[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Attack Speed Heroes

Unlock your attack speed with these heroes.

Attack Speed refers to the rate at which a hero's basic attack may be repeatedly executed or spammed and caps off at 3.0. It may be enhanced by equipment, emblems, and a specific hero's skills, but does not involve other skills aside from the basic skill. Other skills may only enhance the basic attack. Marksmen are the main heroes dependent on Attack Speed, which is important in gaining advantage and momentum in attack scenarios, clearing lanes, advancing on opposition base and other similar objectives. Here are the Top 10 Mobile Legends Best Attack Speed Heroes according to the current meta.


10. Zilong

Zilong, The Spear of Dragon is one of the most feared heroes in Mobile Legends 2023 but is reliant on team composition, most likely due to meta. His basic attack is actually a combination of three strikes, while he has Buff, Heal, Crowd Control, Damage, Blink, Debuff and Speed Up as part of his skill set attributes. He is worthy of higher placement on this list but marksmen are more optimal in attack speed, depending on items, emblems and battle spell.

Concerning Attack Speed, Zilong has two skills worth mentioning, that actively enhance his 3 strike basic attack. His Passive Skill (Dragon Flurry) adds another three strikes to his basic attack. Each strike deals 30 (+40% Total Physical Attack) [Physical Basic Attack damage] and heals himself for 30 (+20% Total Physical Attack) HP. His Ultimate Skill (Supreme Warrior) enhances Movement Speed by 40%, Attack Speed by 45%–75% , and grants Slow Immunity for 7.5 seconds.

What makes Zilong Great for Attack Speed:

  • Skill Set - Zilong has a superb set of skills that strike in combos, making him a lethal combatant. His Ultimate Skill that enhances mobility and basic attack is his greatest asset in attack speed.
  • Second Skill (Spear Strike) - This skill automatically cools down if a target is successfully eliminated. It also has range, where he can strike from far. In terms of attack speed, this is his second best asset after his ultimate.
  • Mobility - Zilong is fast paced with range, and especially through the use of his Ultimate Skill. He is a top ganker and laner for this reason where his attack speed feeds off his mobility.

See Zilong in action: 

9. Harley

Harley, The Mage Genius is a spectacular Mage Assassin who would rank higher on this list if it wasn’t for build items and battle spells that give marksmen the added advantage. He is a super fast striker, known for his Ultimate ability to lock-on and unleash a ring of fire around a target with continuous burst damage. His skills consist of Blink, Speed Up, Burst, Buff, Area of Effect, Buff and Debuff effects. Harley also has a sibling buff when Leslie is selected in the same team.

His First and Second Skills are known for Attack Speed. His First Skill (Poker Trip) deals 30 / 146 / 162 / 178 / 194 / 210 (+25% Magic Power) Magic Damage on first opponent strike and increases his attack speed by 10%, stacking up to 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 or a maximum 40% / 40% / 45% / 45% / 50% / 50% Attack Speed for 3 seconds. His Second Skill (Space Escape) is a blink that allows him to teleport and return to engagement position. It increases his movement by 40% which can be translated into attack.

What makes Harley Great for Attack Speed:

  • Skill Set - Harley’s skills are all buffed with burst, mobility and movement speed. As an assassin, he has immense speed while Magic Damage tops it all off.
  • Damage - Harley can deal stacked damage while increasing his mobility and attack speed. He is a one hit hero, especially if his skills are engaged in a combination.
  • Mobility - Plus his ability to teleport, burst and buff adding on to enhanced attack speed and mobility, Harley is extremely fast paced and sets the tempo for most games when played with mastery.

See Harley in action: 

8. Hanabi

Hanabi, The Scarlet Flower is a Finisher who specializes in Damage. She is known for her ability to deal extra damage through her Passive Skill (Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage) that allows her petals to bounce up to 4 times on targets. Her skills consist of Buff, Shield, Crowd Control and Area of Effect.

