Why “Hello Neighbor” is so Terrifying

The upcoming indie survival stealth horror game by dynamic pixels, “Hello Neighbor” masterfully combines cultural tropes with surreal twists to create a truly terrifying experience

Meet “Hello Neighbor”

As the new guy, having just moved into  “Hello Neighbor”s  pastel cartoon like suburbia, you begin to notice something is definitely strange about your neighbor. The objective is then to break into the neighbor's house, find a way into his basement and find out what he is really up to. Oh yea he's also trying to kill you the entire time.

Here’s a little taste of what to expect

Hello Neighbor Announcement Trailer

So what exactly makes “Hello Neighbor” so incredibly terrifying? It's obviously creepy and it's unsettling, but what specifically about it makes us wet our pants when we see that mustached man in a tacky sweater? Many have noted the deceivingly innocent graphics combined with the sinister plot but that's only scratching  the surface.

Why it's Actually Scary

This is a game is about the american dream gone awry. Neighbors are supposed to be friendly, but not too friendly. But lets face it, many people don't have any idea what their neighbors are actually like, and we are expected not to pry.  

That’s why everyone knows a “weird neighbor story” of some kind. Since we know so little we can’t help but let our mind fill in the gaps. The entire concept of the game is based on urban lore and curiosity.

Now let's look at the aesthetics. The brightly colored hallways shrouded in darkness, the frantic music that plays when the neighbor spots you, are both reminiscent of something between scooby doo and courage the cowardly dog. Cartoons are another aspect of the suburban american culture this game perverts.

Why this Game is a Literal Nightmare

What really cranks up the creep factor up to the max though is the fact that this game is an incredibly accurate recreation of a nightmare. Once the player has been spotted The house quickly turns into a maze of furniture, locked doors and mannequins with nowhere to hide.

The objects are familiar and you can tell you are definitely in a house but things are very odd to say the least. I mean, What kind of a house has  a roller coaster in the roof, or bear traps in the yard, or windows on the ceiling? We accept it as our reality the same way we would a dream or nightmare.

To add to the fun, it's a recurring nightmare. Each time the neighbor catches you, you have to break in all over again. You would probably use the same route too except the neighbor is actually a very crafty ai who learns your patterns and predicts your movements.

By distorting cultural norms implanting them into a surreal dream world, the creators of  “Hello Neighbor” have crafted the perfect american nightmare.

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