[Top 10] Mobile Legends Silvanna Counters That Are Powerful (Best Heroes Against Silvanna in Mobile Legends, Ranked)

Silvanna is the Queen of Life Steal alongside Miya, in Mobile Legends. These heroes can counter her.

Silvanna was a Mage/Fighter in previous versions of Mobile Legends but has been reduced to a Fighter in recent updates. She still has mage-like abilities and her recommended build is still as a mage, given her mage-like skills. Her Passive Skill, Knightess Resolve applies a mark on an enemy, and can stack up to five times in successive hits, which reduces physical and magic damage from opponents. Her first skill, Cosmetic Lance pokes her lance at a target and she can leap on the second touch. Her second skill, Spiral Strangling thrusts her lance in a direction and generates a drill-like motion, which acts as a shield while dealing damage. Her ultimate skill, Imperial Justice, sees her leap a distance and delivers a stun upon landing. This is also a trap, in which the target is locked for up to four seconds when the target is caught in range.

Silvanna is most hated for her ability to generate her second skill, which is a lethal counter against attacks. Her notable weaknesses are that she is weak as a high damage dealer and her skills are quite easy to master but hard to utilize in situations. Knowing which skills to utilize in the correct situation requires timing and precision in practice. 

Knowing how Silvanna is utilized, here are the Top 10 Heroes who can counter Silvanna.


10. Franco

Franco is a top-tier tank, who specializes as an initiator and in crowd control. His first skill is a hook, while his ultimate is a combination of hits with his hammer while an opponent is suppressed, and his second skill is pounding the dirt and dealing damage. If no damage is dealt with in the next five seconds, Franco's passive skill, which grants him movement and HP regeneration, activates.

Franco’s hook and ultimate skill can penetrate and infiltrate Silvanna’s greatest asset and form of defense, which is her second skill Spiral Strangling. This is his greatest advantage over her. Adding on is the fact that Franco is durable, and stands as a worthy opponent to Silvanna and her set of skills. If Franco and Silvanna were to enter a one-on-one battle, it would come down to skill, timing, and precision in landing hits. Both have an equal chance to come out victorious.

Franco has proven to be an effective counter against Silvanna’s attack skills, as a mage/fighter. That being said, Silvanna has the upper hand in speed and mobility, which may be matched to an extent by Franco’s abilities. Silvanna has a better chance of escaping Franco in a retreat. Franco lacks speed but compensates for it in endurance as a tank.

Why is Franco great against Silvanna?

  • Ultimate skill renders Silvanna’s greatest defense useless
  • Franco’s hook can easily target Silvanna
  • Franco is more durable

Best Items to use against Silvanna.

  • Rapid Boots - increases movement
  • Dominance Ice – It provides HP, Reduces Attack Speed, and HP Regen Effect
  • Oracle - Magic Defense, HP, and HP regen

Franco Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/10


9. Akai

In Mobile Legends, Akai is regarded as one of the best tanks. He is an unauthorized Kungfu Panda representation who possesses unique crowd-controlling abilities. His first skill is a headbutt, which launches him toward a target and, if successful, causes impact to knock the enemy airborne for five seconds. His second skill involves body-slamming the earth to slow down opponents. His ultimate skill sends him flying through the air like a tornado, knocking opponents in the desired direction. For each skill cast, Akai also has a passive ability that generates a 5-second shield.

Akai is blessed with a skill set that has the potential in durability to clash against Silvanna. He also has the upper hand in launching an ambush against Silvanna, in a team fight if he is able to land his skills in succession and provide room for his teammates to finish off. Though Akai is capable of utilizing his crowd control skills against Silvanna, he lacks the power in damage to potentially eliminate her.

Though much has been emphasized on Akai’s ability to attack Silvanna, he lacks power in damage against such a powerful mage fighter hero like Silvanna. His build should include items that provide defense against magic items if he really has a chance to outplay Silvanna.

Why is Akai great against Silvanna?

  • Ultimate skill nerfs Silvanna’s skills
  • Akai is durable
  • Akai has skills that can enable an escape strategy

Best Items to use against Silvanna.

  • Dominance Ice - It provides HP, Reduces Attack Speed and HP Regen Effect
  • Guardian Helmet - Health and Health Regen. Also helps teammates in Health Regen
  • Athena’s Shield - reduces magic damage

Akai Official Mobile Legends Page: http://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/9


8. Wanwan

Wanwan is a top-tier Marksman in Mobile Legends, armed with pins that she utilizes through her skills. Her ultimate skill is one of the most deadly amongst marksmen in ML and takes time and precision in learning how to activate it, as it only activates when an opponent's HP is low.

