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Batman is seen as a Man who does not depend on superpowers but on his inherent ability and morality to stand on an equal footing with the Gods that comprise the Justice League. For God's sake, the guy has defeated Superman. And he has no abilities. We all know Batman’s superpower is having lots of money, but he is not just a rich kid. He is much more than that and he has proved it numerous times, so let’s take a look at some of the best Batman feats.


1) Intellect at the level of a genius

Everybody is aware that Batman has the ability to reason. However, he is much more than the world's finest investigator. He is also a genius in a variety of other scientific subjects, including mathematics, biology, chemistry, nuclear physics, computer science, geography, history, and psychology. At the age of 21, he was a polymath. Batman is also one of the world's most accomplished computer hackers, second only to Barbara Gordon. He is also a multilingual individual, having a working knowledge of more than three dozen different languages. And, as if that weren't enough, he is also fluent in many dead languages and is capable of lip reading.


2) Immunity Against Poison

What do you expect when you confront villains like the Joker, Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, and Poison Ivy on a daily basis? Batman has been regularly exposed to several poisons and has developed complete tolerance to them as a consequence. His body has antibodies against almost every known toxin. When Scarecrow unleashed a modified form of the Fear Toxin on Gotham City, Batman utilized the Bat Plane to spray vials of his own Poison Immune Blood to immunize the citizens.


3) Expertise in Stealth

Batman studied the ancient art of Ninjutsu under the tutelage of the best of the greats - the League of Assassins. Ninjutsu was once employed by Ancient Japan's Ninja Assassins to enter high-security sites and steal information or assassinate high-value targets. The League regards Batman as the finest Ninjutsu practitioner. His ability to blend into the shadows and remain undiscovered by machine scanners is unprecedented in human history. When he remains in the shadows, he becomes practically imperceptible.


4) Dodges Gunfire

Batman's indisputably superhuman ability to evade gunshots is one that he regularly demonstrates. Even with all of Bruce's training, this seems particularly impossible — all the more so when we consider how many times he's faced Deadshot, the DCU's proclaimed finest marksman.

At the conclusion of Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #804, one of the most dramatic demonstrations of this superhuman talent happened. Batman detects a sniper's bullet zipping through the air while pursuing Mr. Freeze and manages to evade it.

5) Thogal's Ritual

The Tibetan Monks developed the Thogal Ritual, a potentially perilous meditation method. It is a 49-day procedure during which Batman is repeatedly subjected to a facsimile of his death until he obtains the right to rebirth. The ceremony is almost tough to perform, and only a select handful have ever attempted it. Batman was able to not only withstand but also pass the Thogal Ritual with flying colors. The ritual's conclusion is complete control over one's dread and psychology, since death can no longer be a source of terror.


6) Humiliation Of The King Snake

Edmund Dorrance, alias King Snake, was a skilled martial artist who fathered and taught Bane, the man who would ultimately defeat Batman. King Snake gained the reputation of "The Most Dangerous Man Alive" in his day, despite his blindness, owing to his mastery of multiple devastating combat methods.

In Batman (Vol. 1) #469, Batman ultimately confronted the blind master on a ship. The Dark Knight annihilated King Snake, despite the latter's advantage in a pitch-black environment.


7) Knows Magic

Batman is anti-magic. He argues that magic is just science that has not been fully grasped. Despite his genius-level knowledge, Batman still considers magic to be beyond his mental grasp. However, many criminals in Gotham City use magic. Batman has countermeasures in place to combat his arcane adversaries in order to avoid being caught off guard. Batman has been taught many magical counter spells by Zatanna in order to combat magic with magic. Batman does not utilize them, but his knowledge of magic propels him into superhuman territory.


8) Outsmarts Prometheus

Prometheus is a reversal of Batman. As a boy, he watched police enforcement apprehend his criminal parents, inspiring him to dedicate his life to destroying forces of justice. Prometheus spent years amassing cash and training before putting his eyes on the Justice League.

