Top 10 Best Survival Horror Games for Android

Best Survival Horror Games Android, Best Android Survival Horror Games
Top 10 horror games on Android for you to scream while taking the train.

Like consoles, Android has great survival horror games as well. Here are the top 10 best survival horror games on Android for you to play anywhere. 


10. Five Nights at Freddy’s

You play as a night guard named Mike Schmidt who watches over Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza at night. The issue is that the animatronics roam at night, and seek to kill Mike. You are to make sure that Mike finishes his night shift without getting killed. 

The game is from the first-person perspective. You are supposed to use cameras to keep an eye on the animatronics and keep them out of the room you are in by shutting the doors. You must do those two things wisely as it drains batteries. 

An animatronic attacking the player.

9. Ultimate Custom Night (Five Nights at Freddy’s) 

If you wanted a Five’s Night of Freddy’s game where you customized a night the way you want it, this is the game for you. You can choose any animatronic you want to try to kill you, and you can make them as difficult as you like. 

This game has all the animatronics (from FNAF1 to FNAF6) meaning you can have a night with animatronics from different games. The game plays like the other games where you use your camera to keep an eye on animatronics and prevent them from killing you. 

An animatronic attacking the player. 


8. Alien: Blackout 

If you want a horror game where you can control the outcome of the ending, this is a good one for you. You and other survivors are trapped in a spaceship with a Xenomorph that is hunting you down one by one. You must control the map to guide the crew to safety. 

It is one of those games where your actions change what ending you get. Each chapter involves you commanding your crew to hide and be safe before the power runs out. Once the power runs out, the alien can attack the crew without your intervention. 

A Xenomorph chasing a survivor. 


7.  Ao Oni

In this retro-style game, you play as Hiroshi who goes to a haunted mansion with three of his friends. You soon find that you are being hunted down by a blue demon, and you must find a way to escape the mansion. 

Throughout the game, you get stalked by a blue demon and you eventually encounter more of them. The game is very creepy. If you want to play a horror game that looks retro, then check Ao Oni out. 

The player first encountering (and being chased by) the blue demon. 


6. Corpse Party 

If you want to experience a story-driven horror game on Android, then here comes Corpse Party. You play as students, most of them in high school, who find themselves in a haunted elementary school. You must get the students out of there while finding out what is going on. 

The game is split into five chapters, and you can get one of the multiple endings this game has to offer. The school is creepy to explore, and the music does a good job of making it creepy. Check this game out, especially if you are into anime. 

Two of the students trying to save another student from ghosts. 


5. Dim Light 

In a game where the only things you can see is what your flashlight enables you to see, you must escape from a hospital. Due to your limited vision by your flashlight, you may not know a monster is around until you see one near. All you can do is run. 

In this game, you can’t defend yourself with any weapon; you just have to run. The limited vision does give a sense of fear and paranoia because you don’t know what is around the corner. Furthermore, you can’t see your character other than his footsteps. The sounds the monsters make is disturbing. 

The player (can only be seen by footsteps) being chased by a monster down the hall. 


4. Paranormal Territory

If you want to play a paranormal horror game that takes place in a modern home, then Paranormal Territory has you covered. You come home one day from work and find your family is gone. You explore to find them, but only to find horrific things going on in the home. 

This game is in the first-person view, and you search the home for the protagonist’s wife and kids. Throughout the game, you experience paranormal events going on in the home. The game is short but scary. 

The player seeing dark apparitions in a room. 


3. Granny 

You are trapped in a house with a demonic granny. You must find a way out of the house before the demonic granny catches you and kills you. 

The premise is simple, you are in a house with a monster (the granny) and you have to solve puzzles to escape the house. The granny is horrifying and is you do not want her chasing you. The harder the difficulty is, the faster the granny is. 

The granny attacking the player.


2. Granny: Chapter 2

In Chapter 2 about the demonic granny, a demonic grandpa joins the granny to keep you in the home and kill you. You must find a way out before they kill you. 

The game plays much like the first game and the premise is the same; you are trapped in the home and you must escape. You can choose if you want to deal with the granny or grandpa or even both if you dare; the granny moves fast while the grandpa doesn’t hear as well, but does more damage to you. If you like the first game, then check out this game. 

The player encountering (and being chased by) the grandpa.

1. Lost Within 

In this horrifying game, you must survive an asylum that is haunted. You can defend yourself with weapons, but you must conserve your resources as you can run out. If you run out, you will never escape the asylum. 

You must escape the asylum while fighting off (or running away) from horrifying monsters. Throughout the game, you do find out what is going on in the asylum. If you like to experience a Resident Evil-like game, you should check out Lost Within. 

A monster chasing the player (who is trying to hide in a locker). 

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