[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best AoE Heroes That Wreck Hard!

Mobile Legends Best AoE Hero
Looking for the best hero that suits you? Let's take a look at your interests, shall we? Hmm. Fierce, dangerous, and violent...Well, look no more! Here are the Top 10 Best AoE Heroes that suits you as they WRECK HARD!!!


10. Guinevere

Guinevere (Fighter-Mage)  / Fleur de Bleau

         Being the Princess that she is, Guinevere is a fighter-mage that specializes in hard-wrecking crowd control abilities. She is one of the simple heroes to play. And believe it or not, Guinevere dominates the arena as a solo play, in team fights, or both!

          Guinevere is most likely to dominate the early game. Her abilities give off a significant crowd control that can overturn plays in a blink: A slow with skill cooldown reduction and an area knock-up, making the enemy vulnerable for a few seconds. She also has a dash which enables her to be more sneaky and deadly, which is why she is one of the most recommended heroes for an offensive strategy.

What makes Guinevere great?

  • Good Damage
  • No Mana Required
  • Great CC Skills

See Guinevere in action!

9. Esmeralda

Esmeralda (Mage-Tank) / Ruddy Dusk

          Esmeralda is a savagely fierce tank-mage specializing in regenerative, poking abilities, and countering every shield effect of the opponent. With the power of Astrospace, she is easy to maneuver and is most likely to dominate the entire game. And given that her strongest suit is her versatility, she can be an overpowering, high-caliber hero to use.

          Esmeralda can control the whole game from early to late game. With her crowd control skills and shield-countering effects, tanks and late-game heroes are useless. Her shield effect and shield steal make her almost invincible throughout the whole play. She is one of the best bruisers, a tank, and a great high-speed damage dealer hero.

What makes Esmeralda great?

  • Tank-bruiser
  • Shield-countering effects

See Esmeralda in action!


8. Pharsa

Pharsa (Mage) / Indigo Aviatrix

          Pharsa is your high-burst poke mage that dominates the opponent in your lane. She is a high glass cannon mage with a simple skill mechanic. She is one of the best mid-laner as she dominates the early game and is excellent for team fights in the late game.

          Pharsa controls your mid-lane as she wrecks her opponent as you poke them, giving them a lot of disadvantages in the early game. With her high damage poke skills, your opponents will have a hard time recovering their phase. She also has high mobility skills, which enable you to escape delicate situations. She is one of the best mages to use if you’re a new user.

What makes Pharsa great?

  • High damage poke skills
  • A good mobility skill

See Pharsa in action! 


7. Belerick

Belerick (Tank) / Tiger’s Claw

          A kind member of the tree nymph, Belerick, can transform a grave, losing situation into a winning one using his crowd control skills. He is a super easy to use tank hero but delivers strong support to your whole team.

         Belerick, as your roamer, gives a lot of advantages to your team. With his crowd control skill, your damage dealer would kill an opponent with ease. He also has a healing ability that helps him sustain much longer for a tank. He can innately be a good tank roamer and is a counter-damaging hero throughout the game.

What makes Belerick great?

  • Great easy-to-use CC skills
  • A self-heal
  • High HP and Defense

See Belerick in action!

6. Luo Yi

Luo Yi (Mage) / Yin-Yang Mage

          Bearing the marks of the Yin and Yang, Luo Yi the mage specializes in poke and crowd controlling skills that put your enemies at a considerable disadvantage. Being an exceptional mage that excels at inflicting damage to her enemies, she deftly tyrannizes the early game as a solo player and late game as support with high damage output.

          Luo Yi wrecks the mid-lane with her first-rate damage poking skills, along with its crowd control effects. With her slow and pull ability, enemies tend to struggle to escape within the situation. She exhibits a teleportation skill that transfers teammates or opponents to a designated area of her choice. This Yin-Yang geomancer Luo Yi possesses the great CC, poke, and damage among the other heroes.

What makes Luo Yi great?

  • AOE teleport skill
  • Poke and CC skills with great damage output

See Luo Yi in action! 

5. Atlas

Atlas (Tank) / Ocean Gladiator

          Atlas, the ocean gladiator, is one of the solid tanks of the game. This game-changer hero is exceptional for a team fight set that would grasp the entire opponent’s team in a single move. He possesses skills that enhance the team’s composition, making him a pick for team fights.

          Atlas’ specialized abilities are AoE CC skills that provide slow and immobilization effects, significantly for wrecking enemies. With a wide range of skills, almost everyone can be caught in a glimpse and die if a damage dealer is around. This gladiator can be the most annoying hero you’ll encounter in your game.

What makes Atlas great?

  • All AoE CC skills
  • High HP and Defense
  • A mobility cc skill

See Atlas in action! 

4. Vale

Vale (Mage) / Cerulean Winds

          Vale, or widely known as the Windtalker, has a distinct AoE set skill. He is a flexible mage that can be pure CC, high damage dealer, or both! Vale solo dominates the arena but may prefer a team fight on a specific game stage.

          This mage is your Aoe CC or AoE catastrophic mage that antagonizes the enemy for his skill set. With pure AoE CC, it would be impossible to flee. But with pure AoE damage, you would die undeniably. But should you spare a thought, this Windtalker can do both. So he can be the most annoying to deal with for his skills, specifically in team fights.

What makes Vale great?

  • Different skill sets, different plays
  • High damage outputs
  • CC skills are great
  • A passive that increases mobility

See Vale in action! 

3. Aurora

Aurora (Mage) / Frost Oracle

          This Ice queen mage, Aurora, specializes in poking and delivering deadly damage. She is a high glass cannon mage with simple mechanics. She will dominate your mid-lane with her annoying passive and can wreck team fights with her ability.

          Aurora will dominate the game both early and lae. Her skills are more of a destructive type, and her passive gives a lot of advantage as it freezes enemies and gives bonus damage at the same time. The only disadvantage for her is her reasonably low mobility, making her easy to chase. But all in all, she is a mage that can one-shot glass cannon heroes as well.

What makes Aurora great?

  • Super high damage skills
  • A freeze passive along with bonus damage
  • Can remove damage dealers in an instant

See Aurora in action! 

2. Khufra

Khufra (Tank) / Desert Tyrant

          This desert tyrant specializes in ambushing and CC skills. Khufra is quite hard to use but wrecks hard in team fights. He is one of the best and annoying tanks you will encounter in your games.

          Khufra is an aggressive tank that dominates all, both early and late games. With his annoying CC skill in the early game, you will wreck enemies and make your team get the advantage faster. He also is an anti-dash hero. He destroys everyone as he ambushes them and will not let them escape without dying.

What makes Khufra great?

  • Ambush CC skill
  • An anti-dash skill
  • Stun and knockback skill
  • High HP and Defense

See Khufra in action! 

1. Claude

Claude (Marksman) / Master Thief

           This thief traveller is a marksman that wrecks every team fight. A bit confusing to use but is exceedingly essential to your team. Claude will undeniably dominate the arena as he gets the best advantages in the early game.

           Claude’s abilities specialize in bursting and chasing enemies. With his AoE slow and teleportation skill, the only way to flee him is to die. This thief traveler’s main burst skill wrecks all enemies, whether tank, assassin or any hero. He is a pain to deal with character and will certainly carry your whole team to victory.

What makes Claude great?

  • AOE slow effect skill
  • Teleport skill
  • An AOE burst skill
  • A passive which gives bonus damage

See Claude in action!

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