Friday the 13th Best Perks For Every Counselor

Friday the 13th Best Perks
Don't stop for hitchhikers.

What Are The Best Perks in Friday 13th?

Night has fallen over Camp Crystal Lake and Jason has crashed the festivities! Luckily, this list of the best Perks for every Counselor will give you a fighting chance at getting out alive! While most people consider the best Perks to be subjective, it really only depends on what your goal is. Whether you want to complete Objectives, fight back, or just survive the night this list is going to get you there!  

So let’s hope for some high rolls and good drops!

Perks and Their Importance 

  • Perks are special augments that can be slotted onto a character to boost Stats. 

  • Each character has three Perk slots. 

  • Every Perk gives a boost to one Stat while nerfing another. 

  • Some Perks allow a character to start a game with an item or weapon in their inventory. 

  • Perks are ranked on their rarity by color in the Perks management screen.

Counselor #14: Jenny Myers 


  • Perk #1: Tinker 
  • Perk #2: Heavy Hitter 
  • Perk #3: Escape Artist  

It’s Jenny! She’s a bit average, but she makes up for it with Luck! Jenny’s chief Stats that you want to lean on are her Composure and Luck. Luck will make sure that you get good item and weapon drops while Composure makes sure you’re not out of your mind with fear while searching through cabins if Jason happens to be around. The weakest Stat for her playability has to be her low Repair Skill, but when paired with Tinker you can trade off some Stamina for greater Repair speed. This is a must if you’re playing solo and want to go after one of the Repairable Objectives. Heavy Hitter is really the one total must- have for Jenny. Jenny’s Strength level is a teeny tiny 1/10 so it pays to have the extra Bat Stun chance at the cost of slower Stamina regeneration. With a good Bat you can Stun Jason and run away if he crosses your path. Like Heavy Hitter, Escape Artist is another must have if you’re playing a solo Jenny because it gives you a fighting chance to kick out of Jason’s grasp if he Grabs you and there’s no one around to Stun him.   

Counselor #13: Mitch Floyd 



  • Perk #1: Tinker 
  • Perk #2: Home Body  
  • Perk #3: Marathon 

I mean, you know one too, right? Based on Chuck from Friday the 13th III, Mitch is a more polarizing character. Some people think he’s good, some people think he’s trash tier. Me? Despite his ranking on this list, I know he can be invaluable when working with a group. Equipped with Home Body, you’ll survive long enough to reach others! Marathon will mean you have extra Stamina to keep up with the group if Jason crashes the party. If you have the Tinker Skill on it gives a boost to Mitch’s already high Repair Skill so that when the group finds Objective materials, you can hook it up in no time! Yay for contributing! 

Counselor #12: Sheldon Finkelstein 



  • Perk #1: Man At Arms 
  • Perk #2: Swift Attacker 
  • Perk #3: Sucker Punch 

Sheldon (Shelly) Finkelstein is another camper from Friday the 13th III. He’s the prankster of the group and the dude that gave Jason the Hockey Mask in the first place! Great, huh? At least he doesn’t have to wear that potato sack anymore! Anyways, Shelly is one of the most unlucky folks in the game so you’ll probably have a hard time finding things and your weapons won’t last. But guess what? You can hit Jason with lots of things! Make sure to equip him with Swift Attacker and Sucker Punch and you’ll be Stunning and knocking Jason down nearly every time you hit him. Oh no, your weapon broke? That’s okay! Remember to add Man At Arms and it won’t happen as often! Go give Jason some grief!  

Counselor #11: Eric ‘J. R.’ Lachappa



  • Perk #1: Evasion 
  • Perk #2: Marathon 
  • Perk #3: Thick Skinned 

The smart loser in the group! Or is he? Most people that play Friday the 13th know him for the meme of being a total sex god, but I know him as the guy that is the one of the best Objective focused characters in the game. Do you want to spend the time ticking down to Dawn by fixing the Car/Boat/Phone? Lachappa’s your man! His high Stealth and Repair Skills means that he’s perfect for Objective based wins, but his Stamina and Speed leave a lot to be desired, so even the playing field by loading up with Evasion and Marathon to make sure that if you do happen to run across Jason that you can run away ASAP. For extra protection, cover yourself with the Thick Skinned perk so if Jason does hit you, you won’t suffer too much.   

