Top [15] Mobile Legends Best Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Bring color and fun into your gaming experience with these awesome skins.

Hero skins are an alternative choice to a hero's outfit that come with additional features such as an entrance animation, sound effects, and splash graphics. They typically cost diamonds, though one may acquire some of them by participating in free events or receiving them as a reward for successfully completing promotions.There are five fundamental skins, and each one has a different price and set of features.

Basic Skin - most basic, without added effects unless stated otherwise

Elite Skin - has skill effect and recolored

Special Skin - has skill effect and often limited offer

Epic Skin - alters character with added visual, skill and sound effects

Legend Skin - alters character with added visual, skill and sound effects

It is quite difficult to evaluate skins, but with a knowledge of what the fundamental skins have to offer and based exclusively on appearance, here are the Top 15 Mobile Legends Best Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome.

15. Chang’e (Lunar Magic)

See Chang’e (Lunar Magic) in action: 

Chang’e is visualized from an outer space perspective in this skin. The splash art is visually simple, and cartoony. It portrays Chang’e as a witch, in a magic outfit and witches hat sitting on a crescent moon and pointing to a cat.

The skin  portrays Chang’e as a space character, gaining magic powers from the moon and beyond. It surrounds her character as being named after the Chinese Goddess of the Moon and strives to enhance fantasy in the cosmic realm surrounding us.

The skin was released in 2020 and is one of the cutest skins in Mobile Legends. It  targets the Chinese audience who are known to have lunar events in line with their tradition and culture. It however holds great significance to Chang’e and her in-game character.

How to get the skin?

Chang’e (Lunar Magic) can only be obtained through the Mobile Legends Lucky Box event that is held monthly. The event has been inconsistent over the years but  more  consistent in recent seasons. It costs a lot of diamonds to enter the event but is worth it for skin collectors, as a lot of skins are available to choose from once entered.

How cool is the skin?

Rare Epic Skin - 9/10


14. Pharsa (Peony Bloom)

See Pharsa (Peony Bloom) in action: 

Themed with a pink flower as its visual splash art, Pharsa’s attire is an oriental dress made of a light green silk, accessorized with a red belt and a flower pendant, typically worn by traditional princesses. In addition, her hair is a vibrant violet color and her attire has an Eastern vibe to it.

The Peony is a flower native to the Far East and is traditionally recognized as a floral symbol in China. The skin design has a large peony, the theme of which is the Peony Flower, on her back and at the tip of her staff in place of the usual feathers. 

This skin's real draw is the in-game animation. When Pharsa performs a skill, she discharges a blast of green and black energy. It's a magnificent sight to see giant peonies blooming as she unleashes her ultimate skill or even all her skills at once.

How to get the skin?

The skin can be obtained by purchasing a Starlight Membership, and was launched in September 2021 as a Starlight Skin. It costs 749 diamonds to purchase and can be discounted with coupons, but as long as you’re a Starlight Member.

How cool is the skin?

Special Skin (Starlight) - 10/10


13. Miya (Suzuhime)

See Miya (Suzuhime) in action: 

The skin has a distinct Japanese feel to it, where Miya rocks a pink, Japanese patent-style attire. The visual appeal of her bow and arrow are enhanced, while her hair is pulled back and arranged with wavy ends. The splash art screams "royalty" in the most basic and humblest way.

The skin has an anime vibe to it, resembling Japan. Suzu means Princess and Hime means Bell in Japanese. The skin design showcases Japanese culture in her overall appearance and weapon and is significantly simple. Visual effects that come with this skin are less emphasizing and plain pink when skills are utilized.

The skin is primarily focused on Japanese gamers, who make up a significant population and devotion to the gaming industry on an international level. Since its introduction, the skin was revamped with visual enhancements, while Miya is acknowledged as the hero with the most skins in Mobile Legends.

How to get the skin?

The skin can be obtained free by purchasing a twilight pass for $50 and above, which grants access to a variety of in-game events, promotions and rewards when reaching levels. You have to be at level 15 or above in Twilight Events to get Miya’s Suzuhime skin. A Twilight Pass gives users access to exclusive perks, especially free diamonds and can also be gifted between users.

How cool is the skin?

Special Skin (Twilight Pass) - 9/10


12. Guinevere (Sakura Wishes)

See Guinevere (Sakura Wishes) in action: 

Guinevere is depicted in a kimono, which is a traditional Japanese garment. The kimono has a  floral pattern in rainbow colors woven into its fabric. Guinevere's visual appearance is completely altered, radiating a vibe and feeling toward Japanese culture but still maintains her elegance and beauty.

Sakura literally translates to cherry blossom, andis a cherry tree, common in parts of Asia but mainly Japan, where it is their national flower.  It is conveyed as the theme of this skin, where pink cherry blossoms visually enhance and highlight Guinevere's skills. 

The skin was released as Mobile Legends New Year Special for 2021 and is particularly aimed at Japanese gamers. The skin entirely depicts and represents Japan and their culture of appreciating cherry blossoms during their blooming season, as clearly seen in its splash art.

