Friday The 13th Upcoming Horror Game

Friday the 13th - The Game. Jason!

Survival horror multi-player game that will be released on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Play as Jason!

In the new upcoming horror game Friday the 13th The Game players can play as one of the most iconic horror villeins ever shown on the big screen.

E3 reveal gameplay depicting Jason slaying campers!

The game is a multi-player game allowing one player to play as the mass murdering, hockey mask wearing killer - Jason. Everyone else plays as campers in Camp Crystal Lake, who’s aim it is to survive the night and not be killed by Jason.

The game has implemented Jason with heightened hearing and visions senses and also allow him to teleport anywhere in the maps area.

Play as the victims!

Victims of the horror game hide from the murderer.

Developers Gun Media and IllFonic have not yet released who the playable victims of the game are. But we know that you can play from several of the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake. 

The counselors can defend themselves against Jason, they can even work together as a team to try and overcome his horrible mass murdering spree. The players can utilize aspects of the map to their advantage; finding hiding spots, find weapons to defend and even throw objects to make noise and distract Jason.

Release Date

This 1v7 multiplayer game has been scheduled to be released in October 2016. No official date in October has been confirmed, but with Halloween being at the end of the month, I think this would probably be a realistic and suitable time to release a horror game.

Sneak peek: New trailer shows brutal executions

I have to admit, this game is not for the faint-hearted. There are a lot of very graphic executions. The designers really have gone all out to make this a gory horror game!

Jasons newly released murders.

Crowd Funded

The Friday the 13th game has been crowd-funded through the use of KickStarter and BackerKit. Over 30,000 users of these two campaigns have managed to get this game developed, up and running and ready for us to play this month! 

The gaming developers have stated they needed $700K to develop and program the game, and any excess of this will be put towards expansions and more developments to the game. Seeing as they managed to raise $1,246,570.20, I think there will definitely be a follow up for this game!


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