has a real life feel of a training center. The building space is very realistic, offices, gym and shops. This game is great for real and aspiring gymnasts!

Why it’s fun to play

  • The gymnastics equipment are nice and accurate, there’s also a cafeteria and costume shop
  • There are accurate and very fun animations for gymnastics positions like tumbling and the jumps, so you can create and practice your routine
  • You can equip your avatar with a bun style hair and cute leotards, so you can feel like a real gymnast, and the costumes are cute too, and you can purchase them with Robux if you want to use them for your avatar
  • The developers and admins hold weekly tryouts, that’s also how you level up in the game

DSG also has swimming, karate and ice skating!


9. Hoopz (PC, Tablet, Mobile)

Hoopz is great for playing friendly basketball matches. The map is filled with many courts, step inside one to join the queue. 

Why it’s fun to play

  • The controls are simple and it’s easy to play
  • Best for one on one basketball matches
  • The courts can remind you of The Neighborhood in the NBA 2K games, and really gives that pro vibe


8. Puma and the Land of Games (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox)

For the football lovers out there, have a blast in this official Puma Roblox game! Enjoy a fun soccer game and compete with other players. Workout in the gym to level up and earn new skills so you can win matches and to get some new Puma gear! 

Why it’s fun to play

  • It’s really exciting when Roblox collaborates with trusted and well known brands, we’re all eager to see what the game looks like, and of course, there’s always some official game items from the brand! 
  • There’s a free puma pet, and the in-game Puma shoes and clothes that you can buy and earn  are really nice, there are also official uniforms from football teams.
  • There are lots of game events rewarding free UGC items you can use in other games


7. Platinum Stars Gymnastics Academy (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

Why it’s fun to play

  • This Roblox gymnastics game has a very nice training gym, and all the gymnastics equipment are here like multiple balance beams, training bars of different heights, and more
  • The gym is also wide, and you can choose different gymnastics positions and tumbling animations. 
  • It’s really fun to train here using the sport’s tumbling  animations and move along the mat
  • The developers here are real life gymnasts! And they hold official gymnastic training classes, so you can learn from the professionals!


6. Football Fusion 2 (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

Roblox Football Fusion 2 gameplay video by Juicy John YT

This Roblox game is one of the best American football games on the platform. If you are an American football fan, this is one game you must experience! 

Why it’s fun to play

  • The gameplay is very realistic in terms of rules, gear and especially when the other team tackles you down on the ground
  • They also have accurate real life NFL teams uniforms
  • The court is huge and just like what an American football field should look like


5. Wimble World (PC, Tablet, Mobile)

Wimble World gameplay video by Bigss YT

A game collaboration with “the” Wimbledon! Play tennis and even meet Sir Andy Murray on Roblox! Get ready and train with the creme de la creme in tennis, and have some strawberries and cream after!

Why it’s fun to play

  • The controls are easy to use, and also on mobile
  • Tennis matches are fun to play here, and the sound effects are accurate too
  • There are many tennis courts to play on, and if you feel like you already are a pro like Sir Murray, you can participate in world matches


4. Dunking Simulator (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox)

Roblox Dunking Simulator gameplay video by GamingWithKev YT

Make your basketball dreams come true in Roblox Dunking Simulator. As the name suggests, you will do a lot of dunks. Perform dunks, earn game currency, and improve your dunking skills.

Why it’s fun to play

  • Controls are easy and there are different animations for your avatar 
  • As you play and improve your stats and earn money, you can get custom balls which all look cool
  • The game is the best place to compete and show off your basketball dunking skills!


3. Wellesley Golf Course (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

Wellesly Golf Course gameplay video by GamingBloxCentral YT

Peaceful, serene and elegant. That’s what Wellesley Golf Course is, just like a real country club. Finally, a perfect golf game on Roblox, if you are a golf lover and player, this is the best game for you.

Why it’s fun to play

  • The golf course ambience is perfect. The sprawling lawns and pocket forest as the location is absolutely a bonus
  • Golf gameplay is easy and accurate
  • The golf course is part of a country club, and the mansion for members’ lounge area is nice and classy
  • There are also contests you can join
  • Wellesley Golf Course also offers sleek and proper golf wear and gear, so you won’t look out of place in the elegant play area


2. Boxing League (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox)

 Roblox Boxing League class guide video by kwa YT

Boxing League is not your ordinary fight game, it really is an experience. Very nice effects on the game matches too. The game’s story point is about you who was just discovered by a talent scout, and on your way to having a boxing career.

Why it’s fun to play

  • When you join the game, there’s a cutscene where you will be recruited to join a league
  • Train like a boxing champ and spar with players
  • There’s even a cage ring for 2v2 players
  • There are always effects and cutscenes each time you play and it really makes you feel like you are playing UFC game or Fight Night


1. Vans World (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox)

Official Vans World trailer by Xbox YT

Skateboarding! As Roblox gamers, we can truly say the Vans World is the best and most fun sports game on the platform. You can equip a skateboard upon joining the game, and you go through the shops first where you can level up your skateboard, sport skills, and shop for more gear. 

Why it’s fun to play

  • The map is big and there are lots of ramps, handrails and bowls for you to skate on
  • The skateboards and shoes are really nice and cool, and you can customize them to your own style. And they have that sweet official Vans Off the Wall logo!
  • Vans World is one of the games that gives players the chance to own free UGC items. And the Vans brand has really been so generous that they already gave a lot of free UGC accessories to date.
  • Skateboarding here is really really fun. You can skate around the map, do skateboard tricks, and forget that you’ve been playing for a long time. 
  • Even non skateboarders will love and enjoy the game, and who knows they can come to like skateboarding too in real life!


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