How to get the skin?

Guinevere (Sakura Wishes) costs 524 diamonds in shop, equivalent to about $12-15 and is often discounted up to 10% or  more for Starlight Members.

How cool is the skin?

Epic Skin - 9.5/10


11. Gusion (Soul Revelation)

See Gusion (Soul Revelation) in action: 

Gusion is presented in a royal military outfit, similar to that of army military chiefs in ancient times. The splash art is not as colorful as the in-game visual effects added to his skills and appearance, it boldly displays his magic damage abilities through daggers.

The skin is based on Gusions character, as Soul Revelation speaks of  finding the true meaning of his own existence, as part of his in-game story as a rebellious member of the Noble Paxley Family and younger brother of Aamon. His daggers are crystals and emit rainbow colors when his skills are applied.

The skin was released on November 20th, 2021 and is part of a collection of skins called Dawn Revelation where other heroes also have the similar design patented to their appearance, character story and attributes. It is loosely themed on finding oneself in depiction to each hero's uniqueness.

How to get the skin?

Gusion (Soul Revelation) costs 899 diamonds in shop, almost $20 in equivalent.

How cool is the skin? 

Epic Skin - 6/10


10. Alice (Wizardry Teacher)

See Alice (Wizardry Teacher) in action: 

This is one of the naughtiest skins in Mobile Legends in terms of splash art. It themes Alice as a wizardry teacher in a witches costume, complete with a pointed hat and seductive stare. It gives off playful vibes and is popular among Alice users.

The skin is entertaining and interesting. It gives Alice a dark color, different to the red she is accustomed to, not only in outfit but the visual appearance through the use of her skills as well. It is not that colorful but has relevance in Alice being a dark witch.

The skin was released in 2017 and has undergone a revamp since. Alice is not a popular hero, as most tend to choose Esmerelda over her when it comes to Mage/Tank heroes. That said, the skin has a cheeky outlook that makes it cool and resonates well with Alice's character.

How to get the skin?

The skin can be obtained through Mobile Legends Lucky Box and other limited time events. In this regard, it costs a lot.

How cool is the skin?

Rare Epic Skin - 7/10


9. Franco (Master Chef)

See Franco (Master Chef) in action: 


This skin depicts Franco as an angry chef armed with a butcher knife instead of his usual hammer. Franco is dressed in a chef's hat, butchers overall,  long pants, butcher boots and no shirt. It radiates  aggressiveness and finds resemblance with Franco as a warrior.

The name of the skin speaks for itself, and it is Franco’s oldest and most popular skin. Franco is completely altered visually in the splash art and in-game appearance, as is the case with all his other skins if it must be stated. It is awesome for its simplicity.

The skin was released in 2017 and has received one revamp since introduction, depicting Franco as a Chinese Chef in red chef outfit and hat, which visually presented a colorful display to its dull originality. This revamp is now only offered in limited time events.

How to get the skin?

Franco (Master Chef) costs 749 diamonds in shop, that is equivalent to almost $20.

How cool is this skin?

Rare Revamped Epic Skin - 8/10


8. Claude (Mecha Dragon)

See Claude (Mecha Dragon) live in action: 

Claude (Mecha Dragon) is an extremely rare collectible skin that completely revamps his features, making him look like a dragon hunter with his monkey being changed into a dragon. The splash art is simple yet elegant in detail, portraying Claude in a green outfit.

The in-game visual effects are all changed to green or mecha in color, quite like a negative picture in most instances. The skin revamps Claudes’ entire appearance and voice over, including in-game effects such as recall and kills.

Claude (Mecha Dragon) was released in March, 2021 and is one of the most rare skins in Mobile Legends with many claims to hacks in obtaining this skin. For Claude users, it would be a dream skin to own and the same can be said for collectors, due to its uniqueness in simplicity.

How to get this skin?

Claude (Mecha Dragon) is often used in Mobile Legends as part of promotional events, making it pricey and rare.

How cool is this skin?

Rare Elite Skin: 10/10


7. Roger (Dr. Beast)

See Roger (Dr. Beast) in action: 

This skin is depicted from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a popular novel and movie adaptation. It resonates perfectly with Roger as a hero who can transform between a werewolf and human. The splash art features Roger as a mad scientist, and portrays craziness.

Roger (Dr Beast) is a creative representation that literature lovers can find significance to in knowing Rogers in-game story and the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It portrays someone who tries to control himself from doing bad, but with a legitimate reason as to why he cannot contain himself.

The skin was released in 2019 with visual adaptations as revamps that are limited and on offer through various events. It is an extremely cool skin to have, and is visually creative in portraying Roger as vicious yet good hearted and has gone through one revamp since release.

How to get the skin?

Roger (Dr Beast) can only be obtained by taking part in events, which may cost a lot seeing that he is not guaranteed but by random choice rewards.

