[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Girl Heroes That Are Great!

Let these heroes show the power that every girl can contribute!

Girl players are often seen as weak, can't defend themselves, and rely only on teammates. But that's a big NO because in this article we're going to talk about the Top 10 Best Girl Heroes that girl players can use in the game to show how strong they are just like the heroes on this list.

10. Angela - The Loveable Guardian

"It's my job to help people." - Angela

Worry no more because your guardian Angela is on her way to save you! 

This amazing support hero has a unique capability. She can teleport to every corner of the map. When her teammate is running off of HP and being chased by an opponent, the "Heart Guard" ultimate of Angela can save her teammate's life. This skill can also be a great support for a longer team fight. It has offensive ability, capable of slowing down enemies while dealing continuous damage, and defensive ability, capable of giving shields and additional HP to teammates. 

Angela's first skill, "Love Wave" is responsible for healing nearby teammates and dealing magical damage to enemies. There are no expert tips on how to use this skill because it's versatile, and perfect whatever battle situation is. This skill not only heals Angela's teammates but it's also capable of healing herself. 

"Puppet on a String" is Angela's second skill. It has a slow effect perfect for harassing enemies' jungle in the early game. Angela can harass her laning opponent using her second skill. This skill is very essential during a team fight. It can immobilize enemies, preventing them from escaping.  

All that you're looking for is Angela! She can heal, deal damage, protect and save. She's all in one! This makes her amazing! 

What Makes Angela Great?

  • She can save teammates quickly wherever they are. 
  • Has offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Great healer, great support.

See Angela In Action:



9. Lesley - The Dangerous Shooter

"Sniper ready, give me a target." - Lesley

Hiding in a bush is useless, Lesley will hunt and kill you! 

With her ability to disappear in a couple of seconds, she can check any bush without fear of being ambushed. She can move quickly, essential for chasing enemies and escaping from dangerous opponents' attacks. This skill gives Lesley high mobility. 

She also has a high range of attacks just like other marksmen but what makes her different from the rest is no one can escape from her dangerous ultimate. When you're alone in the lane with low HP and you see Lesley preparing her sniper, be ready to die 'cause it's impossible to stay alive. 

What Makes Lesley Great:

  • Perfect for ambush attacks.
  • Has high mobility perfect for taking objectives.
  • Has high output damage.

See Lesley In Action: 

MANIAC!! Crazy Outplay Lesley One Shot Delete!! - Build Top 1 Global Lesley ~ MLBB


8. Silvanna - The Indestructible Knight

"I have a heart of light, therefore I do not fear the darkness!" - Silvanna

No one can escape her power, whoever you are. 

This fighter hero has unique skills and passive. Her passive skill reduces enemies' magic defense making her capable of melting tank heroes. Amazing right? But wait there's more! 

Silvanna's first skill can stun an enemy letting her cast her ultimate which allows her to bind enemies with her. Enemies affected by her ultimate can't move and can't cast skills. Her second skill pulls the target towards her. It feels like Silvanna is sipping her enemies when casting her second skill. When you see Silvanna jumping toward you, expect no one to help because you don't have any left choice but to die!

What Makes Silvanna Great: 

  • Indestructible in 1v1 fight.
  • High movement speed and attack speed.
  • Has an exceptional crowd control ability.

See Silvanna in Action: 

MVP OFFLANE!! Silvanna Full Damage Build is Broken - Build Top 1 Global Silvanna ~ MLBB


7. Kadita - The Beautiful Queen of Southern Seas

"No one has the power to control the seas, except for me." - Kadita

Kadita can suffocate you to death! 

Her ability comes from the sea. With her extraordinary and deadly skill combo, no one can escape from her suffocating power. She can disappear and appear in your chosen area. This is perfect when you're ganking and initiating a team fight. 

Furthermore, Kadita has an excellent crowd control ability. She is capable of immobilizing an opponent while preparing for a dive fight! When Kadita dives and disappears in a circle of water, expect that there will be a voice saying "You have slain an enemy!",  "An enemy has been slain", "Double Kill", "Triple Kill", "Maniac", and possibly "Savage!"

What Makes Kadita Great: 

  • Has high burst damage.
  • Great initiator abilities.
  • High Mobility.

See Kadita in Action: 



6. Benedetta - The Shadow Ranger

"If there is no way I will make my own." - Benedetta

You can't escape from Benedetta. She has her way of hunting you!

This hero executes her unique cool way of skills. Benedetta runs away, leaving a shadow in her front. Her shadow slashes forward in a fan-shaped area after a brief delay. It deals 60% physical damage and slows enemies by 60% for half a second. Her second skill is greatly used in defending. She gains immunity control and she blocks damage using her second skill while dealing 80% physical damage. Additionally, her ultimate gives her unlimited dash within an area while slowing all enemies by 70% for 1 second inside the rectangle she made. This is a great opportunity for Benedetta to attack and kill heroes. 

What Makes Benedetta Great: 

  • She has high burst damage.
  • She's very strong in the early game.
  • She can counter all crowd control heroes.

See Benedetta in Action: 



5. Guinevere - The Genius Magician

"I'm born with talent." - Guinevere

Don't be a fool of her beauty. It's a trap. She can kill you in an instant. 

This beautiful fighter hero deals a high burst of magic damage making you immobilized and can't fight back. When you see Guinevere jump towards your area expect that she'll give you an unforgettable brutal death. This is because of her passive skill and her unique skill-set. 

