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Friday The 13th Jason Skins
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It’s common knowledge that without Pamela’s only son, Friday the 13th: The Game would cease to become the horror spectacle that has cemented its virtual legacy. Jason Vorhees brings a special element to the game like none other. From his calculated Grab Kills to his incredible abilities of Shift and Sense, it’s not hard to understand why he’s such a dominating figure in the world of horror gaming. 

As such, one of Jason’s many captivating add-ons is the variety of Jason Skins. Equipping Jason with that extra skin of intimidation only increases his look of destruction. Here’s a look at the DLC Jason Skins, from the worst to the best!

Retro Jason

  • Utilized as Part 3 Jason Skin

While Retro Jason is a fan favorite (and insanely cool looking), he does sit at the bottom of the list as far as Jason Skins go. Retro Jason is essentially Part 3 Jason, but just better looking. Retro Jason includes a dark-purple tinge to his skin, along with a purple hockey mask and purple clothes. In an effort to strike further fear into players controlling counselors, Retro Jason is accompanied by an intimidating chip-tune theme whenever he’s approaching. While the music is slower and sounds a lot less loud and threatening than Jason’s usual theme, somehow it still adds a strong sensation of fear. As mentioned before, Retro Jason can be utilized by selecting Part 3 Jason. Players can then click the option for ‘Change Skin’ to transform Part 3 Jason into Retro Jason.

Bloody Jason


  • LIGHT: Less blood splatter
  • MEDIUM: More blood splatter (only through the disc version of the game)
  • HEAVY: Most blood splatter

As one of the most popular DLC Skins in the game, Bloody Jason is accessible to all standard versions of Jason Vorhees. The Bloody Jason Skin adds a bonus feature that allows Jason to appear covered in blood splatter. The appearance of blood can be all over his clothes, as well as his mask. Bloody Jason Skin can be unlocked at all different levels on each standard Jason. The unlocking of Light Blood comes at earlier levels, while the unlocking of Heavy Blood is at a higher level. Medium Blood can be unlocked as well, though that’s only available through the physical disc version of the game. All Bloody Skin unlocks when players are at least level 101 or higher. However, Retro Jason is not available for the Bloody Jason Skin.

Savini Jason

  • Downloadable by Backers only

As the scariest-looking Jason in the game, his intimidating presence only grows stronger when fully equipped as Savini Jason Skin. Savini Skin Jason appears with a black mask with noticeable scratch marks. His eyes are glowing orange and the majority of his body is shown as decomposed. Created for the game by Tom Savini, and as one of the two Jasons in the game not based on a film, Savini Jason sits near the very top of the list. Unfortunately for many players, Savini Jason Skin isn’t easy to get a hold of anymore. Introduced as a special reward for the original Kickstarter Backers of the game, Savini Jason Skin has since been closed off to the general public. Consider yourself lucky to ever be included in a match with “Hell Jason” seeing as he’s hard to come across these days.

Uber Jason

  • Never officially released by the developers

Despite never being an official release by Friday the 13th: The Game due to the lawsuit between Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller, Uber Jason has been widely regarded as the best DLC Skin in the entire game. Based on Jason X, Uber Jason was intended to be the newest Jason in the game’s latest updates, though it was completely canceled due to the ongoing lawsuit surrounding the Friday the 13th franchise. Along with Uber Jason, Grendel was intended to be released as a new map in the game, taking part on the spaceship in Jason X. However, with the lawsuit now officially coming to a close, with Victor Miller awarded the rights to Jason, it will be interesting to see if talks of adding Uber Jason to the game return. As for now, Uber Jason and Grendel are available in Beta, where fans of the game have created and designed their own version of the Jason X experience for players to utilize.


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