[Top 10] The Quarry Best Endings

The Quarry Best Endings
Your average summer camp experience--just with a tad more death and deception.

Have you spent 8 hours playing The Quarry and are unsatisfied with your ending? Or maybe you’re curious about trying out the different endings without all the hassle of replaying every possible choice and QTE combo. Either way, this article is for you! Kickback and peruse 10 of the best endings The Quarry has to offer, with a step-by-step guide on how to achieve each ending.

1. The Perfect Ending: Minimal Casualties, All Evidence Found, Teens Acquitted

The Perfect Ending Epilogue + Extended Credit Sequence

This ending is referred to as the "Perfect Ending" or "True Ending" by many gamers. This ending successfully ends the Hackett Quarry curse, curing all those infected throughout the night. This ending also minimizes the number of deaths. On top of that, finding all the evidence unlocks an epilogue in which all the teens are exonerated of the murders of Kaylee, Chris, and Silas.

Finally some accurate news coverage!

This ending is by far the most satisfying as a player—this is the ending that saves the most lives and ends the curse of Hackett's Quarry.

On top of that, by collecting all the evidence, you ensure that all the camp counselors are exonerated from the murders of Chris Hackett, Silas, and Kaylee Hackett. 

Speaking from experience, there is nothing more frustrating than saving all the characters you can, only for your lack of evidence to result in the counselors being arrested for murder.

How to Get This Ending:

Find All Evidence

 Chapter 1:

  • Van Outside Camp—Jacob must steal the rotor arm in order for the evidence in Chapter 3 to present itself.
  • Camp Cabins–Empty Vial
    • After exploring the cabin, Abigail will find an empty vial when searching the large tree trunk.*
      • *If you miss this in Chapter 1, you can find it as Dylan in Chapter 5

Chapter 2: Store Rooms–Torn Bags

  • While exploring the General Store for party supplies, Jacob will help Emma open the locked room at the back of the storage area. Here, Emma will find two torn-up hiking bags covered in dried blood.

Chapter 3: Boathouse–Bloated Corpse

  • *If Jacob removed the rotor arm in Chapter 1, he will have the choice after swimming in the lake to either retrieve the rotor arm from the lake or run to Abigail after hearing her scream.
  • Choose to retrieve the rotor arm and Jacob will dive into the water. Once in the water, choose the option to grab the rotor arm. 
  • Despite almost dying, Jacob will uncover a piece of evidence–the bloated corpse at the bottom of the lake.

Chapter 4: Treehouse–Attack Photo

  • After reaching the treehouse, have Emma search the bag on the floor BEFORE investigating the trapdoor. Inside is a can of mace, a taser, and a change of clothes.
  • After changing, Emma will open the trapdoor, where the mysterious creature (werewolf) will pop out. When Emma is about to tase the creature, she will have the option to snap a quick photo–take the photo.

Chapter 5: Camp Cabins–Claw Marks

  • Before going inside the radio shack, investigate the large claw marks on the wall next to the door.

Chapter 6: Hackett Woods–Memory Card

  • As Jacob, head up the wooden walkway and follow the path until you come across a large footprint. 
  • Follow the path to the right and you will find an old broken camera on the floor.
  • Jacob will remove the camera’s memory card.

​Chapter 7: Sheriff’s Office–Cease & Desist Letter

  • While exploring the Sheriff’s Office as Laura, go towards Travis Hackett’s office in the top right of the station.
  • Before going inside the room, there will be a printer against the wall, opposite the room.
  • If you investigate the printer, you will find a cease and desist letter, telling the “Bizarre Yet Bonafide” podcast crew to stop their investigations of Hackett’s Quarry.

Chapter 8: Quarry Mines–Scarred Flesh

  • After picking up “The Lovers” tarot card, head further into the mine. 
  • You will have a short cutscene that shows the metal stairs collapsing. 
  • Follow the path and there will be a catwalk with a red boulder pillar in the middle. 
  • In the left corner, you will discover scarred flesh.

