10 Things We Want In Fifa 17

Fifa 17 is set to launch in fall time, will we see many changes from Fifa 16?

Could These 10 Points Make Fifa 17 The Best Game In The Franchise?

EA have always launched their Fifa games around September time. We expect that Fifa 17 will be the same. There is no news on the specific release date, or any trailers yet. So let’s take a look at what we want to see in Fifa 17.

Fifa 16 was a good game outside of the actual gameplay. There were many features added that were very entertaining, such as FUT Draft. EA can still improve and bring more quality modes and features to the game. Read below to find out what we want in Fifa 17:

1. Better Rewards

We want bigger and better rewards. At the moment the rewards aren’t fitting for the task. For example, winning division 1 in ultimate team. EA rewards you with a kit and 15,000 coins. Really? Winning division 1 takes hours and hours of gameplay. Surely there is a reward more fitting. Like a 100k pack or 100k coins. This gives players something to work towards. A real treat for their hard work.

But that’s not all. In the FUT draft game mode that was introduced in Fifa 16, rewards could also be better. If EA want people to play Fifa, give them something worth playing for. Like the guarantee of at least a 50k pack for winning the FUT draft tournament.

Or even milestone based rewards. When you score your 100th goal or open your 100th pack, maybe you get rewarded with a free pack, a player or even some coins. There are loads of ways that Fifa could improve the rewards system. It would great for both EA and the player, you and me!

2. 5-Aside Mode

5-aside football would allow you to use your virtual pro in an online game against other pro’s. This would a great mode to include in the next Fifa. It would be similar to Fifa Street. NBA already have this game mode where you can walk around from court to court and join in on games. It would be a very fun mode to play, and a break from the longer matches.

You could maybe even win rewards for you virtual pro. This game would be perfect for those creative players who have a bit of flair, what makes it fun is that it is played at such a fast pace. Goals are scored very quickly one after another due to the small pitch, making the game much more competitive and exciting than a normal Fifa game. 

3. Challenges

So many games like Call of Duty include challenges for players to complete. These are interesting and give the player something to work towards, an objective. This encourages the user to keep playing! Daily challenges could be updated to add more and more tasks for players to complete. And of course, we need the rewards too. For example, score 5 goals with 1 player and win 10,000 coins.

4. Better Ball Control

Ball control seems very inconsistent. Every player is rated on their dribbling. But some players touch in game, doesn’t really match their stats. For example in Fifa 16, Legend George Best has 94 dribbling. When you play a big pass into him, he takes a very heavy touch. It doesn’t make sense. Something isn’t right with ball control and it needs to better in Fifa 17.

5. Collection Book

A collection book would be a great feature to add into Fifa 17. It is something we have wanted to see for quite some time whereby users add players to a specific collection, such as the England national team. For completing these collections sets, players could be rewarded with coins, packs or players. It would be a really fun feature, and something for users to aim for.

6. Gameplay Fix

Fifa 16 was very different from previous Fifa games. The fast paced days of Fifa 13 and 14 are gone. EA are trying to create a more realistic game which I think is fair enough. What we want for the next Fifa is better defending. Smoother gameplay. More entertaining matches.

Defending is very hard in Fifa 16, it is easy for opponents to take players on and simply run by them. The overall gameplay needs to be fixed, the flow of the game isn’t great. And matches have gotten quite…dull.

7. Better Manager Tasks

Similar to challenges, manager tasks need to be improved. Currently, all 18 of the manager tasks can be completed in a day. I mean, how is changing your club crest a challenge, come on. EA can do better than that. We want daily challenges, something that is difficult to complete. And a worthy reward, that reflects the difficulty of the challenge. Manager mode becomes quite boring, this would keep it current and up to date.

8. New Leagues

Not every soccer league in the world is in Fifa 16. This is because of licenses. EA needs the rights to include these leagues and their players in the game. So if world class footballers decide to join a small team in a smaller league, we could lose out on getting to play with them, if EA don’t have the license to include their league.

We want more leagues in Fifa 17, like the Chinese super league. Great players like Ramires who used to play for Chelsea, play in the Chinese super league. So involve them. Better players = better matches!

9. Passing

We want better passing in Fifa 17. The passing isn’t great in Fifa 16. When we play through balls they just don’t make sense. The ball ends up going 50 yards and nowhere near the player. Passing is essential in Fifa. Pass and move, pass and move. And then shoot. Without passing the game loses its quality. Which happened to Fifa 16.

10. More Customisation

If more customisation was introduced in Fifa 17 it would go down a treat. There are so many ways that EA can make the user more unique. I and loads others would really enjoy it. Let’s talk about a few.

Customised stadiums, in FUT, pro clubs and head to head. This would mean there would be greater detail and graphics in the stadium. Not only that, we would get to design our own stadium how we want, this would be a really cool feature.

Kit & badge customisation. We have seen it in Call of Duty, where users can customise their characters and emblems. So bring it into Fifa. Creating your own badge and kit would make players feel more unique, and it would be very cool. Colours, designs and crests, the possibilities would be endless with kit and badge creation.

This is our wish-list for Fifa 17. Obviously not everything can be included in Fifa17, but there are a few features we would like to see. Like rewards. Bigger and better rewards. I’m sure you picked up on that through reading this article.

What do you think? Comment down below and let us know what you want to see in Fifa 17.

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