Counselor #10: Fox 



  • Perk #1: Thick Skinned 
  • Perk #2: Medic 
  • Perk #3: Marathon 

The last playable character from Friday the 13th III, Fox is a fighter. High Strength, Repair, and Composure Stats mean that Fox is a character that can do a lot. You want to go for Objectives? Go for it. You want to fight back? You can. Whatever your goal, load her up with Thick Skinned so when you get hit you’ll shrug it off. Marathon once again makes sure you’ll have the Stamina boost to run away after you’re wounded. Jason bloodied you up? Don’t worry! Use the Medic perk and you’ll be able to heal up and be back in the game in no time! Fox Finishes Things! 

Counselor #9: Kenny Riedell

Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of NONE

Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of NONE!

  • Perk #1: Heavy Hitter 
  • Perk #2: Level Headed 
  • Perk #3: Evasion  

Kenny isn’t someone that really deserves much fanfare. I know I’ve thrown some shade at some of the Counselors here, but Kenny is the average guy in the group. He’s perfectly even in every Stat category, so he serves as a clean slate to focus on whatever you want. You have a hard time choosing who to play even with this guide? Pick Kenny. He’s going to make things easier for you if you’re new just because he’s so average that you can find your playstyle. That said, I like throwing Heavy Hitter and Evasion on him for your first time out. Together, they’ll make sure that you can dodge around Jason should he try to Grab you and make sure you hit harder. Given that you’ll most likely play Kenny if you’re new to the game, Level Headed is also a great choice as it’ll give you a better chance of avoiding Jason’s Sense abilities. Best thing is that Kenny’s medium Stealth Stat means that the extra Noise generated by the Level Headed Perk won’t hurt much.  

Counselor #8: Adam Palomino



  • Perk #1: Slugger 
  • Perk #2: Grinder 
  • Perk #3: Sucker Punch 

Adam Palomino is that guy that you knew in high school that was listening to Bon Jovi every morning when he pulls up in his car. I think he looks like a loser. Let’s make him less of a loser, yeah? Now, Adam’s Stats are pretty great for one on one Jason fights and I highly recommend that! Composure, Repair, Strength, and a little Speed? This dude has it all! Add on Slugger and Sucker Punch to make him the biggest Nightmare that Jason’s seen since he faced Freddy Krueger (or four Buggzys with Baseball Bats). Together, Slugger and Sucker Punch increase Adam’s Damage and Melee Stun abilities, so if Jason does decide to tangle with you he’ll go down almost every time you hit him. Since this Adam will probably spend some quality time alone with Jason it’s good to equip the Grinder Perk so you can pick up some extra experience while you’re using Jason as a punching bag.  

Counselor #7: Victoria Sterling



  • Perk #1: Heavy Hitter 
  • Perk #2: Man At Arms 
  • Perk #3: Tinker 

The last unlockable Counselor and one of the best bodyguards! Victoria is great because her high Stamina, Stealth, and Luck Stats mean that she is a machine at completing Objectives! High Luck means that weapons last a long time, so give yourself some special time with Jason and equip Heavy Hitter! If you find that weapons still don’t last long enough, equip Man At Arms and hold onto your favorites for longer! If you want to play solo, try on Tinker to speed up repairs and give you a better chance at making it out alive. This build will make sure that if you play Vic you’ll be able to protect the group and fix things.  

Counselor #6: Tiffany Cox 



  • Perk #1: My Dad’s a Cop 
  • Perk #2: Marathon 
  • Perk #3: Restful  

Tiffany Cox is that chick that seems like a mean girl, but is actually totally awesome when you get to know her. She has high Stamina, Stealth, and Speed Stats that mean you can run all over the map and almost never have to take a break. Throw on Marathon for good measure. Sure, your Sprint speed will take a hit, but you’ll be able to run so long that Jason will almost never catch you. And when he gets close? Surprise him with the Restful Perk! Restful will make sure you almost never run out of Stamina when times get tough! You don’t just want to spend the match running around like a chicken with your head cut off, right? Good! Add the My Dad’s a Cop perk and make sure to check everywhere for that Phone Fuse! In no time at all, you’ll be sitting in the back of a Cop Car drinking some hot chocolate as you check out how much XP you’ve earned!  

