27 Scary Horror Game Images That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Horrifying Squirrel from "The Park"
Horror games that will terrify you...

27 images that will give you a glimpse of the horrors in these games.

Is your computer or phone background too bland?

Looking for a little horror to fill your evenings?

Do you have a secret desire to creep out all those who may look over your shoulder as you sit at your PC?

Look no further than these terrifying images to darken down your screen!

27. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

What happens when an innocent game of naked Twister goes horribly wrong…

Frictional Games kicks off this spooky franchise with the often disturbing “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”. If the below image doesn’t give you enough of an idea of what awaits you in this dungeon exploration game, the reaction videos on YouTube sure will. This murky, dim-lighted image, featuring your visit to the morgue, is sure to give chills to anyone taking a passing glance at your computer screen.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Lost in the Dark

26. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Here piggy, piggy…

If you didn’t think the Amnesia series could get any creepier, A Machine for Pigs kicks it up a notch with this terrifying follow up. This chilling wallpaper will give you flashbacks of your days spent fleeing the swine calls that stalked you through the streets of London. And here we thought pigs were supposed to be cute… certainly not nightmare inducing.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs New Gameplay Trailer

25. Outlast

This is my friend knifey. Knifey, meet victim.

Outlast takes place in one of the classic horror genre setups: an insane asylum. Here you can relive the creep factor or at the very least scare the daylights out of any unwitting friends trying to use your computer.

Outlast – Gameplay Intro (First 8 Minutes)

24. Dead Space 2

Necromorphin’ since 2008

Because somewhere along the way someone decided one Dead Space game wasn’t enough to traumatize us for a lifetime, here we have Dead Space 2. And now thanks to the wonders of technological advancement, you can experience the thing that makes you cry yourself asleep at night in higher definition! That’s a good thing, right?

Dead Space 2 - Multiplayer Reveal

23. Dead Space 3


The Dead Space series is one of the most terrifying to play through and the third game in the franchise is no exception. For anyone brave enough to make it through to the end (with the appropriate amount of weeping), here’s a stark reminder of your trauma.

Dead Space™ 3 Official First Gameplay

22. Alien Isolation

Mommy always said I’d grow into these teeth

Sigourney Weaver is hot. This thing ain’t. But at least he’s smiling pretty for the camera, eh?

Alien: Isolation Official E3 Gameplay Trailer – “Survive” [INT]

21. Dead Island

Just working on my tan. Dead really does nothing for the skin.

Everyone dreams of an island paradise getaway vacation. Maybe not with a zombie apocalypse on the horizon, but honestly in this economy beggars can’t be choosers.

Dead Island Gameplay (Cutting off zombie limbs is fun!)

20. Left 4 Dead

They call me four-fingered Joe.

Now I know what you’re thinking… Why would we choose to showcase this image from the horror-tastic Left 4 Dead games when there are so many other terrifying, pants-wetting, scenes out there to choose from? But why not show the human side to games?

Just one man congenially waving to another. They’re probably friends, no doubt. I mean, it’s nice to see a bit of… oh wait… is that a disembodied zombie hand? Yeah, that’s a disembodied zombie hand. Never mind.

Left 4 Dead – The Sacrifice Gameplay – Part 1

19. Left 4 Dead 2

Can you believe we’re supposed to entertain children? Now we just give them PTSD.

Whoever invented the “clown” needs to be into his own special purgatory. There he can be chased by his creation until the end of time. Better yet, put him Left 4 Dead 2 and let him deal the zombie clown. That’s a more suiting punishment.

Left 4 Dead 2 – Dead Center – Versus Mode Gameplay (Infected) HD

18. Dying Light

No, this isn’t Thriller…

What’s scarier than zombies? Zombies that can run. And they’re coming right at you. Luckily in the world of Dying Light, created by Polish game developer, Techland, you’re a kickass parkour expert ready to take on the zombie-fied wasteland.

Oh, you’re just a regular person? Well then, prepare to be eaten. (The one to the left here looks a tad peckish.)

Dying Light – 12 Minutes of Gameplay in Full HD [1080p]

17. The Evil Within

Just take a little off the top.

The land of the rising sun has mastered the art of making you cry yourself to sleep at night. This wallpaper from Japanese developer, Tango Gameworks, says it all with its gritty meat-locker dungeon. Anyone happening to take a quick at your computer screen will have to wonder what you get up to in your spare time.

The Evil Within – Extended Gameplay Video

16. Dead Effect

It goes “vroom vroom”.

You know the undead are winning the evolution game when they start using tools. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to meet a chainsaw-wielding zombie in a dark alley. Or you know, an intergalactic spaceship.

Dead Effect PC GamePlay HD 60 FPS

15. Bioshock

Just another day in the life of Stabby Mcgee

Somewhere in the development of the horror genre we discovered that little girls are f****** creepy. Now thanks to the original Bioshock, they got them glowin’ eyes to go along with their incessant need get all stabby on you. Leave your computer on and see how her eyes seem to follow you as you meander around the room…

Bioshock Gameplay (Fighting a Big Daddy)

14. Bioshock 2

This time our creepy, soulless eyes come in blank, death-stare white!

What? More creepy little girls? I thought we were past this, Bioshock. Why must you insist on making me weep?

Bioshock 2 – Little Sister/Big Sister - Gameplay

13. F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

The perfect argument for mass human sterilization.

Oh no, it’s just getting worse… F.E.A.R takes the cake (and whatever was left of my self-respect) with this little darling guaranteed to haunt your darkest of dreams. She’s not exactly selling Girl Scout Cookies here. However I think she’d settle for your immortal soul.

F.E.A.R. pc gameplay (scary scenes)

12. Slender: The Arrival

Do ask me how I got this amazing figure.

This is one of those online games that quickly spread into a modern-day urban legend. The Slender man is responsible for inciting terror and even inspiring a real life attempted murder. But what exactly makes him so scary? Rumor has it he appears to steal away little children lost in the woods, out in the park, walking the streets...

Maybe this time he’ll take the creepy Bioshock little sisters with him. See? There’s a silver lining to every terrifying horror icon.

Slender The Arrival | full playthrough | no commentary

11. Silent Hill 2

Ignore the man behind the pyramid!

I’m not sure why they call it “silent hill” when really all this game does is make me want to scream in terror. Pyramid Head is just one of the eerie villains you’ll encounter as you trek across small town America in search for clues surrounding the mysterious death of your wife.

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