Prometheus dismantled the Justice League one by one after gaining entrance to the JLA headquarters, first defeating Batman in a hand-to-hand battle. In a rematch, Batman defeats Prometheus by reprogramming the helmet that gives the villain his fighting skill.


9) Confronts More Than 40 Gangsters

Batman has a history of confronting huge crowds of armed adversaries, but Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #726 elevated this to a new level. Batman is frantic to find a missing youngster, which takes him to the Joker's cell at Arkham Asylum.

The most exciting aspect of the narrative, though, was when Batman got aboard a boat carrying more than 40 armed thugs and proceeded to eliminate the whole crew. Although the scenario was depicted as another day on the job for Batman, it is uncommon for him to face so many adversaries simultaneously.

10) God of Martial Arts

This is the point at which Batman really excels. There are only a few warriors capable of bringing Batman to a standstill. Even fewer of them have a remote chance of defeating Batman if he becomes serious. The rationale is straightforward: Batman is well-versed in martial arts methods. He is knowledgeable in a staggering 127 Martial Art Styles. By integrating each technique in his arsenal, Bruce has developed his own distinct and near-unpredictable style of combat. Batman's strongest strength is Dim Mak, an ancient martial art method in which he attacks an opponent's vital areas, inflicting severe agony and even death. Additionally, Batman has used it to subdue superhumans.


11) Creates Cloning Machine

Bruce has constructed a cloning machine to assure that there will always be a Batman, as revealed in Batman (Vol. 2) #27. Each clone was programmed to inherit his memories and talents and was meant to survive 27 years before being replaced by another.

In The New 52: Futures End, the machine is activated, and a clone of Bruce Wayne is created to take his place. Additionally, the gadget becomes handy in Batman (Vol. 2) #49, when the original Batman used it to recover his memories.

12) Chi Manipulation

When Bruce Wayne traveled the globe in search of his real purpose before to becoming the Dark Knight, one of his many journeys brought him to the Orient's hinterlands. Batman studied the technique of Chi Sensing and Manipulation under the guidance of Chinese Dao Monks. Batman can physically feel his adversaries' Chi from afar. This endows him with an unfalsifiable sixth sense. He is also capable of manipulating the Chi inside his own body, which enables him to recover more quickly and grow stronger than others.


13) Withstands An Entire Legion Of MAN-BATS

Batman has fought the Man-Bat for decades, almost escaping with his life on countless occasions. Then Talia al Ghul, the League of Assassins' new leader, converted her minions into man-bats, resulting in the creation of ninja-man-bats. Batman (Vol. 1) #656 saw the unveiling of Talia's hidden weapon.

Batman fought against legions of man-bats, incapacitating many of them before succumbing to the sheer volume of man-bats. However, the man-bats would not be as effective in subsequent attempts. In Batman (Vol. 1) #664, Batman dispatches the man-bats with ease.


14) Defeats The Justice League

Batman has defeated the Justice League on several occasions. One of his most remarkable triumphs comes from Batman Confidential (Vol. 1) #53, in which he defeats the League in one-on-one combat.

The plot begins early in Batman's career, before his association with any of the League members. Batman, seen by the squad as a dangerous vigilante who has infiltrated their secret headquarters, uses his tactical acumen to easily defeat the League.

15) Recreates The Lazarus Pit

Batman recreates the Lazarus Pit in the Batcave in Year One: Batman/al Ra's Ghul. Batman did so during a globe tour during which he destroyed the numerous Lazarus Pits in order to prevent Ra's from exploiting them in the future.

He then realized that a Lazarus Pit was necessary to keep the planet's equilibrium, and so he built the life-giving marsh in his own cave, daring Ra's to come and utilize it. The hole, which required a unique chemical concoction, demonstrates Batman's infinite breadth of understanding.



Batman has had numerous feats that make us think twice about the fact that he is just a human. From defeating the entire justice league to picking a fight with 40 gangsters, Batman is not slowing down!

I hope you found this read enjoyable, mention in the comments below if you think I missed out on any amazing Batman feat worth mentioning,

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