She has always been a hero who has been dependent on attack speed, since she lacked a defensive mechanism before her revamp which now includes a shield as part of her skill set. In terms of attack speed, her First Skill (Ninjutsu: Equinox) generates 300–600 (+40% Total Physical Attack) shield for 5 seconds. Hanabi gains 20% Movement Speed, 25% Attack Speed, and Control Immunity while the shield is in effect. During this effect, 20% of the damage dealt will also be added to its value. Her Ultimate Skill (Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana) immobilizes multiple opponents and increases her damage dealt by 20% in decaying time.

What makes Hanabi Great for Attack Speed:

  • Skill Set - As a Finisher who specializes in Damage, Hanabi’s skills are designed to stage the path for spamming her basic skill. Her Ultimate increases damage while her First Skill increases her basic attack speed.
  • Shield - She used to be the weakest and easiest marksman in ML till her revamp. Her Shield allows her to be more engaging in battle, where she has damage and attack speed to successfully carry out objectives.
  • AoE/CC - Her ultimate skill can immobilize multiple opponents at once, while her attack speed has the potential to follow through in attack. 

See Hanabi in action: 

7. Bruno

Bruno, The Protector is currently one of the most feared marksmen in Mobile Legends, depending on team composition. He specializes in Burst as a Finisher and comes at a highly valuable deal of 15,000 Battle Points, 17,000 less than the average hero cost. His skills have Buff, Damage, Blink, Crowd Control and Slow effects.

Though he relies on his spamming his basic skill, his other skills actively enhance his basic ability. First is in his Passive Skill (Mecha Legs) which allows 80% extra Attack Speed from all attack sources. His First and Second Skills also enhance his basic but his Ultimate Skill (Worldie) is worth mentioning. The target enemy hero is hit by Bruno's Energy Ball, which does 250–450 (+83% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and knocks them back. After that, up to 10 times, the energy ball bounces amongst adjacent opponents, dealing 150–270 (+50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage each time. The enemy's Physical Defense is also decreased by 4% to 8% for 8 seconds (maximum of 3 stacks) after each hit.

What makes Bruno Great for Attack Speed:

  • Skill Combo - Bruno has a solid combination of skills that perform on Attack Speed and Damage. He can buff himself through his First Skill, blink through his Second Skill and engage his Ultimate Skill which has Crowd Control Effects.
  • Passive Skill - Mecha Legs enhances all other skills by 80% Attack Speed.
  • Mobility - Aside from his blink/dash abilities, Bruno is extremely mobile and may use his attack speed as movement speed since he has a Passive Skill that enhances all his other abilities.

See Bruno in action: 

6. Wanwan

Wanwan, The Agile Tiger may be the hardest marksman to master on this list for most. She is known for her unforgiving Ultimate Skill (Crossbow of Tang) that sends her into a concealed state while mercilessly firing needles. This skill cannot be countered and requires opponents to be marked with HP levels less than 50% and having hit all their skills, hence her high level of mastery. Her skills are made up of Buff, Blink, Area of Effect, Crowd Control and Debuff attributes.

She is an unusual style of hero due to the way she jumps around rather than generally pacing, strolling, or running. While her Second Skill is a debuff and her First Skill stuns and slows down opponents, her Ultimate Skill is the main reason behind her placing on this list. If Wanwan kills an enemy hero while her ultimate is still in effect, she will switch to targeting a different opponent for an additional 1 second (maximum at 3 times[ up to 5.5 seconds]), and speed up her attack by 30%. She relies mostly on her unique movement and spamming her basic skill in gameplay.

