Fifa 21 Best Young Players (Top 15 Most Amazing Young Players)

Fifa 21 Best Young Players
PSG Players

Football is one of the most popular sports in the World. Stars fall and rise in every generation. In today’s article, we will be focusing on the future stars of football and ranked them according to their stats.

15. Dayot Upamecano (CB)

The backbone of RB Leipzig, 22 years old French defender Upamecano is one of the most exciting prospects for the future of football. His career started in FC Vallenciennes, he transferred to RB Leipzig, and for the next year, we will watch him play for Bayern Munich.

His stats are pretty decent. In-game psychical superiority is a plus for him. His pace is higher than most of the defenders in the game, but 79 defense is a setback for him. He had acquired a ‘Headliners’ upgrade. He managed to get +2 with a streak which made him even superior in the game.

His potential is between 81-90 in his career, and he is a strong candidate for being a ‘masterclass’ in defense.

14. Vinicus Jr. (LW)

Brazilian left-wing Vinicus Jr considered as next Neymar among most of the fans around the world. Twenty years old wonder kid plays for Real Madrid, and he is improving day by day to become a superstar. He started his career in Flamengo and transferred to Real Madrid in 2018.

His pace and dribbling make him unique in the game but, his shooting stat is under the expectation of Fifa Players. His body type is lean and athletic, and he has a technical dribbler and flair perk that makes him more of an engine of the forward rather than a finisher. Five-star skill move and four-star weak foot are crucial for him. His potential growth will be between 84-90.

13. Alphonso Davies (LB)

Twenty years old Canadian left-back Davies is the shadow of the defensive line of any team. He started his career Whitecaps res, transferred to Bayern Munich in 2019. His energy and pace are efficient for the left-back position.

92 pace and 82 dribblings are insane for a left-back, he is a speed dribbler, and he is quick in short spaces and much more creative in empty areas of the pitch. His defensive stats are not quite preferable, but he is an exciting prospect for Bayern Munich.

His potential will be between 85-91.


12. Rodrygo (RW)

Another Brazilian wonder kid Rodrygo is another crucial player for the future of Real Madrid. He started his career in Santos FC he transferred to Real Madrid in 2019. Even though he is 20 years old, his attitude on the pitch is similar to an experienced player.

According to his stats, his passing and shooting stats are efficient for a youth player. Since he is an attacker, we should analyze his shooting and dribbling as well. He has a lean body type which makes him smooth when he dribbles. 4-star skill moves and 3-star weak foot makes him a talented and efficient player in the game.

His overall potential will be between 85-92.

11. Sandro Tonali (CDM)

Italian bull Sandro Tonali is one of the most exciting players for the Italian fans and Milan fans. He started his career in Piacenza, he transferred to Brescia in 2015, with his performance there in 2020 Milan transferred Tonali.

Despite his young age, Tonali’s passing is quite impressive. Italians such as Pirlo and Del Piero. They have always had great passing stats. Defense is another critical stat for CDM players. 72 def is not efficient for making him the king of the midfield. He will get better over the years. 

His overall potential will be between 85-91.

10. Ansu Fati (LW)

Ansu Fati could easily be one of the most exciting players for Fifa 2021 players. Spanish wonder kid started his career at Sevilla FC’s youth club and transferred to Barcelona B in 2019. 18 Years old player has a long way to go but, football authorities agree that he will be one of the most talented players in the coming years.

Fati’s overall is pretty shocking. Considering that, he is just 18 years old. His pace is the most critical and highest stat he has. Dribbling and shooting are decent for Fati bu, more than every other stats, he has 4-star skill moves and 4-star weak foot, which makes him unique. He is a speed dribbler and, the technical dribbler trait makes him useful in empty areas of the pitch.

His potential growth would be between 87-93.

9. Francisco Trincão(RW)

Another young prospect from Barcelona, Trincão another memorable young player from Fifa 2021.  Young Portuguese talent started his career in Braga and transferred to Barcelona in 2020. 

His pace and shooting are under the average for a right-wing. He closes this setback with his dribbling skills. 71 passing is decent for this kind of card but, still, he has a long way to go before becoming a superstar as their teammates. The 4-star skill move makes him a usable card. 3- star weak foot is inefficient. His technical dribbling trait is another crucial element that ends up adding pluses to his dribbling.

His potential growth will be between 84-90.

8.  João Félix (CF) 

La Liga has always had the potential of dominating world football. This time we can see that it has a variety of future stars in its arsenal. Félix started his career in Porto youth. He transferred to Benfica in 2019 Atlético Madrid signed him.

