[Top 15] Best Batman Wallpapers That Look Amazing

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The only thing better than Batman games - Batman Wallpapers!

You can find lots of amazing HD wallpapers online but nothing matches badass-ery as a Batman wallpaper! Albeit movies, comics or video games – Batman illustrations are out of this world!

Let’s take a look at the most amazing and badass dark knight wallpapers that will complement your home screen.


1. The Dark Knight Batman Wallpapers

This classic wallpaper of Christian Bale as the Batman in the second of the Nolan Trilogies is one of the most popular wallpapers you’ll find online. The iconic Sinister Knight wallpaper provides the dark sense of the Dark Knight emerging from the shadows. 

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2. Arkham Knight Armor Wall Batman Wallpapers

This futuristic costume is one of the coolest on Batman. It’s the Arkham Knight from Batman’s Arkham Knight. It seems to be a cross between Batman Beyond and his Armor Suit from Batman vs. Superman. In any case, the video game got it right.

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3. The Killing Joke Wallpaper

A wallpaper inspired by one of the finest animated Batman films ever created. It tells the account of Barbara Gordon's paralysis. The wallpaper is a terrific way to remember an incredible film.

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Two of DC's biggest heroes go head-to-head. Even if you didn't like the film, the marketing was excellent. What happens when an inexorable force collides with an immovable object?

You get two in one with this wallpaper.

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5. The Lego Movie Batman Wallpapers

The Lego Batman Wallpaper is ideal for anybody who likes both Lego and Batman. The film was amazing, and the publicity surrounding it was even better. Why not share your two interests with the rest of the world?

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6. Batman 80th Anniversary Wallpaper

The 80th-anniversary wallpaper might become a valuable collector piece one day. It wouldn't be a bad idea if you could get your hands on it one day.

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7. Batgirl

Batgirl, who was left out of the guys' club in the preceding picture, is still present in Arkham Knight. In the primary tale, she is Oracle, the wheelchair-bound tech-whiz who was ripped off to create Felicity on Arrow.

Batgirl is playable in Arkham Knight in both the AR challenges and the DLC A Matter of Family, when she partners up with Tim Drake to save her father from the Joker—though she really accomplishes most of the job alone. In this picture, she stands (or crouches) alone, ready to kick some ass, demonstrating that, although she'll work alongside the guys of the Bat-Family, she doesn't need them guarding her back.

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8. Batman

This wallpaper features the Arkham Knight Batsuit, displaying the Dark Knight in all his gliding magnificence. In Arkham Knight, it also depicts the status of Gotham.

It also contrasts with the previous wallpaper, in which he is accompanied by his comrades. Despite their existence in the game, Batman spends the most of his time attempting to keep them away from the events in Gotham. Despite the fact that he works better with teammates, Batman would prefer to fly alone than confess that he needs assistance.

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9. The Batmobile

Though it appeared in the previous two Arkham games, Arkham Knight now allows the player to drive the Batmobile, which has been modified from the more conventional vehicle seen in the first two games to a tank-like beast. It's a good thing the city has been abandoned, for this creature is difficult to manage and would surely trample any residents in its path. The nicest part about having the Batmobile is how simple it is to navigate about the city. Tank engagements are the worst.

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10. The Arkham Knight

The Arkham Knight, along with Scarecrow, is Arkham Knight's major antagonist (who would have guessed? It's right there in the title). Though many people were not surprised by his identity, the narrative offered is an intriguing variation on the traditional A Death in the Family theme.

Jason Todd never killed in this version, but was kept alive and tortured into becoming a militia commander. His grudge against Batman is motivated less by his failure to kill the Joker and more by his mistaken belief that Bruce abandoned him to die. This graphic demonstrates the armoured Arkham Knight appearance, as well as the power he carries with him—a force to be reckoned with.

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11. BvS

Opinions on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice differ (to say the least), but I would argue that it has the greatest on screen Batsuit. Bid farewell to clumsy armour, rubber, and/or nipples.

Ben Affleck sported a grey-and-black suit in his premiere, complete with a large bat symbol that you can really see (looking at you, Nolan).

This wallpaper depicts the game's portrayal of the suit, which I utilised instead of the default suit during my entire playthrough of the game.

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12. The Red Hood

Jason Todd, unlike Batman and most of his friends, is not hesitant to employ fatal force. In the Post-Game, he also embraces his comic persona as the Red Hood, foregoing the Arkham Knight armour in favour of a more conventional appearance. This wallpaper depicts the Red Hood's new appearance as well as the fatal power he wields over his foes.

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13. The Man Wonder?

Though I appreciate the outfit Robin wears in Arkham Knight, I'm not a fan of the facial sculpt, which makes Tim seem like he's in his forties. Though it's never stated explicitly how old he's meant to be, he's referred to as a "boy" in Arkham City, with Arkham Knight taking place nine months later. I'd say he's in his twenties, if I had to guess. Despite this discrepancy, Robin is prepared to confront Gotham's vermin.

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14. Batman Illustration

This majestic Batman wallpaper is an illustration and not an image from a game, movie or comic. The Batman illustration on the Gotham bridge is a classic wallpaper that your computer can be rocking. Batman standing near a burning object and a darkened face is something Gotham’s criminals visualise in their nightmares! A ray of hope for innocents and a dark knight for the wrong doers!

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15. Robert Pattinson Batman

The latest Robert Pattinson Batman is on his way to the big screens. If you’re a true batman fan you must be looking forward to the newest Batman. Even though the movie hasn’t dropped at the time of writing this post, but the cool wallpapers have! Rock the Robert Pattinson Batman on your PC or mobile background with this wallpaper.

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These were some of the most amazing wallpapers of Gotham’s protector! I hope you enjoyed going through this article and singled out some of these images to be saved as your background wallpaper. Make sure to leave a comment below if you find any cool Batman wallpapers that aren’t included in the list!

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