Counselor #5: Chad Kensington 



  • Perk #1: Heavy Hitter 
  • Perk #2: Friendship 
  • Perk #3: Grinder 

Chad Kensington is that rich stand-in for every stuck up dude that everyone has known at least once in their life. You know it, I know it, the game knows it. Chad’s fantastic genetics show off that his greatest asset is his Luck. If you’re playing Chad you’re going to experience some great drops and weapons lasting a long time as a result. And his high Speed means you can run whatever items you want across the map in case Jason shows up. What? You want to stand and fight? Well, you’re in luck. Chad may have low Strength, but when paired with Heavy Hitter his high Luck will make most hits Stun Jason. Pair it with Friendship and you get additional damage percentages for each nearby Counselor! Really, besides Buggzy, Adam, or Tommy Jarvis, there’s no one better to take on Jason. Chad’s crazy accessible when you look at things in terms of playability, so the third Perk slot is really dealer’s choice. I personally prefer Grinder when I’m playing Chad just because it’s fun to rack up tons of bonus experience! 

Counselor #4: Vanessa Jones 



  • Perk #1: Marathon 
  • Perk #2: Light Foot 
  • Perk #3: Low Profile 

Vanessa will run her way out of the camp and into your heart! Not to box in Vanessa, but she’s really only good at one thing: Speed. Vanessa can run a long time compared to other Counselors, but she could always run more! Slap Marathon on to boost Stamina up and keep Gumpin’ your way through the night! Unlike her fellow Counselors, Vanessa’s weakness isn’t her low Repair Skill. It’s that she’s as loud as an Elephant. You can bet if you’re running around with Marathon, you’re going to draw Jason’s attention sooner rather than later. Thankfully, this can be stopped if you roll the Light Foot Perk. It quiets your Sprint Noise at the small cost of some Stamina. Sure, you won’t be running nonstop as much, but you’ll keep your head and that’s what’ is really important, right? Finally, I like to round out Vanessa with Low Profile. It’s totally the best just because it boosts your chance to avoid Jason’s Sense ability. Any of these single abilities would be great on any Vanessa, but together? They make an unstoppable hit and run machine that can save the day by kiting Jason all over the map while the rest of the group goes for the Objectives!  

Counselor #3: Brandon ‘Buggzy’ Wilson 



  • Perk #1: Heavy Hitter 
  • Perk #2: Friendship 
  • Perk #3: Sucker Punch 

Buggzy is one of the most serious offensive Counselors in the game. His high level of Strength, Stamina, and Speed means that he’s the best at distracting Jason when Vanessa’s not available. You better like to get in fights. Buggzy has one of the best Skill layouts because when you stack up Heavy Hitter, Friendship, and Sucker Punch you’re going to make sure that Jason regrets ever dragging his raggedy ass out of that lake. You want to head in with a group and run circles around Jason while teabagging him? Buggzy is who you choose, hands down. Want something new to do? Get two or three Buggzys together to see if you can make Jason rage quit!  

Counselor #2: Deborah Kim 



  • Perk #1: Tinker 
  • Perk #2: Marathon 
  • Perk #3: Escape Artist 

While Chad was the rich dude that everyone knows, Deborah is that smart nerd everyone knows. Oh wait, did that sound negative? It’s not, Debbie’s rad as hell! Deborah is the best in the game at Repairing things and when equipped with the Tinker Perk she’s a monster at completing Objectives. You’ll be fixing Cars, Boats, Phone lines, ALL THE BROKE THINGS SHALL WORK. The only real weakness of Deb’s is that she has super low Stamina. How are you gonna run away from Jason when you’re alone? Well, luckily you can toss on that Marathon Perk to make Jason work to put Deborah in the ground! Oh no, he caught up with you? Hope you remembered to lock in Escape Artist before the match started! You remember all three of these and you can stop worrying and get your job done.  

Counselor #1: A. J. Mason 



  • Perk #1: My Dad’s a Cop 
  • Perk #2: Low Profile  
  • Perk #3: Marathon 

Okay, there’s not even a doubt in my mind about this, but A.J. is legit the best Counselor in the game. Do you ever wonder what if Solid Snake was a Scene-y Goth girl? A.J. is the answer. Her high Stealth and stellar fashion makes sure you’ll be the coolest person to survive Jason Voorhees’ murder spree! When you start, equip My Dad’s a Cop. Her high Repair Stat is something that will make sure that others will come to you to get things fixed if there’s not a Deborah or Lachappa around. And even if there is, fine. You’ll pick that Phone Fuse off their dead bodies! Further your Stealth supremacy by adding on the Low Profile Perk to make sure Jason won’t see you even if he’s using his Sense abilities. Oh wait, he saw you? No worries! Keep your third Perk slot filled with Marathon and you’ll have no trouble running away when he’s hot on your trail! You’re a survivor! 

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