Top 10 Games Like Alien Isolation (Games Better Than Alien Isolation In Their Own Way)

Games Like Alien Isolation
In your living room, everyone can hear you scream...

Top 10 Survival Horror Games Like Alien Isolation

For a hardcore fan of the original Alien film, Alien Isolation is a nightmare come true (in the BEST possible way). Horrifying, atmospheric, and constantly pulse-pounding, it was able to recapture the true essence of what made the original movie so frightening and powerful.

And it did this by taking major cues from the new wave of survival/horror games. So the great news is, if you’re looking for more experiences like Alien Isolation to scare you silly; you’re in luck!

Here are 10 awesome games similar to Alien Isolation that are guaranteed to thrill and maybe make you start sleeping with the lights on:...

10. SOMA

SOMA Gameplay Walkthrough

Enter PATHOS-II: a sub-aquatic facility in a state of disrepair, and home to some seriously menacing stuff. You are put in the shoes of Simon Jarrett, who has absolutely no idea how he ended up in such a terrible place. Years of isolation have resulted in the facility’s advanced machines becoming sentient and insane—as if the horrific creatures lurking the halls weren’t enough already. It’s no use trying to fight these things, so your only hope is to hide—and try to find out what the hell happened down here.

SOMA comes from the creators of Amnesia: Dark Descent (Frictional Games). That game was basically the pioneer of this style of survival/horror, so it’s fairly safe to trust in their ability to make you question your sanity. Like Amnesia, SOMA is played through a first-person perspective and features absolutely no combat—you’ve just got to run, hide, and outsmart everything that’s trying to murder you (no big deal…).

Humanity’s in short supply down here: a variety of horrifying things are waiting to greet you in PATHOS-II

Keep a cool head: although there are no weapons for you to defend yourself, you may be able to use the tech you find to your advantage

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