How cool is the skin?

Elite Skin: 9/10


6. Granger (Doomsday Terminator)

See Granger (Doomsday Terminator) in action: 

Have you watched the Terminator Movies by Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well this skin is derived from the Terminator series, where Granger is half robot. His visual representation is completely altered with robotic armor as his outfit and half of his face covered with metal.

The main theme behind the skin as stated is Terminator, a machine that travels through time to correct history and future events. Granger is well depicted through art and appearance with less in-game graphics changes. This is most definitely a cool skin to have for collectors.

The skin was released in 2019 and  is popular as a free obtainable skin when joining and taking part in various events. So look out for this skin when taking part in free events.

How to get the skin?

The skin costs 599 diamonds, almost $15 in shop and can also be obtained for free through a variety of different in-game events.

How cool is the skin?

Elite Skin: 8/10


4. Chou (Dragon Boy)

See Chou (Dragon Boy) in action: 

This is one of the most accurate skins in Mobile Legends, depicting Chou as the Kung Fu specialist that he is but dressed in Chinese attire. It is a fun skin to have in inventory, as it alters Chou’s appearance, combining it with a Chinese theme.

The skin gives off a fun and playful vibe and resonates with Chinese Kungfu movies, where Chou’s voiceover is also in Chinese. This makes it one of the coolest skins to have in Mobile Legends. Its in-game visual effects are also enhanced with a rainbow color, which makes Chou more entertaining.

The main theme behind this skin is China as the birthplace of Kung-Fu. It all makes perfect sense and is relevant to Chou being a Fighter hero who specializes in Kung-Fu. The skin is colorful and gets a lot of credit for visual presentation in splash art plus in-game with a recall effect that visualizes a flaming dragon making it awesome!

How to get the skin?

Chou (Dragon Boy) is only available in Mobile Legends Lucky Box and similar limited time events for skin collectors. This makes the skin rare and quite pricey.

How cool is the skin?

Rare Epic Skin: 10/10


3. Moskov (Twilight Dragon)

See Moskov (Twilight Dragon) in action: 

With this skin, Moskovs visual image has wings added on. The splash art depicts him as a dragon hunter, while his original purple color is darkened, giving its appearance  a deadly vibe and presents a sense of fear.

The skin itself portrays a twilight sentiment, where the sky is below the horizon, causing its rays to scatter. It ultimately changes Moskov’s appearance into a dragon, while his skills are visually enhanced with purple smoke oozing after they are cast. .

The skin was released in 2019 and has been revamped since its introduction. Its visual representation is on point and completely transforms Moskov physically but with less visual gameplay effects. Moskov’s appearance is undoubtedly cool, making him hard to miss out in this list.

How to get the skin?

Moskov (Twilight Dragon) is a Mobile Legends Lucky Box item and can only be availed by purchasing access to this monthly event. It is rare but has 24 trials that can be won by taking part in lesser events.

How cool is the skin?

Rare Epic Skin: 10/10


2. Saber (Onimaru)

See Saber (Onimaru) in action: 

Saber is visualized as a deadly assassin in this Japanese Themed skin. He is dressed as a demon samurai in the skins splash art, which is scary to say the least.  A horned mask with a mixture of traditional Japanese attire in purple color.

Onimaru is a legendary Japanese sword in Japanese history and folklore. Oni means Devil and Maru means circle, which literally translates to Devil Circle. It is a Katana, Japanese Samurai sword and one of five indestructible swords that brought down empires. This all adds to Sabers attributes as a ninja assassin.

The skin was released on April 8th, 2021 and is one of the most colorful skins in Mobile Legends. It has amazing splash art, clearly depicting its visual representation as a whole, including the hero and his relevance to the theme. The skin has amazing visual effects and has been revamped once.

How to get the skin?

Saber Onimaru is only available in Mobile Legends Lucky Box Event held once a month and the price varies but is pretty costly. The event allows users to avail multiple rare collectibles and is worth it for devoted collectors.

How cool is the skin?

Rare Epic Skin - 10/10


1. Hanabi (Rakshesha)

See Hanabi (Rakshesha) in action: 

This is one of the most expensive skins in Mobile Legends, and completely transforms Hanabi into a different hero visually, with in-game and other visual effects. It has an ancient vibe to it with Hanabi dressed in a purple themed warrior outfit.

Rakshesha is an Hindu word for giant while Hanabi is a Japanese themed hero which merges two completely different aspects and cultures, making this skin one of the most detailed skins in Mobile Legends. It is extremely rare in addition to this.

The skin was released in 2021 and is considered a collectors favorite due to it being hard to obtain and rare. Its visual effects are an eye magnet, with its violet colors vibrating throughout the use of Hanabi’s skills.

How to get the skin?

The skin can be obtained through draws and events but is rare. It is considered luck when a user obtains this skin and it is one of the priciest in Mobile Legends, depending on which event you gain access to.

How cool is the skin?

Special Skin: 10/10


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