Agony Game Release Date Has Been Delayed To "Before 2018"

Featured Image by Madmind Studio: Welcome to Hell!, “If you are going through hell, keep going” - Winston S. Churchill

Agony, Madmind Studio’s first-person survival horror game has unexpectedly been delayed for several months to sometime before 2018, and no exact date has been released so far.

The reason for this according to a comment they posted on Kickstarter was that Agony will be now be released as a box version (physical copy) alongside the digital version. This means all of the game content must be submitted much earlier than expected.

Because they have to meet the requirements of a physical copy release they will have to start preparing for the physical release by producing thousands of physical boxes for the game as well as sending of marketing materials to stores.

However, Madmind Studios did say that because of the postponed release date it has given them some extra time to “polish and expand the game.” They have also said that they have decided to take advantage of this opportunity and give fans something they have been asking for since the Kickstarter campaign which was having more playable characters. Originally, having more playable characters was not being financed but now, given the extra time, it’s something they can now focus on bringing to the game.

It was also mentioned in a Kickstarter comment that the most “hardcore players” who take their time to find all of the “secrets” will receive an award of multiple endings to the game. With a total of seven endings added to the game, all of them will join together and create one complete story.

At the beginning of Agony you start of as a tormented soul with no memory of the past and you are trying to escape hell. You can then start to explore the creepy, eerie and hostile environment while also interacting with others you might find along your ventures through hell. Your character will have the ability to control people and also possess what the game calls simple minded demons.

Madmind Studio said “Moving the release date was a difficult decision but we decided to do so because we know that it will have a positive impact on the project.” The delayed release date could be a blessing in disguise but we won’t know until the game comes out, you don’t want to judge a book by its cover.

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