Twenty-one years old Portuguese player has a pretty decent pace and dribbling. Since he is an attacker, we should focus on his speed, dribbling, and shooting. On paper, he seems well but, from the in-game experience, you can feel that he is kind of sloppy. He is a playmaker, outside foot shot, and technical dribbler traits that give him superiority while attacking.

His potential growth will be between 88-94.

7. Timothy Weah (ST)

An underdog story is in progress in Ligue 1. Lille is the leader of the league. They have a chance to end the reign of PSG. Timothy Weah, the American star of Lille is a big part of that story. He had been transferred to Lille from PSG in 2019 Weah has been following his father's footsteps since then.

This card is from the FUT ‘What If’ event from Fifa 21. 21 years old striker now has overall is now 74. He has an unreal pace and, his athletic body type makes him more useful in-game. 83 shooting is better than most of the gold players in the game. 4-star skill move is a plus for him but, his weak foot is 3-star which is low for a striker.

His potential growth will be between 80-87.

6. Wesley Fofana (CB)

Young sentinel of Leicester City, Wesley Fofana, one of the most promising future stars of football. 20 years old French player is an exciting prospect for Leicester City. He started his career in Saint-Étienne, then he transferred to Leicester City in 2020. The future of football has high expectations from him.

Fofana had two major upgrades with "Future Stars" and "Team of the Season.'"Why we should take into consideration his growth? 83 pace and dribbling are just too good for a defender. His passing is quite critical for starting from your half. Defense and physical stats make Fofana a complete beast in defense.

His potential growth on his regular card will be between 85-92.

5. Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK)

Italian keeper Donnarumma has been on the headlines for a long time now. He is still a candidate for the future despite thanks to his young age. 23-year-old keeper plays for Milan since 2015.

His diving and positioning are on master level and in-game thanks to his build body type. He can block balls quite well. 89 reflex makes him agile and reach the ball and the turnover balls quite easily. 76 kicking is not efficient enough so try to be more careful when you return to Donnarumma.

His potential growth will be between 88-92.

4. Kai Havertz (CAM)

German midfielder from Chelsea, Kai Havertz, has quite a journey to fulfill. He transferred from Leverkusen to Chelsea at the start of this season. He did not have his best season. Over time he will get better.

For CAM his passing is low. With training (for career mode) or chemistry styles, you can boost him. Pace and shooting are superior despite his physical stat. He has too many traits. 

Playmaker and finesse shot traits make him a beast in your opponent's half.

His potential growth will be between 88-94.

3.Jadon Sancho (RW)

British player from Dortmund, Jadon Sancho had a perfect season with Erling Haaland in Bundesliga. Even though they could not become the champions of the league, they managed to improve their game. Sancho’s career started at Watford. He transferred to Mancher City B. From there in 2017 Dortmund Signed him.

His dribbling skills make him superior and unique. In-game experience players can feel that he is flying through the wing. He is kind of slow in comparison to other players. With chemistry styles, you can improve that. He has plenty of traits that make him unique. His 5-star skill move makes him a magician.

His potential growth will be between 89-94.

2.Erling Haaland (ST)

Maybe one of the most popular players in this season, Haaland is in the transfer target for many of Europe’s well-known clubs. The 20-year-old striker started his career in Bryne FK and transferred to Molde. From Molde, Dortmund bought him in 2019.

This man is an absolute beast. He is tall, strong, clinical, fast. A striker who can shoots rockets with both left and right despite his 3-star weak foot. He is literally a machine. However, that's all he is and does. He can the most ridiculous overhead kick in the first minute of the game to miss a two meters pass seconds later. Speed dribbler trait makes him move fast, and he can shoot straight and strong.

His potential growth will be between 89-95.

1.Kylian Mbappé (ST)

French superstar Kylian Mbappé is the face of the future of football. A+ class footballer plays for Paris Saint-Germain despite his young age. He was the architect behind the success of PSG in the Champions League. Football fans around the world have high expectations from him in the coming years.

Look at his attacking stats. He is a true finisher and servicer in the game. He is a true beast in front of a goal. 96 pace means that no defender will be able to catch him. If they do, his 5-star skill move will give you a chance to classy slip from them. 86 shooting with 4-star weak foot makes him a terminator against your opponents.

His potential growth will be between 93-96.

These are the 15 players that we will hear from them in the future of football. According to Fifa 2021 and the real-life performances, we have ranked the top 15 young players in the game. What do you think about them? Share with us.



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