Chapter 9: Hackett House–Kaylee’s Letter

  • After Ryan hides in the dumbwaiter, he will exit into a bedroom. 
  • Across the room there is a small jewelry box on top of the dresser. 
  • Inside the jewelry box is Kaylee’s letter to her grandma. 

Chapter 10: Lodge Attic–Trail Cam Footage

  • Search the attic on the far side of the lodge. Near the classroom, Kaitlyn will find a cardboard box filled with tapes of trail cam footage. 

Other Key Steps to Get This Ending


  • When the police officer questions you, choose to be honest and compliant (if you are defensive and secretive, this will hinder your relationship with him later on–a relationship that is crucial to finding and killing the White Wolf)
  • As Laura, choose to save Max

(Chapter 3)

  • Make sure Jacob keeps the rotor arm–have him dive in and successfully escape the barbed wire
  • When Jacob struggles with the hunter, do not throw dirt at him when prompted > this will allow the hunter to “blood” Jacob, which will help protect Jacob’s scent from the creature later on 

(Chapter 4) 

Don’t Shoot into The Bushes 

  • As Ryan, do not shoot (if you shoot at the bushes twice, you will kill Jacob) 

Save Emma in the Treehouse

  • As Emma in the treehouse, search bag > use taser > take photo > down > smash X/A > spray > up > up > block door > use trapdoor > down > hit QTE > up > reel zip-line slowly and quietly = Emma escapes on zipline  

(Chapter 5)

  • When Dylan gets bit, choose to go through with his request to cut off his arm–you have the option to use a chainsaw or shoot it off (both work, but personally I prefer the chainsaw)--this will prevent Dylan from turning into a werewolf at an unfortunate time 

(Chapter 6) 

Make Sure Jacob Survives Against Creature

  • As Jacob, hit all QTEs successfully > choose to hide and hold breath, not run (the blood that the hunter threw on Jacob will hide his scent, so Jacob will escape unscathed)

Shoot Nick

  • As Abigail in the pool house, shoot Nick (if not, Nick will rip Abigail’s head off) 

(Chapter 7) 

Escape Jail Without Shooting Travis

  • Laura must explore every inch of the police station in order to find all the evidence *see evidence section above* and find the syringe
  • She can hide the syringe in her cell, using the spoon near the window-sill and the loose brick on the wall
  • When prompted to take Travis’s gun, DO NOT do it–if you do this and choose to shoot Travis to escape, he will stab Laura to death in Chapter 9, and the White Wolf (Silas) will never be found, meaning the curse remains
  • When Laura fakes being sick, use the syringe to knock out Travis and escape with Max (choosing the syringe over shooting Travis will build trust and allow for Travis and Laura to work together to find the White Wolf/Silas) 

(Chapter 8) 

Don’t Shoot the Werewolf in Cage

  • As Ryan, stop Laura from shooting the werewolf in the cage (This will allow Nick to survive the night) 

Free Jacob

  • Ryan must choose breaker 1, breaker 2; then breaker 2, breaker 3; if he messes up the order, the werewolf will be able to kill Jacob 

(Chapter 9) 

Pick Up the Silver Shells

  • As Abigail, pick up the silver shells in the bunker basement (these will be used to pass to Kaitlyn in Chapter 10)

Escape the Hackett House with Only One Casualty

  • As Laura, when Constance tries to take the shotgun from you, DO NOT struggle for the gun–if you do, the gun will accidentally go off, killing Constance 
  • After Constance takes the gun away, Laura will have the option to “run” or “distract” > choose “Distract” (Laura will start making this high-pitched noise that confuses everyone, Bobby will stab Ryan regardless, and Ryan will have the opportunity to to run > after Ryan runs and goes into the dumbwaiter, Laura will have the option to spit in Constance’s face–make sure to spit in her face (otherwise she will shoot Laura) > Laura will be able to run away
  • As Ryan, choose to pull out the knife from your side, then hide (don’t run), and hold your breath until Bobby leaves–if Ryan keeps the knife in and uses it to stab Bobby, then Bobby won’t be able to fight off Chris, so he, Constance, and Jedediah will die
  • When Ryan and Laura meet up (Laura will jump in before Bobby is about to kill Ryan), let Laura bite Ryan–if you don’t, Ryan will bleed out after the attack from werewolf Chris
  • As Laura, Constance and Jedediah will come in and shoot Laura (she’s infected so she won’t die); when Jededaih attacks Laura again > hit all the QTEs against Jedediah’s attacks > choose to Run (Don’t Attack) 
  • As Ryan, shoot werewolf Chris

