Batman vs Predator: Here's Who Would Win

Batman vs Predator, Batman vs Predator Who Would Win
Batman goes up against a Predator (not that kind)

Batman vs Predator: Here's Who Would Win

A specialized alien hunter versus the world’s greatest detective. Batman takes on the iconic Predator in a battle where one is the hunter, and the other is prey. Which is which?


Batman Powers And Abilities

Batman geared and ready for combat.

The Dark Knight, a man shrouded in darkness after becoming a symbol of fear for the criminals of Gotham City. The death of his parents sent Bruce Wayne down a path of vigilantism, where he became Batman, a hero without the need for superpowers.

Using his incredible mind and peak human body, he fights crime with his seemingly endless supply of wealth from Wayne Enterprise. When he’s not throwing super villains in Arkham, Batman is billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne.

An important member of the Justice League and Bat-family, he is no stranger to working with others to save not only Gotham but the entire world from sure destruction. With the incredible mind of Bruce Wayne, the world can rest easy knowing Batman will be there to save the day.


List of Powers

  • Peak Human Strength
  • Peak Human Agility
  • Peak Human Endurance
  • Ingenuity
  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Martial Arts Master
  • Master of Stealth
  • Master Tactician
  • Master Detective


Predator Powers And Abilities

A predator and his trophies.

An extraterrestrial species that use advanced technology and hunt worthy opponents in order to be blooded. They use tech on their hunts such as active camouflage and directed energy weapons to gain an edge over their prey.

Typically taking the skull and spine of their victims as trophies, these aliens are brutal and morbid. They have humanoid-like skeletal structures but are distinguished by their greater height, mandibles, and long appendages on their heads that look much like dreadlocks.

They’re stronger and much more capable of enduring pain compared to humans. They can survive wounds from gunshots and lethal amounts of radiation, especially with their first aid kits built into their armor. 

You don’t want to be considered a worthy opponent for these alien hunters. It won’t be fun when they hunt you down and kill you to become blooded in their tribe.


List of Powers 

  • Highly Durable
  • Highly Resilient 
  • Super Strength
  • Skilled in Climbing
  • Can Jump Incredibly High
  • Infrared Vision


How the Battle Would Go Down

Batman and a Predator in hand to hand combat. To clarify a few things, Batman nor the Predator has ever met each other, and neither has studied the other. This ensures both are fighting using strictly their natural talents and standard equipment, as there is a comic book where Batman fights Predators but overcomes them only after he creates equipment that was specified to take on Predators.

Batman is one of the strongest and fastest mortal humans alive, but his physical attributes do not compare to a Predator’s. They are capable of breaking through concrete with a single punch, not to mention their ability to take gunfire and not need medical attention.

Bruce’s saving grace is his martial art mastery. All 127 forms he knows could keep him alive and even beat the Predator, however they aren’t both simply relying on just their bodies. 

Both of them have the gear they use on a day to day basis. Batman has his batarangs, grappling hook, and probably flashbangs and sonic emitters to attract bats. The Predator on the other hand has wrist blades, bladed discs, spears, shoulder cannons, and a cloaking device to take on its prey.

Even for Batman, that is a lot. Their capabilities far outmatch Bruce’s. If he had time to study and understand the Predator like in the comic, this would be a different story, but there’s no time to retreat and build specialized weapons for this fight.


And The Winner Is...

Predator. The extraterrestrial hunter would be blooded in this battle, as he’d have Batman’s skull and spine as a trophy for his clan to witness.


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