[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Crowd Control Heroes

Dominate battles with these top crowd control heroes.

The term "Crowd Control" (CC) refers to a hero's ability and potential to temporarily hinder opponents' movement and other skills. This ability establishes a strategic advantage for damage dealers to attack, and it sets the tempo for team fights and ganking lanes. Let's check out who are Top Ten Mobile Legends Best Crowd Control Heroes.


10. Tigreal

See Tigreal in action: 

Tigreal should come as no surprise to this list. He is a Tank that is renowned for his Crowd Control skills and is perfect when paired alongside a marksman. He is a damage absorber and has decent AoE attributes that makes him a primary front line support.

Tigreals skills are extremely detailed and patented to a combo. His first skill sends an energy wave in a straight line while his second skill charges him forward, with the ability to swipe on second touch. His ultimate skill plants his sword then disables and draws in opponents within range.

Tigreal is known for leading front lines in battle, and setting the pace for team fights through initiation, poking and ganking. He is quite hard to master but is the most basic Tank with a complex set of skills that require attention and detail to his attributes.

Why is Tigreal a Great Crowd Control Hero?

  • Ultimate Skill: has Crowd Control effect to neutralize multiple opponents
  • Durability: Tigreal is extremely durable and immune when executing cc skills
  • AoE: Tigreal has decent Area of Effect embedded in his cc skills


9. Akai

See Akai in action: 

This Kung-Fu Panda inspired hero is a popular Tank known for his ultimate skill, twirls him like a hurricane, with the ability to control opponents. It is one of the best CC skills amongst Tanks in Mobile Legends.

Akai has the ability to leap and stun opponents through his abilities. He is durable, flexible and fast. The use of his skills as a combination or not have the ability to disrupt and  throw a frenzy in the opponent side, as his cc skills stand out in controlling multiple opponents,

Akai makes this list for his ultimate skill and stands out as a top crowd control hero who is hard to master as knowing how to maximize the potential of his skills are situational. Akai depends on damage dealers to contribute damage to his set plays.

Why is Akai great for Crowd Control?

  • Ultimate Skill: Akai has a unique ultimate skill that can neutralize multiple heroes
  • Speed: Akai has speed in attack and mobility
  • AoE: Akai has Area of Effect skills that enhance his cc

8. Gatotkaca

See Gatotkaca in action: 

Gatotkaca is an Indonesian inspired top class dual role hero in Mobile Legends. He can be played as a Fighter, Tank and even as a core hero in the jungle. He is an absolute beast with his Crowd Control, HP regen and Burst abilities.

Gatotkaca has an ultimate skill that enables him to leap to predetermined spots in battle, delivering a stun and slowing down multiple enemies upon successful impact, which is a powerful crowd control skill that requires patience and accuracy.

Gatotkaca is durable and quite fast in mobility. He is best played as a roaming hero, as his ultimate and other skills allow him to utilize the element of ganking, poking and team fights. Mastering Gatotkaca requires learning how to utilize his HP regen abilities.

Why is Gatotkaca Great for Crowd Control?

  • Ultimate Skill: Gatotkaca has a unique ultimate skill capable of neutralizing multiple opponents from out of sight
  • HP Regen: Gatotkaca is a Top HP regen hero through the use of his basic skill
  • Burst: Gatotkaca has burst abilities enhanced by HP regen that makes him durable


7. Minotaur

See Minotaur in action: 

Minotaur is a Tank/Support Hero in Mobile Legends and one of the oldest, having been released in 2016. He has a wide range CC ultimate skill, that is one of his greatest advantages, as it also recharges his HP. 

Minotaur has a unique rage meter that he gains when his ultimate is unlocked. Activating rage mode is a CC skill that a team can heavily rely on, as he is extremely durable, and can set the stage for a team fight.

Playing Minotaur successfully requires learning how to utilize his rage meter. As a Tank/Support, he is best paired next to a marksman and is a quality front line support hero who can take on and neutralize opponents.

Why is Minotaur Great for Crowd Control?

  • Ultimate Skill: utilizing Minotaur’s rage meter heavily carries team fights
  • Support: Minotaur is a great support hero who can gank and set team fights
  • Durability: Minotaurs ultimate skill recharges his HP


6. Barats

See Barats in action: 

Barats is a quite recent Tank/Fighter that has a great range of tactical skills that sets him apart from other dual role heroes, in terms of Crowd Control. Barats is extremely durable and can be played as a core in the jungle.

Barats first and second skills are crowd control skills with the capability of neutralizing multiple targets at once. They also work in tandem, where the second skill launches a cannon that knocks back opponents while the first skill spills lava in a straight line, with continuous damage.

In order to master Barats, it is essential to utilize his basic attack that stacks up to 25 times and increases his body size and damage output. He is extremely versatile and capable of pushing lanes alongside marksmen as a Tank.