Let Kaitlyn Get Infected

  • As Dylan, in the crane at the scrapyard, hesitate to drop the car on the creature, until it bites Kaitlyn (this is necessary to saving both Kaitlyn and Caleb in Chapter 10) 

(Chapter 10) 

Have Max Stay on Island

  • As Max, choose to stay on the island; if you choose to swim back to the mainland, you will be killed as soon as you get onto dry land (this will allow Max to survive the night) 

Lodge–Save Dylan, Kaitlyn, and Caleb 

  • Run up to attic > choose beam (not window)
  • If Abi/Emma found the silver shells in Chapter 9, then they can pass them to Kaitlyn 
  • Kaitlyn should “investigate,” which will allow her to find the silver bullet and pick it up > she will have the option to shoot Caleb > do not shoot Caleb > Caleb will attack Kaitlyn, but since she is infected, she will not die and he will smell her werewolf scent, causing him to not attack her further > Kaitlyn and Caleb will live (they will both return to their human form when Laura kills Silas)

Kill Silas

  • As Laura, while in the car with Ryan and Travis, succeed all QTEs while Silas is attacking the car
  • Upon finding Silas in his next, as Laura do not hesitate to shoot him (this will ensure Ryan, Travis, and Laura survive and all those infected are cured) 

2. Hackett Family Massacre – The Curse Lifted

Die Hacketts, Die!

In this ending, all of the Hacketts die, and the White Wolf is put down, ending the Hackett Quarry curse for good!

I don't think makeup will cover that!

Although there are more casualties in this ending, the Hacketts are the source of all the mystery and death in the first place. Plus, many of them do not seem too keen on protecting the camp counselors, so one could call this ending the universe dealing out poetic justice. On top of that, the back-to-back deaths in the Hackett house truly add to the emotional turmoil and tenseness of the situation, making it quite entertaining.

How to Get This Ending:

(Chapter 5) 

  • Kaylee Hackett is shot by Laura; this is a scripted part of the story

(Chapter 7)

  • *Follow the (Chapter 7) “Escape Jail Without Shooting Travis” steps outlined in ending 1

(Chapter 9) 

Kill Constance

  • During Laura’s fight with Constance, win the QTE, causing Constance’s face to accidentally get blown off

Preparation for Killing Bobby

  • As Ryan, do not pull the knife out of your side

Kill Jedediah

  • As Laura, win the QTEs against Jedediah > choose “attack” > smash x/a button to kill him 

Causing Bobby’s Death

  • As Ryan, stab Bobby with the knife in your side; this will cause werewolf Chris to kill Bobby later on, because Bobby will be wounded and cannot fight back 

Prep for Killing Caleb 

  • As Abigail, pick up the silver shells in the bunker basement (these will be used to kill Caleb in Chapter 10)

Kill Chris

  • As Ryan, shoot werewolf Chris with the the shotgun (the silver bullets will kill Chris in his werewolf form) 

(Chapter 10) 

Kaitlyn Shoots Caleb

  • If Abi/Emma found the silver shells in Chapter 9, then they can pass them to Kaitlyn to use to shoot and kill Caleb in his werewolf form 

Travis Dies

  • When Laura, Travis, and Ryan find Silas, don’t raise gun > fail next QTE (shotgun goes off, killing Travis) > shoot Silas to end the werewolf curse   

3. Laura Kills Silas, but Dies in Car Crash (Martyr Ending) – The Curse Lifted

In this ending, while Ryan, Laura, and Travis are driving in search of the White Wolf, they are attacked by the White Wolf aka Silas. After a series of missteps, Silas rips Travis's head off while driving, causing the car to crash, killing Ryan on impact. Laura crawls out of the wreck and uses her dying breath to grab the gun and shoot Silas, ending the Hackett Quarry curse with her dying breath.