What makes Wanwan Great for Attack Speed:

  • Ultimate Skill - As stated, Wawan’s Ultimate Skill is merciless, especially in Attack Speed where it is enhanced by 30% while in a state of concealment and being able to lock on one opponent at a time after successful kills, for its entire duration.
  • Unique Movement - Her movement is unlike any other hero. It engages well with her Basic Attack and is quite tricky to defend against. Her debuff and stun skills also aid in attack once an opponent is immobilized.
  • Debuff - Through her Second Skill (Needles in Flowers) Wanwan debuffs crowd control effects from herself immediately, triggers her Passive and bursts deadly needles to nearby enemies, dealing 150–250 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

See Wanwan in action: 

5. Miya

Miya, The Moonlight Archer is the Queen of Life Steal in Mobile Legends. She specializes in Damage as a Finisher and comes at a great deal of only 10800 Battle Points, 21200 less than the average hero pricing. Her skills are made up of Buff, Area of Effect, Crowd Control, Conceal and Debuff abilities.

Miya is a hero who relies on spamming her basic skill, just like others on this list. Her Passive and Ultimate Skills are both designed to enhance her attack speed. Her Passive Skill (Moon Blessing) stacks up to 5 times when she hits her basic attack where she summons a moonshadow after with the potential to deal 30 (+30% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and inherits a portion [30%] of Attack Effects. Her Ultimate Skill (Hidden Moonlight) debuffs and conceals her with enhanced mobility, paving the way for attack. It is a lethal skill amongst marksmen in ML.

What makes Miya Great for Attack Speed:

  • Skill Combination - She can stun, buff and go into concealment with aided movement and attack speed through the use of her skills. The said skills also have AoE and CC effects that may impact more than one opponent.
  • Mobility - With her concealment ability, Miya is fast on her feet. She can use her Ultimate Skill to aid her in movement, especially during attack or retreat. It is also very effective in ganking lanes and team confrontations.
  • Life Steal - Miya is the Queen of Life Steal in Mobile Legends. She has reap like abilities that are blessed with life steal and enables her to replenish HP on successful damage dealt.

See Miya in action: 

4. Karrie

Karrie, The Lost Star specializes in Damage as a Finisher and makes this spot for her ease in mastery.  She is a great deal for only 24,000 Battle Points, 8000 less than the average hero cost. Her skill effects mainly compose of Buff, Blink, Damage and Burst. She is a mid-late game hero and is regarded as a squishy hyper carry.

While she is already an agile damage dealer, Karries Ultimate Skill (Speedy Lightwheel) is her most potent asset in attack speed. She relies on spamming her basic attack while Speedy Lightwheel enhances her movement speed by 20% and launches two lightwheels with each basic attack, each dealing 50-70% Basic Attack Damage and inheriting a portion of attack effects. Her ultimate skill enhances her basic attack, with the ability to dash and slow down opponents with her other two skills.

What makes Karrie Great for Attack Speed:

  • Ultimate Skill (Speedy Lightwheel) - This is a Buff/Burst Skill where Karrie enters the Dual Wield state for 6 seconds, during which she gains 20% Movement Speed, throws two lightwheels with each Basic Attack, each of which deals 50-70% Basic Attack damage and inherits a portion of Attack Effects, and deals 50-70% Basic Attack damage.
  • Mobility - She has the ability to dash through the use of her Second Skill (Phantom Step) that also shoots two arrows when blinking. While fast on her feet, hse also gains 20% Movement Speed from her Ultimate Skill.
  • Passive Skill (Lightwheel Mark) - Lightwheel Mark is applied in stacks on contact by Karrie's basic attacks and skills. The markings will transform into a lightwheel and deal True Damage to the target equal to 6%–8% of the victim's maximum HP once stacked five times (only up to 300 damage against Creeps).

See Karrie in action: 

3. Moskov

Moskov, The Spear of Quiescence is Miya's rival among Marksmen in Life Steal. His commanding position above Miya on this list is owed to his teleport and stun skills, where he is able to leverage his attack speed to his advantage. Moskov is unstoppable in the latter stages of combat when built with Wind of Nature and equipped with the battle spell Inspire. His skills comprise of Buff, Crowd Control, Damage, Burst and Slow effects.