Why is Barats Great for Crowd Control?

  • Continuous Damage: his skills have continuous cc damage
  • Versatile: Barats can serve the battle field in a variety of different ways
  • Speed: Barats has high in mobility, especially when fully stacked


5. Khufra

See Khufra in action: 

Khufra is a supreme Tank in Mobile Legends. This tyrant warlord has a robust ultimate skill that has the ability to poke enemy front lines and neutralize opponents on second touch, while pushing them back. This is an elite skill and strategy to master in terms of CC.

Khufra is robust and is a great team fight initiator and poke. He can also be utilized in ganking lanes by roaming as he has fast mobility. Khufra is best utilized beside marksmen for newbie users and as a roaming hero for experienced users.

Khufra is a favorite in higher ranks of Mobile Legends and is quite strategic to play. He is an elite Tank, favored as a support for high damage squishy heroes such as marksmen, mage and assassins. He is also an early game hero with significant damage.

Why is Khufra Great for Crowd Control?

  • Ultimate Skill: Khufra’s ultimate skill is a highly renowned cc skill, devastating when mastered
  • Speed: Khufra has speed in mobility and is able to shift into a bouncing ball through his skill set
  • Damage: Khufra is an early game hero who has potential damage output in the late game


4. Ruby

See Ruby in action: 

Ruby is an extremely versatile dual role hero, notable as a Crowd Control hero through the use of her second skill, that attacks twice with her scythe, dealing damage and stun to multiple opponents in range. She can be played as a core and roam but best utilized in side lanes.

Ruby has an ultimate skill that is quite tricky to master but deadly when learned. It involves hooking opponents with her scythe and reeling them toward her. This is deadly when engaged with the Battle Spell Flicker and is a main pace setter in battles.

Mastering Ruby requires utilizing her life steal abilities embedded in her skills. It takes timing and patience when learning how to time and initiate her skills. Ruby is hard to master but is an all round utility hero with massive cc skills.

Why is Ruby Great for Crowd Control?

  • Life Steal: Ruby has massive life steal capabilities that can bring her back from near death
  • Versatile: Ruby can be played in multiple positions and take on multiple roles
  • Burst: Ruby has burst damage that can regenerate her HP and take out opponents


3. Kaja

See Kaja in action: 

Kaja is a Fighter/Support hero in Mobile Legends with devastating Crowd Control skills. His skills reign supreme in crowd control where he is able to neutralize and drag several opponents with speed and motion.

Understanding crowd control as an initiator and controlling the in-game tempo is essential in fully utilizing Kaja. He is an underestimated hero with burst damage that reduces the hype around him as a pace setter in team fights and advancing territory.

Kaja is a tactical hero and should always mark high damage dealers, as they are squishy and vulnerable. Understanding his role as a support and putting in the effort to utilize your teammates in positioning and strategy is key to mastering Kaja.

What makes Kaja Great for Crowd Control?

  • Speed: Kaja has high mobility in mobility and attack
  • Burst: Kaja can deal great burst damage
  • Ganking: Kaja is great for ganking with his unique set of skills


2. Vale

See Vale in action: 

Vale is a unique mage, whose skills have the unique ability to be upgraded in dealing different effects, either through an increase in damage or area of effect. His ultimate skill has a supreme crowd control effect where he summons a sandstorms that sucks in targets before exploding. 

Vale can be utilized in ganking lanes, as he has high speed in mobility and CC skills that are enhanced with AoE and  can slow down and neutralize opponents. He has one of the most devastating ultimate skills among mages.

Vale is squishy as a high damage dealer and is a major target for assassins. His skills when utilized in tandem has the potential to wipe out entire teams. He is an early to late game hero and a must buy if you’re interested in playing the mage role.

What makes Vale Great for Crowd Control?

Speed: Vale has great speed in mobility

Burst: Vale has tremendous burst damage

Skill combo: Vale has a skill combination that can work in tandem to annihilate multiple opponents


1. Diggie

See Diggie in action: 

Diggie is the ultimate support hero when it comes to crowd control. His first and second skills have the ability to slow and bind multiple heroes. He is fast in mobility and is the only hero who doesn’t return to base upon death and can be controlled as an egg till he respawns.

Diggie is quite durable and easy to master. His skills have the ability and range to set the stage for team fights and in support for all other hero classifications. He can also be utilized as a maphack to reveal opponent locations when in respawning stage.

The key to playing Diggie is understanding his role in setting the pace for building team gold. His crowd control skills are the most lethal in the game, providing significant time for teammates to capitalize. When playing Diggie, expect a low kill rate and a high rate in deaths and kill assists.

Why is Diggie Great for Crowd Control?

  • Speed: Diggie has high speed in mobility and attack
  • Maphack: Diggie can follow opponents to reveal their map location while respawning
  • Range: Diggies skills have range with deadly cc effects


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