New Stealth Indie Horror Game “Hello Neighbor” Announced

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Hello Neighbor is a new game released by TinyBuild. It is a very anticipated horror game.

Developer Dynamic Pixels Has Announced A New Horror Game For 2017

Dynamic Pixels has teamed up with publishers TinyBuild to create the stealth horror game Hello Neighbor. The PC game is said to be released the summer of 2017.

In this single-player game, you have to break into your neighbor’s house and manage to maneuver to his basement. Once you make it through the frightening scenarios in the game, your main goal is to expose his secrets looming in the basement.

That is if you can make it around the advanced AI and environmental factors around as you sneak through diligently. The physics and environment come together to create an amusing sandbox-style horror game. Between the surrounding factors and the storyline, the developer claims it will be 10+ hours of gameplay.

This Indie Game Is Terrifyingly Strategic

Aside from trying not to get caught, you have to be on high alert of the artificial intelligence of your neighbor. He takes note of every decision you make then uses it against you and tries to do everything in his power to take you down. Don’t expect your tactics to work the same every time. Your favorite ploy might just end up being your death in the game.

Once you figure out the most efficient way to your goal, the AI will be sure to snatch it away from you in the most gut-wrenching way possible. It has the ability to set traps and find ways to catch you with every step you take.

In order to succeed in bringing your neighbor’s secret to light, you must perfect your sneak technique. Sneaking around is the main way to maneuver, but also the most suspenseful aspect of the game. You never know what’s lurking around the corner.

There are no checkpoints in Hello Neighbor. You can save and quit at any time. However, if your neighbor catches you, you’ll respawn but lose the objects you’ve managed to snag from your inventory.

Gameplay Previews Available For Viewing If You Dare

Although the game still has a ways to go before it is released, gameplay videos are already available for viewing. Also available are screenshots that show crisp graphics and scary scenarios in each room of the house. The videos and screenshots truly live up its spine-chilling genre.

In addition to these sneak peeks, sign-ups for Hello Neighbor’s alpha version have opened up for anyone who wants to sneak around their neighbor’s home beforehand. The date of the alpha release is not yet confirmed so patience is necessary.

Hello Neighbor is a highly anticipated horror game sought to break the trend of the latest horror game releases. There are high hopes for this indie stealth game and many are waiting patiently to get their hands on it in 2017. With creepy gameplay, highly involved environmental factors, and a secret waiting at the end, it’s no wonder why many are lining up for Dynamic Pixel’s newest creation.

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