Wanwan’s skill two is an excellent choice of skill in avoiding Silvanna’s attacks. It stuns an area while adding speed to movement. Wanwan’s advantage lies only in timing and precision, as she may be easily outplayed by Silvanna if not utilized correctly. Silvanna is slow in comparison to Wanwan who can jump upon hitting her skills.

The competition between Wanwan and Silvanna is extremely tight. That said, there is no doubt that Wanwan is amongst the top choice difficult marksman heroes to counter Silvanna, as she has the advantage in speed and firepower in her artillery to do so. Once her ultimate is locked in, there is no escape.

Why is Wanwan great against Silvanna?

  • An advantage in speed and mobility
  • Advantage in range
  • Unique ultimate skill

Best Items to use against Silvanna.

  • Windtalker - increases attack speed and movement
  • Swift Boots - increases movement and attack speed
  • Corrosion Scythe - increases damage

Wanwan Official Mobile Legends Page: http://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/89


7. Karrie

Karrie is a notable but not-so-popular Marksman in Mobile Legends. Her skill one allows her to generate a forcefield in a designated direction while her second skill provides a dash while firing two stars. Her ultimate skill buffs her basic skill, and enhances her speed and movement.

Karrie, while using Inspire as Battle Spell and Wind Of Nature as part of her build, provides her with the much-needed enhancement to take on Silvanna and ultimately, annihilate her from the competition. Both have an equal advantage in skills but Karrie has an advantage in range and movement, which proves her as a worthy adversary over Silvanna.

Silvanna on the other hand has enough skills to potentially counter and force Karrie into retreat. That being said, Karrie is still one of the best marksman choices with the ability and potential to own Silvanna in a battle. It all boils down to precision and timing in the end, seeing that Karrie is one of the most basic and simplest heroes to master.

Why is Karrie great against Silvanna?

  • An advantage in movement and speed
  • Advantage in range
  • An advantage in skill, battle spell, and build combination

Best Items to use against Silvanna.

  • Endless Battle - burst in damage
  • Haas Claw - life steal
  • Wind Of Nature - provides immunity and enhances basic skill

Karrie Official Mobile Legends Page: http://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/40


 6. Kadita

Kadita is a top-tier Mage hero, inspired by Indonesian Mythology. Her first skill transforms her into a mermaid and summons a wave, which she rides to and from a target. Her skill two allows her to summon a wave within range, which stuns a target. Her ultimate skill summons a Tsunami which delivers excruciating damage to a target. Kadita also has a passive skill that regenerates her HP.

Kadita has all the skills relevant to countering and initiating an attack against Silvanna. Adding that her skill one gives her immunity, she is a hard target for Silvanna. Adding on Kadita’s passive skill, she gives an ultimate challenge against Silvanna. Depending on timing and skill, Silvanna will always need to have a retreat strategy available when taking on Kadita in battle. Kadita’s ultimate skill has enough damage to eliminate Silvanna in one hit.

Kadita is one of the most relevant mages today, blessed with the strength and ability of a Tank to roam and poke enemy lines. She is amongst the best mages in Mobile Legends and Silvanna is a hero who needs an advantage or an escape strategy before taking her on in battle. Kadita has the upper hand in a match-up against Silvanna.

Why is Kadita great against Silvanna?

  • Extreme damage
  • HP regen abilities
  • Advantage in range

Best Items to use against Silvanna.

  • Clock Of Destiny - increases damage
  • Concentrated Energy - magic life steal
  • Blood Wings - increases magic power and life steal

Kadita Official Mobile Legends Page:http://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/75


5. Eudora 

Eudora is one of the most feared Mages in Mobile Legends. She has the power to summon lightning and utilizes it in her skills, where she sends different forms of lightning bolts, ranging in power, highest to lowest from first to ultimate skill.

Eudora is a feared mage, as she is easily mastered and has high damage output. Against Silvanna, she has the ability to eliminate her with the use of her skills in succession. Eudora’s second skill is her most important in countering Silvanna, as it provides the stun needed for her other skills. It can also be used as an escape strategy.

Eudora has the advantage in range over Silvanna. She is extremely effective in an ambush and proves lethal as a counter against Silvanna. Eudora is the best choice as an easy-to-master mage hero who can counter Silvanna without much skill, precision, and timing, as it is extremely easy to land a hit.

Why is Eudora great against Silvanna?

  • Eudora’s skills have the capacity to eliminate Silvanna single-handedly
  • Eudora’s skills can provide an escape strategy
  • She has an advantage in range

Best Items to use against Silvanna.

