11 Best Boxing Games To Play in 2015

Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!
Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!

Experience the thrill of raw combat in the best boxing games ever made!

Sometimes, we just want to release all that pent-up aggression and punch someone in the face. Of course, if you did that to someone on the street, you’d end up in jail. So we take all that repressed hostility home and unleash our inner pugilist in video games.

Thankfully, when it comes to punching faces, there are games that let you do just that. And we’re not talking about Street Fighter here, but games based on an ancient sport that makes it gentlemanly (or gentlewomanly) to knock someone else’s teeth out: boxing.


So here we rank, from good to best, from arcade games to simulators, the 11 Best Boxing Games to Play in 2015. For this list, we had to reach back more than a decade into the past, as good boxing games are few and far between. Let’s begin with our first entry…

11. FaceBreaker


Doesn't seem like a fair fight...

As its title suggests, FaceBreaker lets you reconfigure the bone structure of your opponents’ mugs, turning them into freaks only their mothers could love.

Available for consoles, and for the Wii as FaceBreaker K.O. Party, this arcade boxing game has more in common with Street Fighter than a simulation of the sport like Fight Night Round 3. Its characters are colorful, heavily stylized, and ridiculous. There’s Molotov, a musclebound Russian demolitions expert who brings his grenades to the ring; Kiriko, a petite Japanese raver with a valley girl accent; Steve, an out-of-shape uber nerd obsessed with kung fu movies and tabletop role-playing games; and Monkey… a monkey.

The fighting is furious, and you can perform techniques that you’d swear are illegal in the sport. Stomping on someone’s skull with your boot? It’s fair play in Facebreaker! The Wii version even lets you doodle on your defeated foes’ deformed faces for the ultimate humiliation. What’s not to love?


A dance, or a duel?


Meet your combatants!


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