The combination of Moskov's skills reinforces the necessity for spamming his basic skill. With the help of his dash and stun abilities, he may pursue enemies or retreat and restore HP thanks to his Reap/Chase specializations. Upon stunning an opponent, he may follow up with dash and spam his basic skill. He is without a doubt, one of the fastest attackers in Mobile Legends.

What makes Moskov Great for Attack Speed.

  • Skill Combination - His Skill Combo is easy to grasp and execute. It involves stunning an opponent with Skill Two then following up in pursuit with a dash before spamming his basic skill. His Ultimate Skill is best engaged in aiding team fights since he can fire an arrow that may travel the entire width of the battlefield.
  • Reap - This specialty places him second to Miya amongst Life Steal Marksmen in Mobile Legends and third after Alucard and Miya in overall life steal. This specialty allows him to regenerate HP with the aid of his dash and stun abilities. It provides an extra dimension in attack.
  • Mobility - While fast on his feet, his Second Skill is a dash with a very low cool down rate that allows him to use it almost consecutively in aiding mobility. It can increase by  40% / 46% / 52% / 58% / 64% / 70% of his attack speed within 3 seconds.

See Moskov in action: 

2. Irithel

Irithel, The Jungling Heart specializes in Burst as a Finisher, and as a lethal marksman is the only ranged hero who can deliver damage with Area of Effect that can impact more than one opponent. She is also one of only two marksmen who can deal damage while moving. Her skill set consists of Area of Effect, Debuff, Buff, Blink and Slow effects.

Irithel can spam her basic attack while mobile and her Passive Skill (Jungle Heart) can shoot one extra bolt when she reaches 10 units in movement. Her Ultimate Skill (Heavy Crossbow) also enhances her movement speed and shoots an enhanced arrow on each basic attack during a 15 second duration. When activated by her Passive, it triggers explosive hits with AoE on each opponent hit.

What makes Irithel Great for Attack Speed:

  • Passive Skill (Jungle Heart) - Two arrows are fired on basic attack while the first can trigger attack effects. She fires another arrow after traveling 10 units. She is able to deal  (+55% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage through her Passive that basically reinforces the necessity in spamming her basic attack.
  • Continuous Damage Dealer - Irithel is  the only marksman who can deal Physical Damage while still in movement. This makes her hard to defend against, since her Passive Skill enhances her speed and damage.
  • AoE/Slow Effects - Her Second Skill (Force of the Queen) lets out a roar that can deal  200–350 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to multiple opponents and slow them down by 40% for 2 seconds. This is a perfect tool for setting the pace in attack.

See Irithel in action: 

1. Kimmy

Kimmy, The Jetpack Rebel will go down as one of 2023’s most banned heroes. She is the only marksman who can deal magic damage while in movement. Her ability to continuously spam her basic attack and First Skill which has no cooldown places her at the top of this list. Her skill set has Buff, Area of Effect, Blink and Burst capabilities.

Kimmy executes her basic skill whilst moving, so she can't boost her attack speed. However, she converts every 10% of her attack speed into 70% movement speed and obtains a 15% HP boost when an enemy is killed. Having said that, her ability to spam her First and Basic Skills in combination with movement speed are unlike any other hero in Mobile Legends, hence making her the best attack speed hero out right now.

What makes Kimmy Great for Attack Speed:

  • Mobility - While her Second Skill (Chemical Refinement) is a dash that can aid in movement, her Passive Skill (Chemist’s Instinct) can inherit 115% on attack effects which is then converted into movement speed.
  • Continuous Damage - Kimmy is the only Mage/Marksman in Mobile Legends and she can deal damage continuously through her First and Basic Skill. She has no cool down for the said skills, and is a killing machine when at her peak.
  • HP Regen - She can gain up to 75% in HP Regen on successive hits through Magic Lifesteal and can restore 15% energy on successful kills. Her ability to regenerate HP while dealing continuous damage is a major threat to opponents though proper timing is needed.

See Kimmy in action: 

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