Hurry and shoot him Laura!

Despite the death of two playable characters, there is something quite satisfying about Laura's martyrdom. All her pain, frustration, and effort pay off for she single handedly ends the curse of Hackett's Quarry with her dying breath.

How to Get This Ending:

(Chapter 7)

  • *Follow the (Chapter 7) “Escape Jail Without Shooting Travis” steps outlined in ending 1

(Chapter 10) 

Car Crash

  • When you make it to the car ride with Ryan, Laura, and Travis, miss the first QTE when Silas attacks the car > when Laura wakes up, choose the option "grab gun" instead of "take cover" > miss the next QTE > the car will crash and Travis and Ryan will both be dead > when Laura awakes and you're presented with a QTE to grab gun, successfully hit that QTE—-this will allow Laura to shoot Silas with her dying breath 

4. Laura Hesitates and Kills Travis and Silas – The Curse Lifted

Travis's impatience is what gets him killed.

In this ending, after finding the White Wolf's den (the trailer he was put in when he was paraded around as "Silas the Wolf Boy"), Laura has second thoughts about killing him. After hesitating, Travis tries to grab the gun, but the gun goes off, killing Travis. As Travis dies, Laura decides to shoot Silas, before he can attack her or Ryan, thereby ending the Hackett Quarry curse. 

Laura hesitates to shoot Silas. 

How to Get This Ending:

(Chapter 7)

  • *Follow the (Chapter 7) “Escape Jail Without Shooting Travis” steps outlined in ending 1

(Chapter 10) 

Hesitate, Then Shoot

  • Upon finding Silas in his nest, as Laura, hesitate shooting Silas > when Travis reaches for gun, miss the QTE > this will the shotgun to go off and kill Travis > shoot Silas 

5. Werewolf Mania!

Werewolves, werewolves, werewolves!

In this ending, you intentionally try to infect as many counselors as you can! When you get the opportunity to kill one of the werewolves and clear the curse, you avoid doing so at all costs.

Uh-oh! Dylan doesn't look so hot. 

This ending allows the curse of Hackett’s Quarry to not only live on, but flourish. Plus, who doesn't love a little werewolf chaos?

How to Get This Ending:

(Chapter 3) 

Nick Infected

  • While hanging out with Abigail, Nick will be attacked by a creature (werewolf) and unknowingly become infected–this is a scripted part of the story

Abigail Infected

  • As Abigail, help Nick > up > run > smash X/A > don’t “climb tree” > fail breath event = Abigail is bitten and infected 

Preparation for Jacob Infection

  • As Jacob, press X/A to “throw dirt” at the hunter when prompted > this results in the hunter not “blooding” him so that Jacob gets bitten by the werewolf in Chapter 6 

(Chapter 4) 

Emma Infected

  • As Emma in the treehouse, search bag > use taser > take photo > down > smash X/A > spray > up > up > block door > use trapdoor > down > fail QTE > up > emma bitten and infected 

(Chapter 5) 

Dylan Stays Infected

  • After Dylan gets bitten > choose “terrified” > and DO NOT cut off his hand > this will cause Dylan to stay infected 

(Chapter 6) 

Jacob Infected

  • While running away with Emma, as Jacob, fail QTE when the werewolf tries to attack you > this will cause the werewolf to bite Jacob and infect him > Emma will kick the werewolf off of the ledge > Emma will jump off and Jacob will run down the steps, with the option to hide or run > choose to run > successfully smash the X/A button to prevent Jacob from falling > Jacob will accidentally step into a bear trap (this is scripted) > choose to pry open or you may die

(Chapter 9) 

Ryan Infected (Temporarily)

  • When Laura offers to bite Ryan, choose “accept” > don’t “pull away”