  • Demon Shoes - movement in speed
  • Holy Crystal - magic damage
  • Blood Wings - magic power and life steal

Eudora Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/15


4. Ling

Ling is a top-tier assassin hero and swordsman, with the unique ability to walk on walls. His first skill allows him to leap between walls. His second skill is a dash while his ultimate skill is one of the deadliest in Mobile Legends, where he leaps and circles a designated area, while being invincible and slams four swords around the area, with damage on impact.

Ling is most dangerous against Silvanna for his ability to gank lanes. His best hits are when Silvanna is in a retreat phase, which gives Ling an advantage to utilize his combinations in an attack. Ling's ultimate skill renders all her skills powerless while giving Ling the opportunity to utilize his other skills against her.

Ling stands as a class choice for countering Silvanna on so many levels, as he has the advantage in speed and mobility. These are the key elements surrounding his strategies in launching a successful counter against Silvanna during game-play when he is utilized with mastery.

Why is Ling great against Silvanna?

  • High mobility and speed
  • Ultimate skill nerfs Silvanna’s skills
  • Ability to attack in a variety of ways

Best Items to use against Silvanna.

  • Tough Boots - magic defense
  • Berserkers Fury - critical damage
  • Endless Battle - life steal

Ling Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/84


3. Badang

Badang is a high-rated fighter hero in Mobile Legends. Portrayed as a fearless warrior, he possesses skills that enable him to isolate and eliminate opponents, with various kinds of hits. His ultimate skill allows him to wall in an opponent while delivering a deadly combination of punches.

Though Badang may have an upper hand in countering Silvanna, timing and precision are important, especially in waiting for all of Silvanna’s skills to be utilized. Badang has the necessary skills that may wipe out Silvanna with precision in a succession of hits; however, Silvanna has an equal opportunity in countering and attacking.

Given equal opportunity, it all boils down to circumstances, timing, and precision. Landing hits are crucial between the two and both are similar in the same way, only that Silvanna deals magic damage while Badang deals physical damage.

Why is Badang great against Silvanna?

  • High damage output
  • Ambush strategy
  • Retreat strategy through skills

Best Items to use against Silvanna.

  • Warrior Boots - physical defense
  • Golden Staff - increases attack speed
  • Queens Wing - increase in physical defense and life steal

Badang Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/77


2. X-Borg

X-Borg is a top-tier fighter, half man, half machine. As a top-rated tech hero, he ranks as a difficult-to-master hero, where his skills are centered around his ultimate, which draws in opponents before exploding in a fury of flames, dealing damage to targets within range.

X-Borg has skills that enable him to be categorized as a top counter against Silvanna in battle. His ultimate skill provides enough burst and damage output to eliminate Silvanna with ease. Backed up by his basic skills in range, he also has enough mobility to withstand Silvanna in attack, as an escape strategy. 

X-Borg may be a top counter against Silvanna but utilizing his advantages against her depends on timing, precision, and skill. X-Borg is quite complicated to utilize and seeing his best comes with learning to understand him before initiating a challenge. Silvanna can easily counter X-Borg, so it all boils down to skill.

Why is X-Borg great against Silvanna?

  • High burst and damage in Ultimate Skill
  • Durable
  • Ability in mobility and skills to withstand attack

Best Items to use against Silvanna

  • Warrior Boots - Physical Defense
  • Bloodlust Ax - Spell Vamp
  • Immortality - adds an advantage in attack

X-Borg Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/83


1. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a top-class hero, and is a Fighter/Tank in Mobile Legends. His skills enable him to dash and deal damage while his ultimate skill is a unique one, which allows him to jump to a designated area, dealing damage and stun upon landing. Gatotkaca also has a passive which stacks in health regen.

Gatotkaca is highly durable and able to withstand all of Silvanna’s skills. He also has a retreat strategy, almost in-built with his skills. With his ability to regenerate HP and dash/stun as his second skill, he proves too much to handle for a rather weak but high damage dealing hero such as Silvanna. His ultimate skill is deadly against Silvanna, who lacks a proper counter-strategy for it, relying only on circumstances if she is hit by it.

Gatotkaca is probably the most efficient hero that is suitable and capable of challenging Silvanna with the highest probable chance of emerging successful. What he lacks in damage, he makes up for in health regen, this proves too much for Silvanna to handle alone.

Why is Gatotkaca great against Silvanna?

  • Highly durable
  • Health regen
  • Unique ultimate skill

Best items to use against Silvanna.

  • Warrior Boots - adds defense
  • Dominance Ice - decreases enemy movement and attack speed
  • Oracle - HP regen

Gatotkaca Official Mobile Legends Page:http://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/41








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