Her ultimate skill is not just a simple ultimate because it can knock you up 6 times! You can't escape from her ultimate. You left no choice but to accept all magical damage that she releases. 

Furthermore, Guinevere's passive skill gives her an additional 20% magic damage while changing her attack range. It also gives her 10% additional HP. She'll send a ball of energy that deals damage with an additional 70% slow effect to an enemy. In addition, she can jump to a specific location and knock up or airborne her enemy for 1 second. It does not only immobilize the enemy for a second but it also deals magic damage and allows Guinevere to dash out in team fights leaving her clone. That's the reason why Guinevere is a great hero. She can trick you by wasting your skills on her clone! 

What Makes Guinevere Great: 

  • She has a deadly crowd control.
  • She's good at initiating team fights.
  • She has a deadly combo skill.

See Guinevere In Action: 

26 Kills!! Guinevere Post Buff Gameplay - Build Top 1 Global Guinevere ~ MLBB


4. Kagura - The  Adorable Onmyouji Master

“There are hundreds of monsters living in my umbrella." - Kagura

Don't belittle her umbrella. It's unique, magical, and deadly only made for Kagura! 

Kagura is a mage hero that has a unique weapon, it's her umbrella. Don't get too close because it can kill you within a second. With her combined magical damage and unique passive skill, Kagura will leave no one alive, not even you! 

It's because her passive skill gives her a shield and it can stun and slow down nearby enemies. When Kagura throws her umbrella, it deals damage and gives a slow effect on nearby enemies. Using her umbrella, she can dash to her desired area that's why it's hard to capture Kagura. If Kagura chooses to return to her umbrella, she can stun enemies due to her passive. And lastly, her ultimate skill can kill you by knocking you back and linking nearby enemies towards her powerful umbrella. 

What Makes Kagura Great: 

  • She has long-range and melee attacks.
  • Great in crowd controlling.
  • She has high mobility.
  • Undeniably high burst damage.

See Kagura in Action: 

RIP SAVAGE! Midlane Kagura Best Build 2022 [ Top 1 Global Kagura Gameplay ] By SkyHigh


3. Freya - The Almighty Warrior

"We never claim to be undefeated, but unbreakable." - Freya

Prepare yourself because Freya the strongest warrior of Northern Vale is about to show how powerful she is! 

This unbreakable fighter hero has 4 skills with her passive. Her passive makes her a fearsome hero. It increases her attack speed and gives her massive damage while enhancing her first and second skills.

Her first skill allows her to jump into her desired area dealing 75% physical damage to enemies. It can be used to initiate an attack, chase an enemy, and a great escape tool from tough situations. Her second skill allows Freya to dash and gain a shield while dealing 95% physical damage and it has a 30% slow effect on enemies for 0.5 seconds. Lastly, 

Freya's ultimate is best used during a fight, as it provides her with a shield and increases her damage. This makes her a strong and independent fighter. No other word best describes Freya, all I know is she is GREAT! 

What Makes Freya Great: 

  • She has a good crowd control.
  • She has high critical damage.
  • She is a fighter with initiator skills.

See Freya In Action: 



2. Esmeralda - The Deadly Dancer

"You don't want to dance?" - Esmeralda

Make sure to watch out for every step she makes if you don't want to suffer from her magical dance! 

Esmeralda can move faster through the first skill which gives her an additional movement speed. It also gives her an extra amount of shield while absorbing the enemy's shield. Upon using the second skill, Esmeralda deals physical and magical damage and slows the enemy for 1.5 seconds. Her ultimate skill allows her to blink and burst damage to enemies. It deals physical and magic damage. The longer she prepares to jump into a designated area the more power she gives. This can also be a great tool in escaping because she can in different walls using her ultimate skill.

She is a cool and great hero as she executes her skills through dancing. She may look calm and harmless but don't get fooled because she can chase and bring you to death. 

What Makes Esmeralda Great: 

  • She has an unlimited shield.
  • She has great damage plus high mobility.
  • She has a very short skill cooldown.

See Esmeralda In Action: 

Unstoppable Offlane Esmeralda Perfect Gameplay - Build Top 1 Global Esmeralda ~ MLBB


1. Masha - The Strongest Leader

"My hands are made for fighting!" - Masha

Keep your distance! Watch out how Masha's hands destroy everything in a snap! 

Masha is a tank hero who doesn't have any weapons. She uses her hands to fight and defend. What makes her more unique is her ability to melt sustain tank heroes like Esmeralda and Uranus and durable tanks like Tigreal and Khufra. 

She has a total of 3 HP bars. When she loses an HP bar, she can block the damage once. In other words, she will always get new full HP bars no matter how much damage she takes. She will also receive some attribute bonuses whenever she loses HP bars. She gets a +10 percent Physical Life steal every time she loses her HP bars.

Moreover, With 60 percent Resilience, she can recover from crowd control effects faster, lasting for 0.8 seconds. Every 1% loss of HP (3 bars combined) will result in a 1.2 attack speed increase. WOW! 

She can also disarm the enemy just by using her second skill. Disarm means enemies can use skills but not basic attacks. The Disarm effect lasts for 2 seconds. So when you see Masha running toward you, prepare to step backward because no one beats Masha! 

What Makes Masha Great: 

  • Very fast in pushing turrets.
  • Can kill Lord and Turtle in a short time.
  • Has high mobility.

See Masha In Action: 

Hybrid Tank Build!! Masha Spirited Gauntlet New Skin MVP Plays! - Build Top 1 Global Masha

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