[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Fighters That Wreck Hard!

Mobile Legends Best Fighter Hero
Looking for a fighter to tilt your enemies? Well look what's on! Here are the Top 10 Mobile Legends Best Fighters That WRECKS HARD!

10. X.Borg

X.Borg (Fighter) / Blue Storm

         With his burning desire to heat things, X.Borg, equipped with the Firaga Armor, can be a formidable fighter with his forte in offense! This teenager specializes in regen and bursting abilities. X.Borg is an easy fighter to use, yet he dominates the EXP lane, solo plays, and contributes to team plays well!

        This fire-thirsty hero is most likely to control and wreck the early game. His abilities make it easy for him to poke enemies and tilt them in the early game. To boot, with his regen skills, he could be what you call “resistant to death.” So beware of roasted bodies and watch out for this fiery hero!

What makes X.Borg great?

  • Great Sustaining Ability
  • Poking Abilities

See X.borg in action!


9. Silvanna

Silvanna (Fighter-Mage) / Pure Heroine

         Silvanna, a royal of the Moniyan empire, is a fighter-mage that specializes in crowd-controlling abilities.  She possesses all the unrivaled skills of a knight, so with her mechanical mastery, she will be an easy hero to manipulate. 

         This Moniyan Princess substantially dominates the game in its early stages. Given her abilities, she tilts opponents until the late game. Silvanna’s skills typically annoy her enemies to a great extent for her specialty CC abilities, and if Silvanna catches you, the only way out is death. She is one of the best fighters to use if you’re a beginner in the game. 

What makes Silvanna great?

  • Great CC skills
  • Great Lifesteal

See Silvanna in action!


8. Freya

Freya (Fighter) / Raven Shogun

         As a war valkyrie from the Northern Vale, Freya is one of the most exclusive heroes to have. Powered by the nature of the valkyrie spirit, she specializes greatly in crowd controlling skills and is an easy hero to use! Freya undoubtedly dominates the whole arena be it solo plays, team fights, or both!

         This outstanding warrior controls the game better in the early-mid stages. With her CC abilities, most enemies would struggle to escape. This valkyrie also has an insane speed feature, so enemies can’t run as they pleased. With Freya’s sword, shield, and herculean wings, your team has a high chance of acquiring victory.

What makes Freya great?

  • Great CC skill
  • Great Chasing Ability

See Freya in action!


7. Thamuz

Thamuz (Fighter) / Lord of Wraith

         We hail the King of Fire Demons, Thamuz, for his massive damage and a good set of skills. There is currently no known hero to counter him as he specializes in bursting in chasing abilities while being extremely durable. This demon king is best to dominate the EXP lane as solo plays, tilting the enemies as he pleases to. 

         Surprisingly, Thamuz has a low level of usage difficulty and dominates the early game to mid gameplays! With his wrathful capacity, chasing and poking enemies is so effortless that it ravages the enemies in his lane. And with his immense regen abilities, he is hard to deal-with-hero in solo play. He is a great beginner hero to use but wrecks hard, dominating the whole arena.

What makes Thamuz great?

  • High Regen
  • Poking Abilities
  • High Mobility

See Thamuz in action!


6. Lapu- Lapu

Lapu-Lapu (Fighter) / Courageous Blade

         Lapu-Lapu, the tribe warrior, known as the modern depiction of a true-to-life historical hero, specializes in chasing and bursting skills. Despite being a little puzzling to use, he undoubtedly delivers massive damage. He dominates his lane and contributes a lot as well to team fights from time to time. 

         Lapu-Lapu mostly dominates the mid-early games. With his abilities, chasing off enemies while delivering heavy blows are possible. He also can poke enemies, which gives them a hard time coping with him. All in all, if you want a fighter that deals heavily but can effortlessly chase enemies as well, he is the hero to use.

What makes Lapu-Lapu great?

  • High Damage Output
  • Poking Abilities

See Lapu-Lapu in action!


5. Aldous

Aldous (Fighter) / Red Mantle

         Aldous, a.k.a One-Punch Man, the contractor of the labyrinth, specializes in bursting and chasing off enemies. And he is an easy-to-use hero with superhuman damage ability. He dominates almost every solo play. 

         Aldous is at its peak when it's late game. His abilities are somewhat hard to carry in the early stages. But when you get the right amount of stacks, he can one-hit most of the glass cannon heroes. His first skill is his main damage output, and the others are for chasing enemies. Overall, he is a prominent fighter with high damage output for beginners.

What makes Aldous great?

  • One-Hit Kill Damage
  • Great Chasing Skill with CC effects
  • Doesn’t need a lot of Damage Item

See Aldous in action! 


4. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong (Fighter) / Black Dragon

         Yu Zhong, a Dragonoid, specializes in regenerative and reaping abilities. He’s a hero with a bit of difficulty to use for beginners, but a great fighter. He is a high-caliber hero with impressive sustainability for team fights.

         Yu Zhong dominates from early to late game. With his abilities, chasing enemies is with ease, tilting them with ease. He is a great reaping hero, not letting them escape without dying. He is a hero that you want that wrecks hard but can sustain every play.

What makes Yu Zhong great?

  • High Regen
  • Great Sustaining Abilities

See Yu Zhong in action!


3. Jawhead

Jawhead (Fighter) / Girl Scout

         This intelligent robot Jawhead specializes in charging and bursting abilities. He is also a bit difficult to use, but with high utility. He is a fighter that can assist and deliver damage well at the same time.

         He mostly dominates early to mid-game fights but can contribute a lot as well in late phases. With his abilities, chasing off enemies is effortless, and running away while supporting allies is quite good. He also can annoy enemies as he can throw them into his tower. Altogether, he is an exceptional fighter if you want to support and do damage at once.

What makes Jawhead great?

  • Great CC skills
  • High Mobility

See Jawhead in action! 


2. Paquito

Pacquito (Fighter) / Death Blow

         This fist-fighter, Paquito, specializes in chase-bursting abilities. He is also a bit difficult to use but is deadly. He is the hero you won’t want to face in solo fights as he doesn’t let you get away without dying.

         Paquito is a hard-hitting hero that dominates early to late games. His abilities deliver a high amount of damage that chases enemies with ease as well. His passive also contributes a lot for it reset the cooldown of all his skills. Nonetheless, he is an exceptional hero if you want a fighter that will carry your teammates.

What makes Paquito great?

  • A passive with reset cooldown time
  • High Chasing Ability

See Paquito in action!


1. Chou

Chou (Fighter) / Thunderfist

         This Kung-Fu-skilled boy Chou specializes in chasing and bursting enemies. He is a pretty easy and fun-to-use hero. He is also a hero that you don't want to face in any situation, one-on-one or even team fights.

         Chou is a lane dominator hero from early to late games. With his CC and dash abilities, enemies will have difficulty escaping without getting annoyed and dying. Also, one of his dash abilities enables him to fend off any CC effects from the enemies, which is a great advantage. Nevertheless, Chou is an excellent hero with versatile utility, can be a support, roamer, great damage dealer, a hard-carry fighter in every game.

What makes Chou great?

  • Great CC skills
  • Anti-CC skill
  • High Chasing Ability

See Chou in action!


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