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If you’re a tank user, there were times when you probably didn’t know what to build. There are many defensive items in Mobile Legends and they are all meant to be used depending on the situation. This article will help you identify which defensive items works best in a particular match and against a specific lineups and heroes. As a tank, knowledge on what item to purchase is critical in order to win.

10. Blade Armor

Blade Armor can be a really damn good item when most enemies deal physical damage. Not only does it give the highest physical defense but also reflect 25% of physical damage received back to its attackers. This defense item, combined with tank passive skills and other defensive gears, can be a great way for tanks to be more offensive while still doing their role’s responsibilities.

What makes Blade Armor great:

  • It’s the cheapest complete defense item you could buy
  • It counters a physical damage lineup

Blade Armor details:

  • +90 Physical Defense

9. Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet is the magic defense counterpart of the Blade Armor. Instead of dealing back damage to attackers, however, this defense item burns all surrounding units instead, arming tanks with a different way to become aggressive. Their difference lies in the stats; whereas Blade Armor gives physical defense, Cursed Helmet provides magic defense. The burn is dealt as magic damage, meaning this works well with tanks who use magic power.

What makes Curse Helmet great:

  • It’s the second cheapest complete defense item you could buy
  • It counters a magic damage lineup

Cursed Helmet details:

  • +1200 Health Points
  • +25 Magic Defense

8. Twilight Armor

Twilight Armor is the only physical defense item that heavily counters a burst physical attack. Because Twilight Armor puts significantly reduces the amount of physical damage it’s user will receive after reaching a point, it makes tanks last longer in team fights where they have to soak up massive blows in a single instance. This item would have definitely ranked higher if only it works in all situation, which isn’t true. There are matches and even heroes where Twilight Armor wouldn’t be as effective.

What makes Twilight Armor great:

  • It negates burst physical damage including ultimates and critical hits
  • It gives a lot of HP and mana

Twilight Armor details:

  • +1200 Health Points
  • +400 Mana

7. Queen’s Wings

Queen’s Wings is the item that says: “you’re not dead until you’re dead.” Why? Because this defensive item is a lifeline. Once its user’s health falls below 40%, it grants 30% damage reduction and 40% physical lifesteal. While the last bit is unnecessary for tanks, the damage reduction is what should be the focus. Damage reduction is good against both physical and magic damage, rendering this item a viable choice in most games.

What makes Queen’s Wings great:

  • It makes tanks extremely durable as their health go lower
  • It can be used by fighters as well

Queen’s Wings details:

  • +900 Health Points
  • +25 Physical Attack
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction

6. Brute Force Breastplate

Nowadays, Brute Force Breastplate is being used by tanks, fighters, and core marksmen due to the high mobility it comes with. This physical defense item increases its user’s movement speed by 6%, armor and magic resistance by 4% whenever attacking or casting skills. The broken thing is, this can stack up to 5 times! Although it’s not always a popular choice because most tanks would rather focus on aura items rather than buffs, Brute Force Breastplate remains one of the best multipurpose defense items in the game.

What makes Brute Force Breastplate great:

  • It gives insane movement speed, especially when paired with boots and other mobility items
  • It can be broken when combined with multi-instance skills that can quickly raise the stacks

Brute Force Breastplate details:

  • +750 Health Points
  • +50 Physical Defense

5. Oracle

Oracle boosts all regen and shield absorption effects by 30%, two stats that sum up many tanks. Heroes who use it receive an overall balanced defense that partly counters magic damage as well. This item is perfect for tanks who focus on regeneration and for fighters who build lifesteal and spell vamp items, which makes it a reasonable purchase for most occasions.

What makes Oracle great:

  • It’s the only item that amplifies regen and shield absorption effects
  • It can be used by tanks and fighters regardless of the situation
  • It grants cooldown reduction as a bonus

Oracle details:

  • +850 Health Points
  • +42 Magic Defense
  • +10%% Cooldown Reduction

4. Immortality

As the name suggests, Immortality means you don’t get to die when using it… at least until goes on cooldown. When activated, heroes who use it will be resurrected with 20% HP upon death. On top of that, Immortality is a physical defense item, too. During team fights, tanks who build Immortality can be more fearless when diving into towers or initiating because of the second life they have on the bag.

What makes Immortality great:

  • It prolongs the death of tanks which gives more space for allies to deal damage
  • It makes enemies hesitant to focus on tanks

Immortality details:

  • +800 Health Points
  • +40 Physical Defense

3. Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass is the best defensive item that counters physical damage. It’s used by most tanks all the time as it’s the one item packed with great defensive stats including HP, regen, and physical defense. When getting hit, this item’s unique passive lowers enemy heroes’ physical attack and magic power by 5%, which can stack up to 4 times!

What makes Antique Cuirass great:

  • It weakens enemy heroes physical and magic damage
  • It provides excellent defensive stats that counter physical damage heroes

Antique Cuirass details:

  • +900 Health Points
  • +30 Health Regeneration
  • +60 Physical Defense

2. Athena’s Shield

If Antique Cuirass is the best item against physical damage, then Athena’s Shield is the best item against magic damage. Because most magic heroes deal burst damage within seconds, it’s hard to absorb their skill shots without taking heavy loss. That’s when Athena’s Shield comes to the rescue. This item’s unique passive reduces all magic damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds when you get first hit by a skill. To activate it again, you have to stay out of the fight for 10 seconds, one of the best cooldowns in the game.

What makes Athena’s Shield great:

  • It’s the perfect counter against magic damage
  • It negates burst damage mages who kill in a flash

Athena’s Shield details:

  • +900 Health Points
  • +4 Health Regeneration
  • +62 Magic Defense

1. Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice applies a chilling touch wherever it goes. Equipped by a tank, this item would slow nearby enemies in both attack speed and movement speed. During team fights, the effect of Dominance Ice becomes outstanding as it diminishes the enemy lineup’s mobility and offense. It can be equipped by all tanks and is commonly purchased in every game due to its advantageous aura and decent stats.

What makes Dominance Ice great:

  • It weakens all nearby enemies’ attack and movement speed
  • It provides high physical defense to counter physical damage

Dominance Ice details:

  • +70 Physical Defense
  • +500 Mana
  • +5% Movement Speed


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