Batman vs Mike Tyson in His Prime: Here's Who Would Win

Batman vs Mike Tyson in His Prime Who Would Win, Batman vs Mike Tyson
The Boxing Match of the Century!

Batman vs Mike Tyson in His Prime: Here's Who Would Win

Mike Tyson has gone against some fierce fighters in his life and won, but is his strength and endurance enough to take someone like Batman in the ring? Can he defeat Bruce Wayne in a boxing match, or would he end up like so many of his opponents and get knocked out in the first round?


Batman Powers And Abilities

Batman watching over his city.

Batman is the greatest human superhero around. His mind and body have been honed to perfection, allowing him to take on opponents with real powers and win. He’s no stranger to fighting fisticuffs, especially with opponents who way outclass him.

Bruce Wayne has trained in 127 different martial arts, making him a top-class fighter who can go against his enemies even without all of his gear and armor. With a peak physical body, he can bench well over 1000 pounds and has been able to punch through reinforced glass meant to withstand an explosion from a bazooka.

Even without powers, Batman is a force to be reckoned with. Many who go against Batman, don’t end up winning that fight, and at the very least, it isn’t easy to champion Bruce Wayne in a test of brains or bronze.


List of Powers

  • Peak Human Strength: capable of lifting over 1000 pounds
  • Peak Human Agility: running faster than the fastest Olympic runner
  • Peak Human Endurance: able to fight over 24 hours
  • Ingenuity: easily coming up with creative solutions fast
  • Genius-Level Intellect: capable of solving the hardest puzzles and inventing incredible tech
  • Martial Arts Master: mastering 127 different forms
  • Master of Stealth: vanishing from plain sight with ease
  • Master Tactician: strategizing and planning for every possible scenario
  • Master Detective: solving the most unsolvable cases


Mike Tyson Powers And Abilities

The Heavyweight Champ, Mike Tyson!

The youngest man to win the heavyweight title at 20 years old in 1986, Mike Tyson is not an easy opponent in the ring. He’s had 44 knockouts in his career, and 22 of those were in the first round.

Tyson has won against some of the fiercest fighters around during his time as a heavyweight boxer and retired with a career record of 50 wins and 6 losses. He’s fought in 58 fights professionally and won over 85 percent of them.

Though at 50 years old now, he doesn’t stand a chance against someone like Bruce Wayne, however, in his prime could he rival the greatest human superhero alive?


List of Powers

  • High Strength: capable of benching at least 400 pounds
  • Has Knockout Punches: punching at roughly 1200 pounds of force
  • High Endurance: he could easily last in the ring


How the Battle Would Go Down

If Mike Tyson were to go against Batman in all of his armor and gear, he wouldn’t last a second. In Batman’s suit, Bruce has taken punches from people far stronger than Tyson like Bane and Superman and been relatively fine, so for this match-up, Bruce Wayne and Mike Tyson will be boxing in standard boxing gear.

Is removing Batman’s armor enough to give Mike Tyson a fighting chance? In strength alone, Batman certainly outclasses Mike Tyson. While Tyson is very strong for a heavyweight fighter, Bruce Wayne can bench well over double of what Mike can. And while Tyson can knock people out in one punch, so can Bruce.

Endurance wise, Batman also takes the win. He has fought in fights that lasted 24 hours with a new opponent every hour and still won in the end. While it’s never been put to the test, I can say with confidence that Mike Tyson in his prime can not last that long.

On top of this, Batman is a far more disciplined fighter. He has trained much harder and knows way more fighting styles than Mike Tyson. It is very likely that Batman could dance around his opponent and be virtually untouchable as he utilizes all of his training to dodge or block any of Tyson’s advances.

Even without his suit and gadgets, Batman seems to far outclass Mike Tyson. He is faster, stronger, and more durable than the heavyweight champion. Mike Tyson needs a lot of luck on his side to land a punch and hopefully let it be enough to knock out his formidable opponent.


And The Winner Is...

Batman. It would hardly be a fight. Batman would easily handle anything Mike Tyson would throw at him and would probably knock him out mere seconds after the first round began.


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Shadders's picture

Shadders 3 years 5 months ago

Kind of ruins the idea of Batman being a regular human with peak training when you say he can lift over 1000lb, keep fighting for 24hrs and outrun an Olympic runner. You can’t say he doesn’t have powers and then list a load of things he can do that other humans can’t.

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