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While many fans just watch their favourite films and call it a day, others use their creativity and create their own film. That is what distinguishes average fans from fantastic fans. While fan films are similar to home videos, it's remarkable to watch how they've evolved into exquisite works of art capable of teaching even Hollywood films a thing or two. Consider the following ten of the finest fan films that are truly worth seeing.


10. Batman: Dead End

It would be a crime to put Batman: Dead End on a list of the best Batman fan films. The renowned short reintroduced fan-films to a whole new audience. Dead End, directed by Sandy Collora, had its premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con over 16 years ago and was quickly posted online. It's incredible how much the filmmakers accomplished on a modest $30,000 budget. There is so much to like in this seven-minute short, from Clark Bartram's depiction of a muscular, intimidating Batman to the late Andrew Koenig's superb performance as a really unsettling Joker. And that's before we even get to the huge storyline shock at the conclusion!


9. The Batman Chronicles

The Batman Chronicles is a three-part television series that chronicles the youthful Bruce Wayne's struggle against the development of crime and corruption in Gotham. The series was sponsored via Indiegogo and stars editor Joseph Petruccio's brother, Daniel, as Gotham's Caped Crusader. With a budget of only $18,000, The Batman Chronicles has an impressive production value, competent performance from its cast, and an engaging narrative that will keep you interested throughout its brief length. To top it off, actor Anthony Misiano gives The Joker a distinct twist, portraying him as practically normal with glimpses of something evil and psychotic simmering under the surface. With notable cameos by Catwoman, James Gordon, and Alfred, The Batman Chronicles is certainly worth checking out.


8. Batman: The Bloody Valentine

Are you up for a musical starring Batman and The Joker? Batman: The Bloody Valentine is a lighthearted, if violent, short film that mocks the supposedly psychosexual connection between Gotham's defender and the Clown Prince of Crime. George and Harry Kirby of K&K Productions created the picture for Valentine's Day. It shows Nicholas Anscombe's Joker holding a dozen people captive while performing a warped version of Nat King Cole's "When I Fall In Love" in honour of his arch-nemesis.

Bloody Valentine is a well-made film with an intriguing storyline that will keep you fascinated. If not for The Joker's abnormally large phoney chin, this fan video would be near-perfection.

7. Batgirl: Spoiled

Batgirl: Spoiled has it all: clever dialogue, excellent acting, and a very appealing heroine. Batgirl is on the hunt in the premiere episode of a now-defunct online series when she comes across a bunch of evil men who jointly outnumber and overwhelm her. Things begin to deteriorate until two unexpected friends intervene to rescue the day. You'll have to wait and see who those two may be.

Marisha Ray portrays a humorous Batgirl / Stephanie Brown as she deals with all the familiar components of a Gotham City narrative. It's a pity that Warner Bros. intervened halfway through and destroyed the enjoyment the creators of this short were having.


6. Nightwing The Series 2014

Dick Grayson has shown not just his ability to be an excellent sidekick as Robin, but also as a stand-alone crime fighter when he assumed the mantle of Nightwing. Perhaps the finest superhero who deserves his own film, some fans decided not to produce a short film on the character, but rather a complete five-episode series. It is without a doubt one of the finest superhero fan films you will ever see.
Interestingly, the series earns accolades despite the absence of Batman. With the assistance of Barbara Gordon aka Oracle, Nightwing confronts his most formidable adversary to date: Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. When the resurrected Jason Todd appears in Gotham City as the Red Hood, everything changes.

5. Batman: Puppet Master

Batman: Puppet Master is one of the finest post-Nolan fan efforts. Following the assassination of Harvey Dent, Gotham is beset by a fresh crime wave. Scarface and other sinister forces have emerged to fill voids left by the mafia. And then there's Edward Nygma, the enigmatic FBI agent who seems to have found a scandal surrounding Dent's death.

Director Bryan Nest makes an attempt to emulate Nolan's approach, which is both a strength and a weakness of the picture. While some performances, such as The Ventriloquist, are spectacular, others are corny or overblown. Nonetheless, Puppet Master is a member of an exclusive club of fan films. It's so well-produced that you could easily mistake certain sequences for those from one of Nolan's films.


4. Batman Evolution

By definition, Batman films do not have to be dark and gloomy. Batman Evolution is a creative reimagining of the old Adam West outfit, explaining how the suit evolved from colorful and comical to dark and tactical. While the video is far from serious, it is incredibly amusing and is certain to elicit a giggle or two. Peter Cornwell's Evolution stars Eric Gable as a very believable Batman, Joel Hebner as a funny, charismatic Black Mask, and Mark Erman as a bygone era Robin. In terms of fan films, Batman Evolution is one of the greatest!


3. Flashpoint Batman Vs Killmonger

Including anything from Bat In The Sun Productions seems a little unfair at this point, given how amazing they are and how long they've been around, but the famed crew of Bat-nerds began as amateur filmmakers with a pair of cameras and deserve to be included on this list.

In one of their most recent superhero battles, they match Thomas Wayne aka "Flashpoint" Batman against one of Marvel's most complex villains, Killmonger, in what may be one of the greatest Batman-related fan projects on the internet. The production is flawless, and the short is a joy to see. Killmonger's portrayal comes out as a touch too forceful, but apart from that, this is a short worth seeing again. Additionally, amateur film favorite Kevin Porter, who has previously portrayed Batman, returns in the cowl, which is reason enough to click.


2. Ripper

Inspired by Gotham By Gaslight, Ripper follows Batman as he investigates a mystery killing spree in Victorian-era London. As the world's best detective, Batman must hunt down and apprehend a crazy serial murderer known only as "Jack the Ripper."

Ripper is a love letter to both Gotham By Gaslight and 1960s and 1970s Italian horror films. The short film has the style of a low-budget period piece drama on PBS or Hallmark, which makes it all the more charming for some strange reason. What really distinguishes filmmaker James Campbell's work is the last five minutes. It's a chilling encounter between Batman and the titular Jack the Ripper... followed by a gut-punch surprise!


1. The Laughing Man

The Laughing Man is, without a doubt, the finest Batman fan film that has ever been created. Ironically, it does not involve Batman and never makes an explicit reference to the Joker. The Laughing Man is about a crazed murderer (hint, hint) who infiltrates a mental rehabilitation hospital, as the title indicates. Needless to say, not everything goes according to plan for everyone involved.

The Hallivis Brothers have developed a 20-minute take on the Clown Prince that is nasty, violent, and absolutely NSFW. They were heavily influenced by Scott Snyder's 'Death of the Family' comics and the New 52's Joker. Zach Avery portrays Batman's enemy in a highly disturbing manner without ever attempting to replicate past cinematic portrayals. Avery's unique perspective elevates The Laughing Man to new heights. While it is improbable, a sequel to The Laughing Man including The Dark Knight does not seem horrible.



Although fan-made Batman films can’t reach the level of Nolan or Snyder’s level of direction, they are pretty fun to watch. Since it is an effort by true fans of the dark knight!
I hope you found this list fun to read, make sure to check out a few fan films from this list.

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