Kill Chris

  • As Ryan, shoot werewolf Chris with the the shotgun (the silver bullets will kill Chris in his werewolf form) > this will cause Ryan and Laura to both be infected, but this is necessary in order to still get the White Wolf Ending (finding Silas in his nest)

Kaitlyn Infected

  • During crane cutscene, warn Kaitlyn > up > slam car > fail QTE (this will allow the werewolf enough time to bite and infect Kaitlyn before the car falls onto him)

(Chapter 10)

Ryan Uses Blood Vial

  • Ryan will offer Laura he blood vial he found from Bobby > have Ryan keep it and use it  

The Curse Remains

  • As Laura, hesitate to shoot Travis > Travis will struggle for gun > Travis will get shot and fall to the ground > do not shoot Silas when prompted > both her and Travis will be killed by Silas
  • Ryan survives because of the blood vial he used
  • Everyone infected remains a werewolf since Silas was not killed

6. (Almost) Everyone Dies

Die, die, die!

In this ending, every character but Travis, Caleb, and Silas die. With only two Hackett family members and a feral Wolf Boy left alive, no one remains to tell the true story of what happened during the Massacre of Hackett's Quarry!

R.I.P. Kaitlyn (and almost everyone else).

While this ending is generally considered the "Worst Ending," there is something to be said about being able to make every specific choice causing as many deaths as possible. It's not as easy as you may think. 

Plus, if you've had your fill trying to save as many lives as possible, why not give this ending a go?

How to Get This Ending:

(Chapter 4) 

Ryan (Unknowingly) Shoots Jacob

  • As Ryan, shoot > insistent > shoot gun > Jacob dies from the gunshots 

Emma Dies

  • As Emma in the treehouse, choose “open trapdoor” first > creature attacks and kills Emma 

(Chapter 6) 

Abigail Dies

  • As Abigail in the pool house, do not shoot Nick (don’t press any buttons while aiming the gun at him) > Nick attacks Abigail, ripping her head off

(Chapter 7) 

*Preparation for Laura & Ryan Deaths* 

  • As Laura, shoot Travis with his gun in the prison cell–this will cause Travis to kill Laura and Ryan in Chapter 9

(Chapter 8) 

Kill Nick

  • In the red light cell area, don’t stop Laura from shooting the werewolf in the cage (that werewolf is Nick)

(Chapter 9) 

Dylan Dies

  • As Dylan in the junkyard, while operating the crane, warn Kaitlyn > sound horn > fail all QTEs (don’t press any buttons) > werewolf kills Dylan 

Laura & Ryan Die

  • In the Hackett House, as Ryan, shoot the werewolf when given the chance > Laura will turn back into a human > if Laura chose to shoot Travis in the cell in Chapter 7, Travis will stab her to death now
  • After shooting the werewolf and Travis kills Laura, as Ryan, pick “aggressive” > fail QTE => Ryan dies 

(Chapter 10) 

Max Dies

  • Ryan must have shot the werewolf in Chapter 9 for Max to turn back into a human; as human Max choose “swim to shore” > werewolf will kill Max upon reaching dry land

(Chapter 10) 

Kaitlyn Dies

  • As Kaitlyn in the lodge, when werewolf Caleb attacks the lodge, choose “wait” > don’t shoot the werewolf > werewolf kills Kaitlyn 

7. Nobody Survives the Car Crash – Silas Lives – The Curse Remains

And so the Curse of Hackett's Quarry lives! Who will be afflicted next?

In this ending, while Ryan, Laura, and Travis are driving in search of the White Wolf, they are attacked by the White Wolf aka Silas. After a series of missteps, Silas rips Travis's head off while driving, causing the car to crash, which also results in Ryan's death. Laura crawls out of the wreck and tries to get the gun, but is unsuccessful. As a result, Silas kills Laura and the curse remains.

The White Wolf lives to see another day! 

While this may seem like a "bad ending," there is something to be said about the dramatic irony that plays out. Travis, Ryan, and Laura were so close to piecing together the mystery of Hackett's Quarry, only for the Hackett family's darkest secret (the fire set to free Silas, which set off the chain of events which caused this very curse) to silence them…and of course the player.

