All 10 Batman Arkham Knight Trailers You Must Watch

That burn must have hurt.
Two face.

1. Batman: Arkham Knight Announce Trailer – “Father to Son”

Released: 4th March, 2014

Youtube Views: 11.4 million and counting

“Gotham, this is your only warning. Abandon the city, or I will unleash your greatest fears.” These words are heard as the trailer opens into a crowd of people seen running and possibly abandoning the city. Afterwards, we revisit the most memorable location in the series, The Batcave.

Bruce Wayne returns.

We hear the voice of Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father, who requests Bruce Wayne to carry on his legacy by protecting the city, and using the wealth that he has passed on to him for good causes. Throughout the conversation we see a new and improved Batmobile, alongside close-up shots of the Bat gear.

Batman, as determined as ever, pursues after the criminals to protect Gotham city, as his father requested. The trailer cuts off, as Batman is seen jumping into the Batmobile to go after Two-Face.

Overall, everything looks impressive, and the game looks very promising.


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