Batman vs Alien: Here's Who Would Win

Batman vs Alien Who Would Win, Batman vs Alien
Batman takes on the Xenomorph from Alien.

Batman vs Alien: Here's Who Would Win

Batman and a Xenomorph fighting one on one. Can the Dark Knight take on such a feared extraterrestrial being, or will he become the perfect host for a new alien newborn?


Batman Powers And Abilities

Rain or shine Batman is here to save the day!

The Caped Crusader, the billionaire orphan, the purely human superhero, Batman. He lives the life of billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne, during the day, and the crime-fighting vigilante, Batman, by night. After the murder of his parents, he dedicated his life to ensuring that would never happen to anyone else under his watch again.

A co-founder and main contributor to the Justice League, and head of the Bat-Family, the DC Universe wouldn’t be the same without him. Ready for anything, there’s not a scenario he can think of that he hasn’t prepared for. 

What Bruce lacks in powers, he made up for by dedicating his life to becoming the peak of human performance both physically and mentally. There’s not a criminal, a crooked cop, or supervillain in Gotham that doesn’t quake at the name Batman. 


List of Powers and Abilities

  • Peak Human Strength: capable of lifting over 1000 pounds
  • Peak Human Agility: running faster than the fastest Olympic runner
  • Peak Human Endurance: able to fight over 24 hours
  • Ingenuity: easily coming up with creative solutions fast
  • Genius-Level Intellect: capable of solving the hardest puzzles and inventing incredible tech
  • Martial Arts Master: mastering 127 different forms
  • Master of Stealth: vanishing from plain sight with ease
  • Master Tactician: strategizing and planning for every possible scenario
  • Master Detective: solving the most unsolvable cases


Alien Powers And Abilities

The horrifying Xenomorph.

An alien race that starts as a parasite inside the body of its host until it bursts out of their body in a horrific display. The Alien, also known as the Xenomorph, has one goal, survive in order to ensure it’s species lives on. 

Each Xenomorph is different, as its own DNA is mixed with that of its host. However, the standard Alien we all know comes from human DNA. 

Utilizing it’s two mouths and razor-sharp tail, the Alien is a deadly and fearsome predatory. Mostly relying on stealth to get the jump on its prey, however, it’s acidic blood works as a great defense and in some versions of the species, it’s a good offense, as they can spit acid like a cobra to blind their opponent before going in for the kill. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to be stuck on a spaceship alone with one of these monsters.


List of Powers

  • Acidic Blood: incredibly corrosive and toxic to humans
  • Pressurized Blood Vessels: allowing wounds to spray acid blood on opponents
  • Can Spit Acid: much like a spitting cobra to blind its victims
  • Produces Thick Strong Resin: used to build hives and cocoons for their victims
  • Observational Learning: can quickly learn new things by watching others do it
  • Physiology Based on Host: It’s physical attributes and appearance are based on the host it is born from


How the Battle Would Go Down 

A Xenomorph lurking in the streets of Gotham. To ordinary citizens, this is a fatal threat if they come across it, but would Batman see it the same way?

The largest threat posed to Batman would be the acidic blood he is sure to be unaware of. Batman likes to fight both close-up and at a range, so it’s whether or not he chooses to break the flesh of the Alien up close and gets sprayed with a healthy serving of acid that is sure to maim or even kill Bruce.

Xenomorphs typically use stealth to get the jump on their victims, which wouldn’t work on Batman, as he is knowledgeable in remaining hidden. He would know it was hiding before he even got in range for it to lunge and pierce him with its tail.

Really a Xenomorph has only been known to be dangerous when there are many of them, they can get the jump on their opponents, or their opponents have no way to defend themselves. In this scenario, they cannot get the jump on Batman, there is only one of them, and Batman is highly capable of defending himself.

He has a whole arsenal at his disposal. Even utilizing only batarangs, I’m sure he could pull off killing a single Xenomorph, however, I doubt he would need to rely solely on batarangs. Batman could simply freeze the Xenomorph, or riddle it with bullets very easily before it could do anything to him.

And The Winner Is...

Batman. The Aliens from the Alien Franchise don’t pose that great of a threat. They are easily killed when in the right circumstances, and this is one of those circumstances. 


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