How to Get This Ending:

(Chapter 10) 

Car Crash–Curse Remains

  • When you make it to the Car ride with Ryan, Laura, and Travis, miss the first QTE when Silas attacks the car > when Laura wakes up, choose the option "grab gun" instead of "take cover" > fail next QTE > the car will crash and Travis and Ryan will both be dead > when Laura awakes and you're presented with a QTE to grab gun, fail it 

8. Mutually Assured: Travis & Laura Kill Each Other – The Curse Remains

At least neither one went down without a fight!

In this ending, during Chris's attack on Ryan and Laura in the Hackett house, Ryan misses his shot, which not only results in his death, but causes Laura to stay in her werewolf form. As a result, Laura attacks Travis and Travis uses a silver-backed mirror to stab Laura, resulting in both of their deaths. 

If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!

Although the curse remains and Laura and Travis do not live through the night, the majority of the characters survive and the added tension of Laura and Travis's avoidable deaths adds to the emotional climax of the ending. 

There is also something poetic about this ending: "If I'm going down, I'm taking you down with me mentality". 

How to Get This Ending:

(Chapter 9) 

Ryan Does Not Shoot Chris

  • When in the Hackett house as Ryan, hesitate shooting the werewolf > this will cause Ryan to die and prevent Laura from turning back into a human, causing her to attack Travis > Travis will simultaneously stab Laura with a silver-backed mirror 

9. Final Girl Ending-Only Kaitlyn Survives

At least one counselor survived the night!

In this ending, Kaitlyn is the only surviving camp counselor. 

Look at all that blood--fitting for a final girl!

Who doesn't love a final girl? An homage to the horror trope, this ending makes the player feel as if they are living out their own favorite horror film–move aside Laurie Strode, here comes Kaitlyn Ka!

How to Get This Ending:

  • *Follow the steps to kill all other characters besides Kaitlyn – see steps in ending 6

(Chapter 1) 

Preparation for Killing Caleb Without Silver Bullets

  • As Abigail, choose to break into locked cabin > pick up teddy > choose “keep” *this is needed to save Kaitlyn in Chapter 10 to lure the monster into the freezer

(Chapter 10) 

Kaitlyn Survives the Night

  • As Kaitlyn, run > beam > smash X/A > run > hold breath > freezer > use decoy > smash X/A > Caleb will be lured into the freezer > Kaitlyn will survive the night

10. The Last Man Standing-Only Ryan Survives

Ryan has been attending Hackett's Quarry the longest, so it's only fair that he be the last man standing.

In this ending, Ryan is the only camp counselor to survive the night.

I don't know if it's the blood on his face or the look in his eyes, but Ryan fits the appearance of the last man standing after a supernatural massacre!

A fun twist on the final girl horror trope! Although most of the characters die, there is something satisfying about having one person sift through the carnage and trauma of the night–one person alone to tell the true story of what happened at Hackett’s Quarry.

How to Get This Ending:

*Follow the steps to kill all other characters besides Kaitlyn – see steps in ending 6*

(Chapter 9) 

Preparation for Stabbing Bobby (and Saving Ryan)

  • As Ryan, don’t “pull knife” *you need the knife to stab Bobby
  • While being chased by Bobby, smash X/A to to block door with cabinet (if you fail this then Bobby takes it and will kill Ryan with

Save Ryan’s Life 

  • Stab Bobby (this will prevent Bobby from killing Ryan in this moment and Bobby will be too weak to fight off werewolf Chris, causing him to die later) 

Save Ryan’s Life Pt. 2

  • “Accept” to be bitten by Laura > don’t “pull away” (if you pull away, you will die of blood loss when Chris attacks in werewolf form)

Kill Travis

  • After Ryan shoots Chris in his werewolf form, Laura will return to her human form and because she chose to shoot Travis in Chapter 7, Travis will stab her to death
  • After, Travis will try to kill Ryan >  Ryan must decide to shoot Travis to save his own life

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